Translation of steam iron in Spanish:

steam iron

plancha de vapor, n.


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    plancha de vapor feminine
    • He once bought his wife a steam iron for her birthday.
    • So, my steam iron and my coffee maker are not under extended warranties.
    • To take out carpet indentations from heavy furniture, grab a screwdriver and a steam iron.
    • On good days, it could also smell like a hot steam iron on a fresh white sheet.
    • If steam iron clogs from minerals in water, follow use-guide directions for cleaning, or use a commercial iron cleaner.
    • The company didn't pay, so the workers had to get an order requiring that the board confiscate the sewing machines, industrial steam irons and the other equipment left in the abandoned factory.
    • You will need a steam iron, a low sodium club soda, and clean white cotton towels.
    • It is also helpful to steam iron the fabric to make it easier to work with.
    • They were then tied up, beaten, and tortured with a steam iron.
    • This procedure is simpler then topping up a steam iron.
    • You sprinkle water on your ironing, or mainline it direct into the steam iron.
    • Using a press cloth and steam iron, press the outer edge of the collar and lapel, allowing the outer finished seam edge to roll slightly to the underside.
    • But if there are no obvious stains on the clothing, they will simply use a steam iron, according to ‘Popular Medicine’ magazine.
    • Before I could point out that Lee's jeans had clearly never been within spitting distance of a steam iron and seemed to be several sizes too big, his mobile phone rang.
    • If pattern pieces must include portions of the remaining fold, hold a steam iron over the fabric, then smooth the fold line with your fingers.
    • The products are then sent to the foreign client, where an automatic steam iron is used, which removes those shiny areas.