Translation of steaming in Spanish:


húmedo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstiːmɪŋ//ˈstimɪŋ/


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    (heat) húmedo
    in the steaming jungle en la selva tórrida
    • a steaming bowl of soup un plato de sopa humeante
    • as adverb steaming hot muy caliente
    • Lydia is sitting in a bathtub of steaming water.
    • Not that there's much to see through the steaming sheet of water dancing around me, running in freezing rivulets down my back and filling up my shoes.
    • Norwood sighed to himself as he stepped under the steaming water, letting go of all the tension and stress he'd built up around himself in the last week or so.
    • The dishes there were old, and needed soaking, so Jim just filled the sink with steaming water, and stuffed all the dirties inside.
    • Slipping out of her flannel yellow pajamas, she turned on the faucet and watched the steaming water pour forth from the showerhead.
    • Millie rose, head still bowed, and poured the last remaining buckets of water into the steaming tub.
    • She turned on the shower and scowled at the steaming water.
    • Pouring water over a steaming engine that was in danger of spurting boiling jets of vapor with the wrong timing of a pour.
    • A maid entered with rags, another with a steaming bowl of water, and a third with bandages and alcohol.
    • Place the wedges in a steaming basket over boiling water.
    • I held my breath and submerged myself under the steaming water.
    • An hour later, here she was, sitting in a padded barrel of steaming water, and having her hair untangled by her mother's maid.
    • The being moved to the bedside table and brought a pitcher forth, pouring steaming water into a bowl and then producing a rag.
    • My hands reached up and held my head as more tears fell, falling to the floor and rolling over to the steaming water where the formed little gray swirls.
    • Ellie nodded and poured the steaming water into the two cups.
    • Soon they were all pushing her toward a tub of steaming water.
    • Daemyn returned a little later with a large bowl of steaming water
    • Crane stood under the shower head and allowed himself the small indulgence of simply standing in the steaming water as it cascaded over him.
    • Kendall let out a slow sigh and turned to face Elma who had returned to her boiling kettle of water, lifting out steaming clothing with a thick stick.
    • Waimangu Volcanic Valley's highlight is its Inferno Crater, as well as powder blue, steaming waters and sheer crater walls.



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    (perpetrado por pandillas armadas en el transporte público) atraco masculine