Translation of stepfamily in Spanish:


familia del padrastro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɛpˌfæm(ə)li//ˈstɛpfam(ə)li//ˈstɛpfamɪli/

nounPlural stepfamilies

  • 1

    (of stepfather) familia del padrastro feminine
    (of stepmother) familia de la madrastra feminine
    • Other girls grieve for family traditions that fall by the wayside after a divorce, mourn a parent who died or moved away, or cringe about having to celebrate holidays with the new stepfamily.
    • If you find it difficult to cope, contact counsellors who deal with separation, divorce, stepfamilies and so on.
    • One in ten families in the UK is a stepfamily and the figure is rising, with more than two million children in stepfamilies.
    • Although they are more likely to break up than any other family, stepfamilies can succeed.
    • The company recently launched a line of greetings cards called ‘Ties that Bind’ that focuses on the growing population of stepfamilies and other nontraditional households.
    • Blended families and stepfamilies with children from former marriages are becoming more common.
    • The rise in single-parent households and stepfamilies and the changing role of mothers in particular have all wrought dramatic alterations in the parent-child relationship.
    • The high rate of divorce and remarriage has also increased the importance of stepfamilies.
    • More than half of divorced people remarry, often creating stepfamilies.
    • A sharply negative view of stepfathers and stepfamilies is enabling to biological mothers and their children when they don't want to ‘accept’ a stepfather, even if the biological father is out of the picture.
    • Experts associate this trend with the increase in the numbers of children living in one-parent families or stepfamilies.
    • Twenty-two percent of those in stepfamilies also cited family relations, such as problems with siblings, stepsiblings, and stepparents.
    • She found that the differences between nondivorced families and stepfamilies were much smaller in the long-term remarried families than in the newly remarried stepfamilies.
    • Family therapists say stepfamilies need plenty of time to gel.
    • In my practice, lesbian families that do not identify as stepfamilies have found solace in exploring the implications of different family models, as in one family that only the 15-year-old daughter thought of as a stepfamily.
    • Adolescents from intact families and stepfamilies reported similarities and differences in the discipline they had experienced.
    • It is estimated that by 2010 there will be more stepfamilies in the UK than biological families and this programme will look specifically at the relationships between stepbrothers and stepsisters.
    • There are stepfamilies, blended families, foster families, families of birth and families of intention.
    • Also, your fellow residents will probably be made up of couples, singles, divorcees with children, extended families and stepfamilies, all of whom will be looking for different things from their precious two weeks in the sun.
    • He reminds us to remember dates, to visualize spouse's families, estranged family, and stepfamilies - even pets.