Translation of steering committee in Spanish:

steering committee

comité directivo, n.


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    comité directivo masculine
    • Of course, men were involved in the steering group, the corporate body that implemented their plan and the parliament that approved it.
    • This has been paid for and printed by one of the businesses on the steering committee, CGU Life.
    • Expelling somebody is the business of the steering committee.
    • A steering group and a committee had been formed, but more members were needed.
    • The festival steering group is committed to organic growth.
    • Citizens will be organized into ward committees, ULB committees and steering committees.
    • A steering committee of 10 business people and residents has already approached Bendigo Bank.
    • Already, there are over 500 tenants involved in the steering groups of these new organisations.
    • However I hope that the steering group and sub committees do not get hijacked by certain groups whom hold extreme views and personal agendas.
    • The new club is run by a steering committee and has sub committees of Boat fishing, Shore fishing, Boat owners and Juniors.
    • Although run through the council, The Centre is led by a steering group of partner agencies, including Age Concern, the police and residents.
    • Dr Murray wants to set up a steering committee of school principals, the police and parents to work on attracting funding for the project.
    • Then corporate real estate worked collaboratively with business units, setting up real estate steering committees that included top business unit leaders.
    • The steering committee decides what goes on the site and makes sure it is kept current.
    • The steering committee includes people from the public, private, voluntary and community groups.
    • The meeting held to raise awareness, support and also to organise a steering group to actualise the above goals.
    • At a packed public meeting, in the village hall, residents decided to form a steering committee to spearhead their campaign.
    • The training will also assist in building consensus and interaction among the teams, particularly the planning committees and steering committees for the project.
    • Together, Berte and McKinstry organized a steering committee to come up with a plan of action.
    • A steering committee and a finance committee have been put in place and a series of further meetings will take place during the summer.