Translation of steelworks in Spanish:


planta siderúrgica, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstilˌwərks//ˈstiːlwəːks/

plural noun

  • 1

    planta siderúrgica feminine
    acería feminine
    acerería feminine
    • Less than 5 kilometres from a steelworks in New South Wales, the leukaemia incidence per thousand was greater than 4, whereas it had dropped to well under 0.5 15 kilometres away.
    • To revitalize the Ruhr, state and local governments have invested in research and education, transformed abandoned steelworks into industrial parks, and seeded new startups.
    • Full health checks on soldiers involved in the scrapping of 200 World War II mortars are to be sought in the Dáil this week after the weapons triggered radioactivity alarms at a Cork steelworks.
    • Welcome to Ravenscraig, the ruins of a steelworks that once employed 13,000 people to produce the metal used in Scotland's shipbuilding and heavy engineering industries.
    • Industrial areas where the steelworks used to be are like something out of Blade Runner; narrow streets framed by high factory walls caked in soot and grime, black with filth, towering over you and closing you in.
    • The two world wars also gave substantial stimulus to manufacturing, with the opening of BHP's Newcastle steelworks in 1915 laying the base for heavy industry.
    • They are not closing the steelworks but changing the way it operates.
    • Dreams entertained by some Party leaders of large-scale steelworks and munition factories and large-scale collective agriculture were irrelevant and dangerous.
    • Ravenscraig steelworks was supposed to feed strip steel to the Rootes assembly line at Linwood, Paisley, and a British Motor Corporation works at Bathgate, though the economics of both were doubtful.
    • Hundreds of jobs are to go at a north Lincolnshire steelworks as steel giant Corus prepares to make a £32m investment in modernising production.
    • Its first blast furnace was built in 1953, to complement other Lanarkshire steelworks.
    • In Jarrow, a ship-breaking yard and engineering works were established in 1938 and the Consett Iron Company started a steelworks in 1939.
    • Nearby where I am currently residing exist a colossal steelworks complex that has been recently closed down in 2000.
    • During the Battle of Britain in 1940, Sheffield was a major target because of all the steelworks and the heavy manufacturing plants that dominated the city at that time.
    • The industrial sector includes an oil refinery, steelworks, and chemicals.
    • In Port Kembla, where Serco have just won the security contract at the BHP steelworks, union members went on strike last week to protest out-sourcing and the use of individual employment contracts.
    • He said the strategy commenced in the 1960s with the creation of short-term jobs palliatives such as the Ravenscraig steelworks and the Linwood car factory.
    • They've been waiting for the right light for weeks, just the right amount of cloud, to photograph the recently closed blast furnace at the local steelworks.
    • Most recently it has been fighting threatened redundancies at the Corus steelworks in Scunthorpe.
    • A plan for reviving Kremikovtzi steelworks was approved at a session of the joint committee of the European Commission and Bulgaria in Brussels, the Economy Ministry announced last week.