Translation of steamroller in Spanish:


apisonadora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstimˌroʊlər//ˈstiːmrəʊlə/


  • 1

    apisonadora feminine
    aplanadora feminine Latin America
    before noun steamroller tactics (feminine plural) tácticas dictatoriales / avasalladoras
    • But I also hope that, god forbid, if their magazine against all odds becomes a financial success, their love of books and concern for writers isn't crushed out by some corporate steamroller.
    • But he came in here and he was flattened like a bit of bread under a steamroller.
    • A lot of people have fought hard to save the schools but the ruling group had made its mind up a long time ago and there was no way we could stop the steamroller.
    • I protested, but she ran me over with the efficiency of a steamroller.
    • America is the steamroller of modernity, and its forcing the Europeans to adapt.
    • The ensuing battle stopped the German steamroller and laid the foundation for what would become years of stalemated, bloody trench warfare.
    • The story is a steamroller, flattening everything in order to make its ‘big ironic point’.
    • It is prepared to push on and roll over things like a steamroller.
    • He was a steamroller at guard, but now he's playing a new position.
    • Yat-Kha's music is a hypnotic mix of rock and folk, played on electric guitars and traditional Tuvan instruments, which one critic described as ‘not unlike having a steamroller driven over your head’.
    • I reach behind me and feel my lower back, where it had felt like I'd been run over by a steamroller repeatedly.
    • This technology is coming like a turbo steamroller.
    • Lyn never actually saw this fight, but she saw Marco the day after, and he would have looked better if a steamroller had crushed him.
    • In the First, the Russian steamroller, after initial advances, was put into reverse; in the Second, the Red Army, after severe setbacks, advanced into the centre of Europe.
    • Telling my parents ‘No’ is like talking to a steamroller: they don't listen, and insist on plowing you over or dragging you along whether you like it or not.
    • He's got an ego the size of Ecuador, bad hair, ugly glasses and the kind of ambition that grinds up underlings and flattens more decent people than a steamroller at a Peter, Paul and Mary concert.
    • This is hardly the place to rehearse the errors and elisions in his original article, or the way it allows its thesis like a steamroller to flatten the facts.
    • Rather than being a preordained victory for a Prussian steamroller, the war was a fascinating and uncertain contest between two rival military systems.
    • I record the Opposition's gratitude for the role that the Clerk and his office played in holding back the steamroller of the executive.
    • Yet neither his words nor the progressive education movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s could stop the political steamroller of testing.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (road/tarmac) apisonar
    (road/tarmac) aplanar
  • 2

    (opposition) aplastar
  • 3

    they steamrollered the plan through the committee aplastando a la oposición, hicieron que la comisión aprobara el plan
    • to steamroller sb into sth/ -ing
    • he tried to steamroller us into (making) a quick decision quiso obligarnos / forzarnos a tomar una decisión rápida