Translation of steppingstone in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈstɛpɪŋˌstoʊn//ˈstɛpɪŋˌstəʊn/


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    cada una de las piedras que se colocan para cruzar un arroyo, un pantano etc
    a steppingstone to success un peldaño en el camino del éxito
    • It means setting achievable goals as a stepping stone to ultimate success.
    • Each session ends with 10 minutes' focus on the stepping stones towards a goal.
    • The institutes could provide a stepping-stone between industrial groups looking for innovation and cutting-edge academic research.
    • So it's clearly the quickest stepping stone to the White House.
    • The National Community Games finals are often a stepping stone to greater things.
    • His controlled approach to racing extends to his career as a whole, and he prefers to look on every race as a stepping stone to the ultimate goal, rather than as a minor victory in itself.
    • But that was just a stepping stone to his ultimate goal: a law degree.
    • The East Asia Summit is seen as the stepping stone to a more ambitious goal of an East Asian Community in the future.
    • Indian software engineers getting jobs in Europe use it as a stepping stone to America.
    • The eagerness to arrive at a better understanding of where the others come from, a deliberate attempt to appreciate our differences and a thirst for freedom from our ignorance will be further stepping stones to true redemption.
    • Little do people know that setbacks that they have in life can be turned into a stepping stone to success.
    • The well-organised event was again a stepping stone to the Nationals in March, which this year will be held closer to home than usual at Leeds.
    • The American Revolution was their stepping-stone, first to glory, then to power.
    • This builds their confidence and lets them learn new skills, and can often be a stepping stone to finding paid work.
    • First, the 59 year old says, the International Space Station - the stepping stone to the planets - will need to be completed.
    • Immigration reformers saw this program as a stepping stone to drastically overhauling our current immigration policy.
    • On one side were those who used the title as a stepping stone to get into the entertainment business.
    • All clubs should really be involved in this series as it is the ideal stepping stone for the future.
    • Wartime military service has been a traditional steppingstone to the White House.
    • Why is the recognition of this facet of reality an important stepping-stone to reaching a proper understanding of the soul?