Translation of steamship in Spanish:


vapor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstiːmʃɪp//ˈstimˌʃɪp/


  • 1

    vapor masculine
    barco de vapor masculine
    buque de vapor masculine
    • The Suez Canal, opened in 1869, shortened the route east for steamships, although sailing ships still went by the Cape.
    • Under a blue sky we watch the steamship and fast ferry crossing to the mainland and the windsurfers trying their luck.
    • Before the advent of steamships, there were merchant sailors who seemed to be a ‘higher’ and somehow more regal member of their class.
    • Beginning in the 1860s, China became a major importer of European naval technology; and by 1882 the Chinese navy consisted of approximately fifty steamships.
    • Then, steamships plowed the Atlantic filled with both wealthy patrons inhabiting lavish suites and thousands of European immigrants who, wedged into tight quarters below, really paid the costs of the trip.
    • A large amount of capital was required to transform forges into modern iron and steel industries, equip the shipyards to build steamships, and move from small workshops to modern factories.
    • On the way north from Sumburgh Head to Lerwick we had dived the wreck of the Murrayfield, a small steamship that ran onto rocks off Mousa in dense fog in 1942.
    • Certainly it is known that in 1901 he was based in Hong Kong and he refloated the steamship München which had run aground on Yap, Caroline Islands.
    • As steamships gradually replaced sailing vessels the demand for ropes was reduced and by 1890 the flax mill was closed.
    • Here, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum features exhibits on boat building, Chesapeake Bay craft, steamships, and decoy carving.
    • Among the ships are a fleet of wooden steamships, built to serve in World War I but then abandoned and brought here to be salvaged.
    • Telegraph lines were often built alongside the railways, and steamships laid the submarine cables that took the telegraph network across the seas and oceans.
    • Further along the coast, we dive the only real wreck on this side of Ibiza, a well-broken steamship that was driven sideways into a rocky cove.
    • Just up from Kirkhaven harbour, a series of rocks known as The Pillow boasts wreckage thought to belong to the steel steamship Scotland, which ran aground in 1916.
    • In addition Consolidated Lake Superior Corp. operated not only lake vessels, but also ocean going steamships and passenger boats as well, totaling 16 vessels.
    • The four deaths in the Forth area included a double fatality when two divers descended 65 metres to a wrecked steamship off Dunbar, East Lothian.
    • The next morning they bought an old steamship which was in the port of Baltimore, and renamed it the Exodus.
    • She was a three-masted steamship that went down while sailing from Boston to Liverpool carrying 400 cattle.
    • The first of three races was held on September 7, amid a spectator fleet of some two hundred steamships and sixty thousand sightseers.
    • Large steamships were supplanting smaller sailing vessels as the main carriers of slaves.