Translation of step change in Spanish:

step change

cambio radical, n.



  • 1

    cambio radical masculine
    • This all represents a step change for shareholders of utility shares.
    • 25 year mortgages are a great idea when interest rates fluctuate in a narrow band, but when there is a step change in rates as has happened recently, the consumer can get slaughtered.
    • The Commission says the Government's 10-year transport plan - published last year - offers ‘long awaited focus on integrated policies and a step change in levels of investment’.
    • Such a step change would require a step change in budgets.
    • There was a step change in the level of representation in 1997.
    • We expect a step change in state-provided healthcare, but we live with a political orthodoxy that prevents politicians from raising the tax required.
    • Collectively they represent a step change in the approach the business is taking to the cultivated turf and quality topsoil market in the North of England.
    • Our aim is to drive a step change in our business by involving our people and developing the meat category in line with changing consumer tastes.
    • The step change in temperature affected mostly the apical peak of maximal expansion growth activity, but also exerted an effect on the entire expansion zone.
    • We are now entering the digital age and the new DVD technology available represents a step change in picture quality and convenience.
    • Whatever the motive, it still marks a step change in the aggressive marketing of higher speed services.
    • Each individual initiative is justifiable; cumulatively, they represent a step change in the state's capacity to know where we are.
    • The government is looking for a step change in technological capabilities rather than an incremental change.
    • It's a bigger step change for people in Coniston and Hawkshead.
    • While the technology is a step change, the increase in capability will be evolutionary across the British Army.
    • This is a fantastic opportunity for a step change in the quality of education facilities for key groups of the Croydon community.
    • The challenge is not just to keep up with competitors in the future but, by delivering a step change, to pursue a leading position.
    • We look at companies that are looking to raise capital to fund a step change in their business.
    • Both have bet their political reputations on a massive increase in public spending producing a step change in the quality of public services.
    • There has been a step change in politics in this country since the war on Iraq, and the movement against it.