Translation of steal in Spanish:


robar, v.

Pronunciation: /stiːl//stil/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      hurtar formal
      to steal sth from sb robarle algo a algn
      • she stole it from Peter se lo robó a Peter
      • he stole some money from the till robó dinero de la caja
      • she let Maria steal her man away dejó que Maria le robara el novio (/ el marido etc. )
      • his little brother stole all the attention su hermanito acaparó la atención de todo el mundo
      • But since you won't see that until midseason, Fox went ahead and stole the idea.
      • Police have warned householders not to leave easy pickings for burglars following a spate of crimes where property was stolen after windows and doors were left unlocked.
      • One of the advantages of being a manager with responsibility for appointing staff is that you get to see lots of other people's CVs and can steal good ideas for presentation and phraseology.
      • An officer arrived the next day just as the builders discovered the thieves had returned and stolen some of the new tiles.
      • All three were charged with stealing personal property in broad daylight and causing a nuisance to society.
      • You definitely want to prevent anybody from stealing your brilliant idea.
      • If you rent, buy renter's insurance, which pays for damaged, destroyed or stolen personal property.
      • I wonder how long it will take for the government to steal the idea and start pushing it?
      • Those who are fans of gangster movies will know that the practice of selling stolen property is known as fencing.
      • The newspaper was trying to stir up a row about the morality of allowing criminals to ransom stolen property.
      • Where property is stolen, no beneficial interest passes to the thief.
      • A 72-year-old grandfather has been convicted after police investigating a ram-raid gang found stolen property at his home.
      • Headteachers are renowned for stealing good ideas from other schools and I am all for that.
      • I hope Peter Levinson doesn't mind too much if I steal his idea, but I just came across this quote, and it's too good to pass up.
      • If we let other countries steal those ideas from us and then make them at a fraction of the cost, you know, that is undercutting our industry.
      • Each is charged with seven felony counts of selling stolen property.
      • The villain who was stealing the property was let off by the police.
      • The numbers are then held on a database which is only accessible to the police, so that stolen property can be identified and returned to its owner.
      • A judge at the High Court in London rejected allegations by two historians that Brown had stolen ideas from their book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.
      • Also charged with burglary and handling stolen property, Irvine was refused bail because of an irregularity in his visa.
      • He was found guilty of the charge of receiving stolen property and received a 30-day jail sentence, which was suspended.
      • On the night of 6-7 February 1988 the flat was burgled and a considerable amount of property was stolen.
      • Any sensible legal system has to rely in part on sanctions brought to bear after people have stolen property or looted corporations.
      • Music companies are the first to wage a wide-scale attack against people who steal digital property over the Net.
      • The idea is stolen wholesale from the United States, where civic engagement is a part of everyday life and local democracy a thriving concept.
      • He said police would like to hear from anyone with information about burglaries or stolen property.
      • Research institutions that would normally be loath to patent are doing so defensively in order to prevent the corpocrats stealing their ideas.
      • Not only that, they are more likely to take bribes, sleep their way to the top, steal the ideas of a colleague and pass them off as their own or to resort to character assassination.
      • In instances where property is stolen, thieves can and will be traced, and dealt with accordingly.
      • Documents, purses and property were stolen in a spate of attacks.
      • Now, there's nothing wrong with recycling an idea from an artist you admire, so long as you're not simply stealing that idea and passing it off as your own.
      • ‘We're not giving the details out at present because if we did that, others would steal the ideas before we launched,’ said Spowart.
      • Christofi refused to name the exact bacteria for fear rival microbiologists might steal the idea, which the university patented late last month.
      • Other manufacturers steal the idea and Stevenson loses a three-year court battle to have his patent honoured.
      • Their greatest fear: someone else might steal their idea.
      • So in the time-honoured tradition of capitalism, I'm going to steal their idea and offer my own solutions, at a cut rate of course.
      • So, instead, like all good creative types, I stole an idea.
      • I'm not saying what it's about because I don't want anyone to steal the idea.
      • I can't tell you too many details, cos someone out there might steal my ideas before I have time to finish my recipe book!

    • 1.2(sneak)

      to steal a kiss from sb robarle un beso a algn
      • to steal a glance at sth/sb mirar algo/a algn de soslayo
      • I stole quietly to my Grandma's bedroom and flipped the lamp on, simultaneously grabbing the phone.
      • Did he quietly steal away, never letting the beast know he was there?
      • He stole quietly into Mass at St Aidan's in Enniscorthy, and did not concelebrate the Easter homily at 12.30 yesterday on Roe Street in Wexford town.
      • She stole quietly from her bed in the small room in the small apartment.
      • I'd stolen quietly toward her door deciding almost in mirthful amusement that she might indeed be napping.
      • Quietly, she stole out of bed and made her way to the door.
      • Within moments, the two friends were on their mounts and stealing quietly away into the night.
      • My question still had not been answered, however; who could the shadowy figure stealing quietly through the forest have been?

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (property/money) robado

    • 2.2literary

      (moments/pleasures) robado
      (moments/pleasures) escamoteado

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hurtar formal
    he was convicted of stealing lo condenaron por robo
  • 2

    (go stealthily)
    to steal away / off escabullirse
    • they stole into the room entraron en la habitación a hurtadillas
    • a feeling of melancholy stole over her la invadió una sensación de melancolía
    • to steal up on sb acercarse sigilosamente a algn
    • night had stolen up on the hikers la noche había sorprendido a los excursionistas


  • 1informal

    ganga feminine informal
    regalo masculine informal
    pichincha feminine River Plate informal