Translation of steady in Spanish:


fijo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstɛdi//ˈstɛdi/

adjectivesteadier, steadiest

  • 1

    (not shaky)
    (gaze) fijo
    (ladder/table/chair) firme
    (ladder/chair/table) seguro
    you need steady nerves for that job hay que saber mantener la calma para hacer ese trabajo
    • with a steady hand con pulso firme
    • you need a very steady hand hay que tener mucho pulso
    • hold the camera steady no muevas la cámara
    • she isn't very steady on her feet no camina con paso seguro
    • this vehicle is steady on curves este vehículo es muy estable en las curvas
    • Neither of them looked at me, but kept a steady gaze at each other.
    • Ralph sneered, keeping his icy, steady gaze on me.
    • He rushed forth with a steady gate, fast but still wary to keep his balance while he negotiated the uncertain terrain beneath his feet.
    • He met the congregation with a steady, unswerving gaze.
    • ‘There will be a time for grieving later,’ he said, trying to keep his voice steady.
    • Casey's sweet swing, marked by steady balance and a complex routine before he settles in for the pitch, is fueled by loads of natural talent.
    • Nicolas' eyes kept a steady gaze on her, making her decidedly nervous.
    • Who could have known that such this young boy possessed such extraordinary fighting skills, much more have it under steady control?
    • Swallowing, Daphne feels mesmerized as she stares into his steady gaze.
    • I straightened my spine and stood back up upon my wobbly legs, with a steady gaze that was all too familiar to me of how Tommy addressed strangers that disapproved of him.
    • Damia waved her arms frantically, almost losing her balance on her steady horse.
    • ‘Stay still,’ she said, and held her face steady firmly with one hand.
    • To mention just two problems: It was next to impossible to hold a telescope steady enough on the heaving deck of a small ship to time the eclipses accurately.
    • Leaning over the bar his eyes sparkle and his gaze is steady.
    • His hand, usually steady, is shaking; he must not let his agitation show.
    • A strong and steady arm swing will balance upper and lower body usage when you run.
    • When I walk up to the back of a crowd of people his eyes shift to mine and his gaze is steady.
    • I held the cup and offered it to Matt, my hand steady as a rock.
    • I smiled sheepishly at Loganberry as I tried to hold my glass steady, wipe my jacket and shake his hand all at the same time.
    • Josaitis fixes the audience with her steady gaze.
    • His lips were tightly pressed together, his eyes wavering to keep steady against hers, and his cheeks were pale.
    • Reaching the centre of the lake again he held his arm steady, keeping the roots still on the surface.
    • Hold the food steady with the fork whilst cutting it with the knife.
    • As pleasure and contentment washed over her, she met his steady gaze, tears of gratitude shining in her eyes.
    • Its steady gaze tunneled inside me, into my very veins.
    • I kept my voice steady, but I wasn't even fooling myself, let alone Aaron.
    • He was able to grab hold of a ledge and when he got a steady footing of his balance he turned to his right to find the drop ship making a slow bank and heading back the path they came.
    • I switched my flashguns off and held my camera steady for a slow shutter exposure.
    • Relating to waves of movement is what allows us to stay steady and sustain balance.
    • Her fingers faltered from its steady clipping as Adam's sarcastic words filled her mind.
    • Rossiter refused to be intimidated and met Bradley's level gaze, steady in his resolve.
    • Reagan advanced on her, holding his gun steady.
    • Darre turned his cool green eyes on Carl, who faltered under his steady gaze.
    • John's gaze was steady and unblinking as he stared into his daughter's blazing eyes.
    • The backbeat of the song easily guiding the rock of her hips, her nails raking up the nape of Rae's neck, tangling her fingers through her hair and holding the steady gaze.
    • There is an uneasy sensation akin to loss of control, a whirlwind that trips my balance, sweeps me off my steady feet and into a foggy daze at odd times of the day.
  • 2

    • 2.1(constant)

      (breeze/speed/rain) constante
      (rhythm/pace) constante
      (rhythm/pace) regular
      (stream/flow) continuo
      (improvement/increase/decline) constante
      (prices) estable
      she's had a steady stream of visitors this morning esta mañana ha recibido visitas continuamente / sin parar
      • the pound remained steady against the dollar la libra permaneció estable / sin cambio frente al dólar
      • the patient is making steady progress el paciente sigue mejorando
      • Paul O'Neill continued his steady decline and was dropped from the third slot in the order.
      • Nevertheless, the market continues to welcome a steady stream of fresh punters looking to beat a tracker and join me in the quest for stock market riches.
      • Most of us reading this blog, after all, went to college and/or got nice steady jobs because we had enormous social and familial pressure on us to do so.
      • She experienced a steady decline in the frequency of hot flashes during treatment.
      • I had a good job with a steady income and a great place to live in.
      • His club have taken him to the rarified heights of the Premiership's top three and the international caps continue to flow in a steady stream.
      • For the area, this will ensure the continuation of a steady supply of quality employment opportunities.
      • Rising demand meant prices were little changed in July following steady declines since February, the survey said.
      • Even the only steady job the man's ever had reflects his need to be moving - he was a bush pilot, flying supplies and people in and out of civilization in Northern Quebec.
      • Gas prices continued their slow but steady decline.
      • As soon as he left the unremunerative world of crime for a steady job with the forces of order, he became significantly more intelligent.
      • Ellis' 4.43m record-setting mark on May 22 continues the steady improvement of her performances over the past five years.
      • In the junior open U - 18 championship the winner was Cian Kilcullen from Enniscrone who continues to make steady progress in the sport.
      • Unemployment in Argentina has reached depression levels of over 15 percent, with four million workers having no steady jobs.
      • This also explains why he lived in such a crummy hovel - obviously he can't hold down a steady job if he's nuts.
      • Throughout his career he continued to publish a steady stream of high quality research papers right up to the time of his death.
      • I've believe the exodus of good steady manufacturing jobs are at the crux of the spiritual disenfranchisement we are experiencing in our nation.
      • Soon after, Jack was offered a steady job as a postal worker, but he turned it down in hope that he could support himself solely off of his writing.
      • He has got a steady job, teaching 22 hours a week, 180 days a year.
      • The father's lack of a steady job, substance abuse, incarceration and domestic violence were among the reasons for not marrying.
      • Dublin continues to attract a steady number of visitors despite the downturn in the tourism industry since the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington in September.
      • I will also hold a steady job this fall and am lucky because my parents are pretty good about helping me out.
      • He continues to show steady progress and is developing the confidence necessary to be successful at the position.
      • With an economic downturn encompassing the last twenty years, those lacking steady jobs in the formal economy now exceed half the work force.
      • My boyfriend at the time was not in a steady job and was confused as well.
      • The announcement rocked a town that already has suffered a steady loss of manufacturing jobs to low-wage nations such as China and Mexico.
      • The daily grind of life, a demanding family, death of a young, pretty niece due to cancer and no steady job has not diminished his zest for life.
      • Her previously steady job in a high street bank was wound up recently after branch ‘restructuring’.
      • Most visitors came to inspect the institution in the first three years of its existence, but a steady stream continued to come in the years following.
      • During the seventeenth century Ireland, continuing its steady decline, came increasingly under England's rule.
      • The hostel was in the firing line because of a steady decline in visitor numbers and the need for building refurbishments.
      • The financial results of the bank, which were accepted by the board of directors, reveal that the bank continues to make steady improvements, a press release issued here said.
      • Ever since this sprawling mansion is thrown open to the public, there is a steady stream of visitors hanging around it - letting their imagination run wild.
      • Finally, I have a steady job and some money saved up.
      • But suddenly, in this economy, nursing looks more attractive, the prospect of a steady job with guaranteed work at the end of a degree.
      • He remained in Edinburgh until his death, continuing to produce a steady stream of high quality papers up to the time of his death.
      • I know someone who quit their steady job once because they thought selling property was a breeze and a lot more lucrative than what they were doing.
      • The company offers a steady job with decent pay and great benefits after college.
      • The steady decline and deterioration continued at an accelerated pace.
      • But as Britain celebrated National Apple Day yesterday a steady stream of visitors were calling at the farm before buying apples as well as home-made jams and jellies.

    • 2.2(regular)

      (job) fijo
      (job) estable
      (income) regular
      (income) fijo
      steady boyfriend novio masculine
      • steady girlfriend novia

    • 2.3(dependable)

      (worker/person) serio
      (worker/person) formal
      • That would allow Isaac Smith to remain in the No.3 role, where he's steady and reliable.
      • He was one of the most sensible and steady people I've known, and not as humourless as that sounds.
      • Poets are the most down-to-earth, loyal, steady people that have ever been.
      • Castro gives the team a steady player who should be able to provide reliable backup for Larkin for the remainder of the season, if not longer.
      • The Parkville defence suffered an early loss when one of their most steady men in defence, David James had to limp off the field through injury.
      • Roberts isn't a great player, but he's steady and dependable, and a coach can be comfortable with him on the field.
      • I think the vice president was very steady, very calm, paternal in a good way, if you will.
      • These are not only failures of elementary communication; they are also reactions that fail to inspire confidence that Duncan Smith is steady under pressure.

  • 3

    ¡ojo! informal
    steady, it's slippery! ¡ojo! ¡está muy resbaladizo! informal
    • steady on; watch your language! ¡ojo con tu vocabulario!

transitive verbsteadied, steadies, steadying

  • 1

    (make stable)
    (table/ladder) (by holding) sujetar (para que no se mueva)
    I put a wedge under it to steady it le puse un calce debajo para que no se moviera / para que quedara firme
    • to steady oneself recobrar el equilibrio
    • Prices steadied on Tuesday, but the concern over future shortages sent Asian markets lower.
    • I buried my head in my hands and tried to take a few steadying deep breaths to calm my nerves.
    • Taking a deep breath and steadying herself, she went to answer the summons.
    • He was bending on his knees, steadying himself with his hand on the floor.
    • To Rockmount's credit they steadied, and gradually began to battle their way back into the game.
    • Cale looked through his scope and took slow deep breaths to lower his heartbeat thus steadying his aim.
    • Outstripping the York defence, he steadied himself before lashing the ball past Fettis with an unerring finish.
    • Bligh pressed his head against the wall, cooling himself, steadying his pulse.
    • He took a deep breath, steadying his voice as it rose slowly in hysteria.
    • The breeze steadied as the rain clouds cleared and Zephyr continued a solitary route to the finish line.
    • Hands balanced on the windowsill below his waist were the only things steadying him as he leaned outside.
    • Livi almost jumped, but caught herself, steadying the tray on which she was carrying some warm soup and a tuna sandwich.
    • The player shortage took its toll on Acorn after the break but Wadsworth steadied the nerves with his fourth try as they hung on to win.
    • This time, Searle steadied himself, took his time, and won the rubber on his second match point.
    • How long it can endure without King Hussein's steadying presence, no one can say.
    • Dozens of police officers rushed over and steadied the car, drawing loud boos from the crowd.
    • Danny settled down in his seat, closed his eyes and steadied his breathing.
    • Larkin steadied himself and blasted in a low drive that looked goalbound.
    • She interrupted, taking a deep breath and steadying her legs underneath her.
    • Keats spluttered and coughed to full wakefulness, and steadied himself with a stiff brandy.
  • 2

    (make calm)
    she had a drink to steady her nerves se tomó una copa para calmarse
    • they have a steadying influence on him tienen un efecto tranquilizante sobre él

intransitive verbsteadied, steadies, steadying

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    usually in imperative to go steady with sth tener cuidado con algo