Translation of stepparent in Spanish:


padrastro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɛpˌpɛrənt//ˈstɛpˌpɛːrənt/


  • 1

    padrastro masculine
    madrastra feminine
    • They can discuss anything from relationships with a new step-parent, divorce, new siblings, trying to manage living in two homes to anxiety and depression.
    • As if it weren't hard enough to step into the shoes of parenting someone else's child, a step-parent has to contend with centuries of negative literary images.
    • Families with parents, siblings and grandparents in one house are readily accepted, as are those with single parents and families with step-parents and step-siblings.
    • Think of the consequences of divorce and re-marriage, where the new step-parent is now a ‘nurturing’ parent but not a biological parent.
    • Successful families may exhibit common strengths whether they are first-marriage couples, step-parents, or single parents of any racial or income group.
    • In some statutes, moreover, a child is not considered eligible to be adopted by anyone except a married step-parent unless all his parents' rights have been ended.
    • I lost them being married together, but gained two step-parents, and in the case of Christopher, one who has had a huge effect on my life - a second father.
    • Those adults may be the child's biological parents, or they may be step-parents, same-sex parents, grandparents, and other near relatives.
    • Children need to know that it is all right for them to love both parents and to like or love step-parents.
    • Teenagers rebelling against step-parents and a lack of control over children in broken families could be responsible for the higher levels of smoking, the academics suggest.
    • When I write about my childhood, or being a step-parent, I've found that it kind of connects with people of all ages and cultures.
    • In case you do want to know what your parents and step-parents were involved in, click here for a summary.
    • On domestic adoptions, the figures show that two-thirds of those adopted here are between families - usually a man adopting a single mother's child if they get married or step-parents adopting children.
    • Some parents saw fairness as children receiving exactly the same quantity of gifts from both their biological and their step-parents.
    • Incorporating step-parents into your life is an adjustment.
    • Paragraph of the definition then goes on to say that, to avoid doubt, it includes brothers, stepbrothers, stepsisters, step-parents or guardians, grandparents, and so forth.
    • It is extraordinary to look at the number of step-parents that a child will be able to acquire through this process.
    • There are special programmes for adolescents, young adults and for single and step-parents, each geared for the different age needs.
    • Marriage certificates will be changed so that they include the occupations of the bride and groom's mothers, plus details of step-parents if applicable.
    • But where the father moves on and becomes a step-parent he, and his parents, become more engaged with the stepchildren.