Translation of steam in Spanish:


vapor, n.

Pronunciation /stim//stiːm/


  • 1

    vapor masculine
    (turbine/boiler/locomotive) (before noun) de vapor
    (boiler/locomotive/turbine) (before noun) a vapor
    the engine is driven by steam el motor funciona a vapor
    • Applying pressure to the garment The pressure comes from the head of the pressing machine, while steam is diffused through the bottom.
    • Crowds billowed on to East Lancashire Railway platforms where two newly refurbished steam machines were wheeled out for all to see.
    • Kew is home not only to some great steam machines but is also an interactive paradise for kids, 11 am to 5pm daily.
    • The most important category is the generation of electric power from geothermal steam.
    • They can be cut and burnt to produce steam to power turbines.
    • In these cases, well operators sometime use a steam drive, or continuous steam injection, to force the oil out.
    • He entered the navy a midshipman in the era of cannon balls and oak hulls powered by sail, and retired as admiral of a fleet of steel, powered by steam, that fired huge shells thousands of yards.
    • The Industrial Revolution was powered by steam and coal - not oil.
    • There are no boilers, no engine and no remains of auxiliary machinery or steam pipes, just a big gap in the middle of the wreck left by some long-forgotten salvage company.
    • Use immersion blender or cappuccino machine steam attachment to froth carrot foam mixture.
    • Other industrial archaeological sites include nineteenth-century steam machinery and vacuum pans, as well as the rum distilleries.
    • Nuclear power plants used enriched uranium as fuel to make steam to turn turbines which generate electricity.
    • In gradually substituting steam for stream power in their manufactures, they lessened the impact of drought or flood.
    • The canal-side steam powered the weaving mill, in Clitheroe Road, which was built before 1879 and added to in 1891 and 1910.
    • With the arrival of steam as a power source, doctors could treat hysteria in the office using new devices developed for this purpose.
    • The pressure from this steam forced the piston upward once it was high enough to counteract the weight and atmospheric pressure on the cylinder.
    • The heat and exhaust gases are captured and utilized to provide electrical power and steam for laundry facilities.
    • Off this is a well appointed en suite bathroom which is fully tiled in white and fitted with a bidet, wash hand basin, and a power shower cubicle with steam room facility.
    • Initially, I was disappointed to discover that today's PoW is kitted out more modestly and powered not by steam but by diesel.
    • Murrays' Mills in Ancoats are 200 years old and were among the first buildings in the world to use steam to power machines.
    • For generations, its very name has conjured up the glory days of Britain's railways when steam was king and every town had a station.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (vegetables/rice) cocinar al vapor
    (vegetables/rice) cocer al vapor
    (pudding) cocinar al baño (de) María
    (pudding) cocer al baño (de) María
    • A note on the menu invites diners to consider the advice of servers in deciding whether to order their dish steamed, grilled or fried.
    • Add the cabbage and stir-fry it for five or six minutes, splashing in 3 tbsp water to help steam the cabbage, until it is tender.
    • Prepare a hot steamer basket and steam the pork until tender, about three hours.
    • Preparation and cooking: Use young leaves in salads; steam or braise mature leaves.
    • I boiled the winkles and steamed the potatoes as quickly as I could.
    • With the flavours intensifying as the food simultaneously steams and roasts, and no juices lost or boiled away, the end result is bags of flavour (sorry).
    • Place the dumplings on the prepared steaming rack and steam the dumplings until the skins are soft, about 15 minutes.
    • Protected in its nest of agave leaves, the meat would steam away for hours before carefully being dug from the pit.
    • Remove the plastic wrap and steam the bread until cooked.
    • But wood-fired ovens go far beyond bread, and are capable of roasting, broiling, steaming or braising.
    • With practice, one may sauté, bake, steam, braise, simmer, or sear just about anything.
    • While steaming the rice, sauté some garlic, onions and green peppers in a teaspoon of olive oil for five minutes.
    • You can steam carrots anyway you like - just add more cooking time for larger pieces.
    • The recipe has you steam carrots and zucchini in sticks, and layer them with a batter made of fresh goat cheese, eggs and faisselle.
    • Peel the potatoes and lay them on top of the casserole, so they will steam while the stew cooks.
    • This is the time to experiment with some of those new veggie recipes you've been cutting out of magazines, or just enjoy the vegetables steamed with some herbs and a little butter or olive oil.
    • Steam the ingredients for twenty minutes, then serve.
    • The Dum ki Kumbh, stir-fried button mushrooms steam cooked in a traditional Kashmiri gravy.
    • In a school context this stir fry should be re-producible either in a series of large pans or by blanching or steaming the vegetables very briefly and then warming them through in the oven.
    • In the centre is a small mound of saffron palau (basmati rice steamed with saffron).
    • Grilling, steaming or microwaving food rather than frying or roasting means less fat is added during cooking.
    • I also had a local specialty for lunch - white roses are prawn meat steamed inside wonton wrappers.
    • Make sure there's enough water in the pot to steam the meat and fish, so if it's looking a bit dry, add some more boiling water.
    • If you want the greatest nutritional value from your corn, how should you eat it: raw, quickly steamed or thoroughly cooked?
    • The tipang, a pork leg first steamed then cooked in the wok with delicious sauce and spices, is irresistible.
    • Just brown the pasta in oil first, add broth and cook until the pasta is tender, then steam some seafood quickly on top.
    • There is not a human being in sight but food still steams on a cooker inviting the hungry parents with its aromas.
    • By cooked I mean steamed, baked or lightly sautéed, not fried.
    • Besides the icing cakes, the bakers have steamed a plum pudding that may well rock the regular variety.
    • Preserved soya bean steamed with cured meat is delicious and very salty as well.
    • On a few food-vendor's stalls the bamboo baskets of buns still steamed and the tables in the houses were set.
    • After explanation of the fish come general hints on how to cook fish, from deep frying, steaming, broiling and cooking it in butter.
    • Freshly cooked mekitsa steamed on our plates and a delicious aroma drifted up from the freshly brewed coffee.
    • Sometimes we choose to steam our vegetables, sauté them in some olive oil or mix them with our salad greens.
    • To steam food, it is held over boiling liquid and the heat is transmitted by water vapour surrounding the food, and condensing on it.
    • Yellow rice wine, pork meat steamed on lotus leaves, eight ingredients cake and zongzi are the specialities of Xitang and you can taste them in all the restaurants in the town.
    • The staple food, boiled or steamed, is served with a sauce of leaves, flavored with dried fish or shellfish, and vegetables.
    • Rubel burns a fire down to embers and braises vegetables, simmers spelt, roasts fish, and even steams a chocolate cake, all at his fireplace.
    • To cook raw chestnuts, you can either roast, steam, or boil them - or throw them in a rice cooker like I did this time around.
  • 2

    (apply steam to)
    to steam a letter open abrir una carta con vapor
    • he steamed the stamps/the label off despegó los sellos/la etiqueta con vapor
    • You can get to know them even better if you steam the letters open first.
    • Carefully, in case she found that she needed to reseal it, she steamed the envelope open and peeled away the fold.
    • I remember hearing that if you hold a sealed envelope over steam it opens it up so you can be all spy like and open it without harming the parcel.
    • He went to the kitchen and boiled water, then took the letter and steamed the envelope open so as not to damage it.
    • Detectives shadowed him on board a transatlantic liner, and during his stay in New York even steamed open his post at his hotel.
    • He took it back to his house, and steamed open all of the bills, letters, Social Security checks and anything else of interest.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (give off steam)
    echar vapor
    (hot food) humear
    • The coffee steamed and I flopped out on my bunk, keeping a careful eye on the clock.
    • If a pipe breaks, the 500 degree water would blow off as steam, tearing off plant insulation and coatings.
    • The cutlets are great, so is the chutney, though the ‘masala dosas’ might not be as steaming as you would like.
    • Adam jerked his thumb over to the stove where the coffee pot was steaming on the hot plate.
    • Well, I still have a cough, though it's much diminished, yielding ground day by day to a steady trickle of hot rum toddies served steaming at appropriate times.
    • Listeners ought to hear the sleigh bells ring, see the vivid red of the velvet dress and smell the spicy potpourri steaming on the stove.
    • As my train arrived, the monsoon abruptly stopped, the sun came out, leaving me gently steaming on platform five at Reading.
    • And on September 24, kettles will be steaming away as the World Biggest Coffee Morning rolls into action.
    • As I type, an angry thunderstorm is rolling across the skies and the rain is lashing down onto the scorched pavements; now gently steaming.
    • The coffee cup still steamed, though it had sat empty for the best part of the last half hour.
    • When I throw a switch it steams dangerously and coffee drizzles from many unpredictable valves.
    • As the sun pushes over the ridge, the earth steams.
    • Nearby, the Huka Falls are gushing forth, the sulphurous earth steams eerily and sludgy geysers are grumbling and occasionally completely losing their cool.
    • Ruth loved the smell of the rainwater steaming off the asphalt; that sensation, more than any other, defined summer.
    • You'll get delicate, herb-infused fish steamed gently in their own juices.
    • Because of a storm the previous day, the ground was literally steaming.
    • They were quickly served and tasted best when still steaming.
    • Caleb's computer was on and his coffee cup was steaming but he wasn't in sight.
    • Her mother paid the bill and Ekat grabbed the tea, which was still steaming gently.
  • 2

    • 2.1(move under steam power)

      the train steamed into the station el tren entró en la estación echando vapor

    • 2.2informal (move quickly)

      I was steaming along on my bike iba volando / a toda velocidad en la bici
      • our class is steaming ahead nuestra clase avanza a todo vapor / a toda máquina
      • A project to recreate a piece of Bolton's industrial heritage is steaming ahead thanks to a 5,000 donation.
      • The new chairman is steaming ahead on a huge sea of goodwill from the supporters.
      • But having been here for a considerable length of time, it has struck me that as Shanghai steams ahead in the new millennium, it still remains inextricably linked with its near-forgotten past.
      • It is an approach that gains steam as the movie moves forward and gives the film's climax a powerful sense of the inevitable.
      • Playing with the wind at their backs in the first half the Clonaslee lads steamed ahead as they broke through the Belmont defence and dominated the game.
      • An appeal launched by the National Railway Museum to save locomotive Flying Scotsman for the nation is steaming ahead, the Yorkshire Post can reveal.
      • The home side however steamed ahead from early on with a good cross in from Michael Clowry which was finished in style by Cathal O'Brien.
      • The second half saw a change of pace as the Rosenallis / Clonaslee lads piled on the pressure and started to dominate the game which saw them steam ahead.
      • The Council and developer are already steaming ahead and preparing the £20 million Connecting the City scheme.
      • The latest jobs report shows that the economy is steaming ahead.
      • They steam implacably ahead while the rest of us flail about in a sea of moral relativism and get nothing but mental cramp for our trouble.
      • He said this week that the project is steaming ahead, with building work hoped to start next year.
      • Now the Forster Square Development Partnership is set to steam ahead with the city-centre project which already has planning consent.
      • Moves are steaming ahead to honour an Atherton-born boffin whose vision of a high speed hovertrain was dismissed.
      • The application for the amendments is a milestone in the progress of the scheme because it is one of the last pieces in the jigsaw before things can steam ahead.
      • This manga-based masterpiece steams ahead on so many levels and with so much depth, detail and mind-bending imagery that your brain barely has time to catch up with itself.
      • Bury's East Lancashire Railway has been given the green light to steam ahead with plans to renovate the town's historic Bury Transport Museum.
      • Work is expected to steam ahead in October on a £3 million centre in ‘forgotten’ Horton Grange.
      • So, finally and belatedly, the idea that is creeping up is that of a two-speed Europe, in which a hard core of integrationist states steams ahead in the direction of a United States of Europe.
      • That is not a recipe for re-electing an incumbent who took responsibility for the now-slowing recovery when it was steaming ahead.