Translation of steamroller in Spanish:


apisonadora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstimˌroʊlər//ˈstiːmrəʊlə/


  • 1

    apisonadora feminine
    aplanadora feminine Latin America
    before noun steamroller tactics tácticas dictatoriales / avasalladoras feminine
    • But I also hope that, god forbid, if their magazine against all odds becomes a financial success, their love of books and concern for writers isn't crushed out by some corporate steamroller.
    • But he came in here and he was flattened like a bit of bread under a steamroller.
    • America is the steamroller of modernity, and its forcing the Europeans to adapt.
    • This technology is coming like a turbo steamroller.
    • He's got an ego the size of Ecuador, bad hair, ugly glasses and the kind of ambition that grinds up underlings and flattens more decent people than a steamroller at a Peter, Paul and Mary concert.
    • A lot of people have fought hard to save the schools but the ruling group had made its mind up a long time ago and there was no way we could stop the steamroller.
    • Telling my parents ‘No’ is like talking to a steamroller: they don't listen, and insist on plowing you over or dragging you along whether you like it or not.
    • In the First, the Russian steamroller, after initial advances, was put into reverse; in the Second, the Red Army, after severe setbacks, advanced into the centre of Europe.
    • I record the Opposition's gratitude for the role that the Clerk and his office played in holding back the steamroller of the executive.
    • The ensuing battle stopped the German steamroller and laid the foundation for what would become years of stalemated, bloody trench warfare.
    • I reach behind me and feel my lower back, where it had felt like I'd been run over by a steamroller repeatedly.
    • I protested, but she ran me over with the efficiency of a steamroller.
    • Rather than being a preordained victory for a Prussian steamroller, the war was a fascinating and uncertain contest between two rival military systems.
    • Lyn never actually saw this fight, but she saw Marco the day after, and he would have looked better if a steamroller had crushed him.
    • The story is a steamroller, flattening everything in order to make its ‘big ironic point’.
    • Yet neither his words nor the progressive education movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s could stop the political steamroller of testing.
    • This is hardly the place to rehearse the errors and elisions in his original article, or the way it allows its thesis like a steamroller to flatten the facts.
    • He was a steamroller at guard, but now he's playing a new position.
    • It is prepared to push on and roll over things like a steamroller.
    • Yat-Kha's music is a hypnotic mix of rock and folk, played on electric guitars and traditional Tuvan instruments, which one critic described as ‘not unlike having a steamroller driven over your head’.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (tarmac/road) apisonar
    (road/tarmac) aplanar
  • 2

    (opposition) aplastar
    • Global strategies can steamroller people who have a profound insight in local markets for the grace of outsourcing and other large management techniques.
    • Vick proceeded to steamroller the board in the manner to which we have by now become accustomed.
    • In the front line of her social assaults was her husband Richard, a meek, hen-pecked individual who yearned for a quiet life but instead found himself steamrollered into falling in with his wife's plans.
    • They simply want to steamroller through developments that have no place in the town.
    • In 1996, the Scotsman simply steamrollered him, before Ebdon, who abandoned academia to serve his apprenticeship at Kings Cross Snooker Club, finally took on the mantle of the master.
    • Defeat at Trafalgar ended any hope of maritime supremacy for France, and thus any realistic hope of vanquishing the British, but Napoleon continued to steamroller his continental opponents.
    • He's capable of steamrollering me and I'm capable of steamrollering him.
    • I think the council was trying to steamroller us and gamble that we would not go to the district valuer.
    • ‘Most people in the local communities around here do not want the wind farm but feel as if they are being steamrollered into accepting it,’ said Sophie Dey.
    • Brussels bureaucrats may try to steamroller us into oneness, but people are stubborn.
    • I am sure they expected to steamroller through their proposals.
    • This wouldn't matter if the material were intrinsically funny, and the performances were strong enough to steamroller the audience into acceptance of the authors' premise.
    • He wants to steamroller ahead with plans to make people save for their old age, rather than compelling the state or the employer to contribute more.
    • Every person who stands up in protest against the plans makes it that little bit more awkward for the powers-that-be to steamroller ahead.
    • But it lingered in his mind that if something arose that they had to steamroller through, I would be the type to resign on principle.
    • I just wondered how many other people they have steamrollered.
    • ‘They steamrollered us,’ was John Hughes' simple verdict.
    • Only with this Labour Council do we have this naked attempt to steamroller through a scheme without proper consultation.
    • Patience paid off for Martin Hunter's youngsters as they finally steamrollered their opponents after going a goal down just before the break.
    • The people of Pateley Bridge feel they are being steamrollered into accepting the three-storey building being placed on a corner site on the Southlands car park half way up the High Street.
  • 3

    they steamrollered the plan through the committee aplastando a la oposición, hicieron que la comisión aprobara el plan
    • to steamroller sb into sth/-ing
    • he tried to steamroller us into (making) a quick decision quiso obligarnos / forzarnos a tomar una decisión rápida
    • The bill looks set to pass into law, and is being steamrollered through Parliament in less than two weeks, by curtailing the time available to debate and scrutinise the proposed legislation.
    • It is an institution that encourages the rich and powerful to steamroller aside all opposition, if they can.
    • He is concerned that Royal Mail intends to steamroller its cost-cutting plans in spite of all opposition.
    • If Brown, Cook and Short have serious misgivings, he is running out of senior allies who would help to steamroller any controversial decisions through Cabinet and, if necessary, the House of Commons.
    • He called for all MPs to ask the Chancellor to consult small business groups before trying to steamroller through the controversial measures.
    • A big thank you to our excellent MP for standing up for us ‘little people’ when the council threatened to steamroller this through.
    • The Tories denounced him as a crazed self-publicist seeking to usurp more senior figures to steamroller the country into signing up to the single currency.
    • Significantly, the two parties came together in the parliament to steamroller through the legislation creating the three new states.
    • If the Government has to steamroller the ban through using the Parliament Act it will come into force immediately, bringing the prospect of huge protests and rural unrest.
    • In response to the challenge, a number of senior Lib Dem MPs have called for Kennedy to accelerate the production of new policy announcements to avoid being steamrollered.
    • This will certainly give opponents another point of attack, once the Government steamrollers the bill through Parliament.
    • Having failed to steamroller the United Nations Security Council into supporting its invasion, the US has created a tinpot ‘coalition of the willing’ instead.
    • Despite wholesale opposition to the proposal, it is moving ever closer to becoming reality after being steamrollered through by the board at the club's AGM on Monday.
    • Pro-hunters fear that if peers refuse to back the Commons this time the Government will use the Parliament Acts to steamroller a ban into law.
    • The second chamber needs both independence and a level of strength to prevent any one government steamrollering ill-conceived legislation through parliament.
    • The row over fox-hunting is now set to reach a climax as the government has pledged to use the Parliament Act to steamroller a hunting ban into law if the House of Lords rejects the Bill.
    • The UP government's mischievous attempt to steamroller the Places of Worship Bill is a case in point.
    • And they used the Parliament Act 1949 to steamroller the legislation onto the statute books.
    • But Michael Howard accused the Prime Minister of being ‘arrogant’ for steamrollering the new anti-terrorist powers through Parliament.
    • If that happens, then the threat of the use of the Parliament Act to steamroller the Bill into law looms large.