Translation of steady in Spanish:


fijo, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈstɛdi//ˈstɛdi/


  • 1

    (not shaky)
    (gaze) fijo
    (table/chair/ladder) firme
    (chair/table/ladder) seguro
    you need steady nerves for that job hay que saber mantener la calma para hacer ese trabajo
    • with a steady hand con pulso firme
    • you need a very steady hand hay que tener mucho pulso
    • hold the camera steady no muevas la cámara
    • she isn't very steady on her feet le flaquean las piernas
    • this vehicle is steady on curves este vehículo es muy estable en las curvas
  • 2

    • 2.1(constant)

      (speed/rain/breeze) constante
      (pace/rhythm) constante
      (pace/rhythm) regular
      (flow/stream) continuo
      (decline/improvement/increase) constante
      (prices) estable
      she's had a steady stream of visitors this morning esta mañana ha recibido visitas continuamente / sin parar
      • the pound remained steady against the dollar la libra permaneció estable / sin cambio frente al dólar
      • the patient is making steady progress el paciente sigue mejorando
      • I will also hold a steady job this fall and am lucky because my parents are pretty good about helping me out.
      • Even the only steady job the man's ever had reflects his need to be moving - he was a bush pilot, flying supplies and people in and out of civilization in Northern Quebec.
      • For the area, this will ensure the continuation of a steady supply of quality employment opportunities.
      • His club have taken him to the rarified heights of the Premiership's top three and the international caps continue to flow in a steady stream.
      • I had a good job with a steady income and a great place to live in.
      • But suddenly, in this economy, nursing looks more attractive, the prospect of a steady job with guaranteed work at the end of a degree.
      • This also explains why he lived in such a crummy hovel - obviously he can't hold down a steady job if he's nuts.
      • The steady decline and deterioration continued at an accelerated pace.
      • I've believe the exodus of good steady manufacturing jobs are at the crux of the spiritual disenfranchisement we are experiencing in our nation.
      • Throughout his career he continued to publish a steady stream of high quality research papers right up to the time of his death.
      • Finally, I have a steady job and some money saved up.
      • My boyfriend at the time was not in a steady job and was confused as well.
      • He continues to show steady progress and is developing the confidence necessary to be successful at the position.
      • Ever since this sprawling mansion is thrown open to the public, there is a steady stream of visitors hanging around it - letting their imagination run wild.
      • He remained in Edinburgh until his death, continuing to produce a steady stream of high quality papers up to the time of his death.
      • The announcement rocked a town that already has suffered a steady loss of manufacturing jobs to low-wage nations such as China and Mexico.
      • With an economic downturn encompassing the last twenty years, those lacking steady jobs in the formal economy now exceed half the work force.
      • Nevertheless, the market continues to welcome a steady stream of fresh punters looking to beat a tracker and join me in the quest for stock market riches.
      • But as Britain celebrated National Apple Day yesterday a steady stream of visitors were calling at the farm before buying apples as well as home-made jams and jellies.
      • During the seventeenth century Ireland, continuing its steady decline, came increasingly under England's rule.
      • Soon after, Jack was offered a steady job as a postal worker, but he turned it down in hope that he could support himself solely off of his writing.
      • As soon as he left the unremunerative world of crime for a steady job with the forces of order, he became significantly more intelligent.
      • I know someone who quit their steady job once because they thought selling property was a breeze and a lot more lucrative than what they were doing.
      • The father's lack of a steady job, substance abuse, incarceration and domestic violence were among the reasons for not marrying.
      • The financial results of the bank, which were accepted by the board of directors, reveal that the bank continues to make steady improvements, a press release issued here said.
      • Ellis' 4.43m record-setting mark on May 22 continues the steady improvement of her performances over the past five years.
      • Rising demand meant prices were little changed in July following steady declines since February, the survey said.
      • Her previously steady job in a high street bank was wound up recently after branch ‘restructuring’.
      • Most visitors came to inspect the institution in the first three years of its existence, but a steady stream continued to come in the years following.
      • Dublin continues to attract a steady number of visitors despite the downturn in the tourism industry since the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington in September.
      • Unemployment in Argentina has reached depression levels of over 15 percent, with four million workers having no steady jobs.
      • Paul O'Neill continued his steady decline and was dropped from the third slot in the order.
      • Most of us reading this blog, after all, went to college and/or got nice steady jobs because we had enormous social and familial pressure on us to do so.
      • He has got a steady job, teaching 22 hours a week, 180 days a year.
      • The daily grind of life, a demanding family, death of a young, pretty niece due to cancer and no steady job has not diminished his zest for life.
      • Gas prices continued their slow but steady decline.
      • In the junior open U - 18 championship the winner was Cian Kilcullen from Enniscrone who continues to make steady progress in the sport.
      • The company offers a steady job with decent pay and great benefits after college.
      • The hostel was in the firing line because of a steady decline in visitor numbers and the need for building refurbishments.
      • She experienced a steady decline in the frequency of hot flashes during treatment.

    • 2.2(regular)

      (job) fijo
      (job) estable
      (income) regular
      (income) fijo
      steady boyfriend novio masculine
      • steady girlfriend novia

    • 2.3(dependable)

      (person/worker) serio
      (person/worker) formal
      • The Parkville defence suffered an early loss when one of their most steady men in defence, David James had to limp off the field through injury.
      • He was one of the most sensible and steady people I've known, and not as humourless as that sounds.
      • These are not only failures of elementary communication; they are also reactions that fail to inspire confidence that Duncan Smith is steady under pressure.
      • Roberts isn't a great player, but he's steady and dependable, and a coach can be comfortable with him on the field.
      • Castro gives the team a steady player who should be able to provide reliable backup for Larkin for the remainder of the season, if not longer.
      • Poets are the most down-to-earth, loyal, steady people that have ever been.
      • That would allow Isaac Smith to remain in the No.3 role, where he's steady and reliable.
      • I think the vice president was very steady, very calm, paternal in a good way, if you will.

  • 3

    ¡ojo! informal
    steady, it's slippery! ¡ojo! ¡está muy resbaladizo! informal
    • steady on; watch your language! ¡ojo con tu vocabulario!

transitive verb

  • 1

    (by holding, make stable)
    sujetar (para que no se mueva)
    I put a wedge under it to steady it le puse un calce debajo para que no se moviera / para que quedara firme
    • to steady oneself recobrar el equilibrio
  • 2

    (make calm)
    she had a drink to steady her nerves se tomó una copa para calmarse
    • they have a steadying influence on him tienen un efecto tranquilizante sobre él

intransitive verb

  • 1



  • 1

    to go steady (with sb) noviar (con algn) Latin America
    • they've been going steady for nearly a year ya hace casi un año que son novios
  • 2

    (be careful)
    to go steady with sth tener cuidado con algo