Translation of stave in Spanish:


duela, n.

Pronunciation /steɪv//steɪv/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of barrel, hull)

      duela feminine
      • They entered the market obliquely through the production of non-agricultural products such as barrel staves that they bartered for textiles, hardware and cheap consumer goods.
      • The sun louvers were made of salvaged barrel staves from a nearby pickle factory.
      • Close by was apparently another barrel which had collapsed as only the staves - still well preserved - remained.
      • It was carried out with a stocking filled with sand or sometimes wooden staves from a cask.
      • The adventures that he and his friends shared on the Red River in a homemade canoe made of barrel staves and grain sacks became a favorite memory.
      • The wood of the stave and arrow shafts was dark with moisture.
      • Richard worked just about every job in that business, from harvesting logs to make the barrel staves through to coopering and trucking the water-tight barrels to fishery clients in Atlantic Canada.
      • Experiments with brandy as well as wine, however, demonstrate the superiority of air-dried over kiln-dried wood for barrel staves.
      • To illustrate this, Liebig imagined a barrel crafted out of staves of mismatched lengths.
      • For three years the wine is aged in new barrels made of hand-split oak staves.
      • Wilcox's experience as a logger developed into another niche market: cutting staves for a barrel maker.

    • 1.2

      (of ladder) peldaño masculine
      (of chair) travesaño masculine
      • Newhaus spent IR £35,000 on just elevating the site. He then had to install staves to reinforce the foundations further.
      • Cutting staves led to the purchase of a kiln, which, in turn, opened up additional markets.
      • By looking at the end grain, it was often possible to determine whether the darts were made from natural shafts or split from larger pieces of wood in the form of staves.
      • It's like a workshop in Hades - you feel the heat from barrels set over open fires in the floor and hear the piercing din of hammers on steel as hoops are pounded onto staves.
      • Here there were no men training, only a few targets and a pile of wooden staves in the corner.
      • One corner of the room contains tall curving birch staves that are evocative of a forest.

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    pentagrama masculine
    • A typical graph contains one or more grand staves, or piano staves, so one will likely begin with a piano template.
    • In his Alphabet des mouvements du corps humain he placed movement symbols on a special stave while recording the floor patterns above it.
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    estrofa feminine