Translation of stepson in Spanish:


hijastro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɛpsʌn//ˈstɛpˌsən/


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    hijastro masculine
    • While he does have two daughters and three stepsons, the decades-old photograph evokes a stage of fathering that is out of date.
    • Yes, I had just dropped my stepson off at school and I came back in the house.
    • You know, I believe his stepson is a citizen of New Zealand, and if he hasn't gone back there, he's going back there.
    • It is likely that the role model and mentoring effects of fathers are strongest for sons, and stepsons.
    • He looks not at his stepson, but at his wife, and not with anger or amazement, but with what can only be described as love and devotion.
    • But his son and daughter and two stepsons, the youngest of the children being 22 and oldest 28, have all flown the nest.
    • They have a son, a daughter, a stepson from her previous marriage and two cats.
    • He didn't have a father to bond with him because he obviously felt more for his biological child than for his stepson.
    • He is married to a former model, with whom he has a son, a daughter, and a stepson from one of her three previous marriages.
    • He left behind a wife, a stepson and a young daughter.
    • His family are understood to have rushed to his bedside when he was told the news by another of his stepsons.
    • The householder later contacted the police, saying he thought the man they were looking for was his stepson.
    • And I want to thank all of our children, my stepsons and my daughters.
    • His relief at his own unanimous acquittal for handling was overshadowed by his stepson's conviction.
    • Married with one son and two stepsons, he has represented the brigade in a number of competitive cycling races.
    • She cruelly locked her stepson in an attic room, but her own son befriended him.
    • I was looking after a family: I had my first child, two tiny stepsons and my husband.