Translation of sterile in Spanish:


estéril, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstɛrəl//ˈstɛrʌɪl/


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      (animal/land/person) estéril
      (land/animal/person) yermo literary
      • The scientists use the sterile lion as a ‘teaser’ to determine which females are ‘in season’ and ready to inseminate.
      • Hester remains in Boston, and goes to live on a remote peninsula of the town in an abandoned cottage where the land is too sterile to support a family.
      • Turning nectar into honey is one of many tasks performed by the worker bees - the sterile females.
      • It is a perennial forb that prefers dry, sterile, and sandy soils, often in dry, open woodlands, savannas, or clearings.
      • After 10 days, all females in vials lacking eggs were discarded and considered sterile.
      • Sex, he had explained to her, takes up a lot of biological energy, and he couldn't figure out why a species would evolve such an orientation when there was no possibility of reproduction between sterile females.
      • But because mules are sterile, breeding new champions is difficult.
      • In many social insects, kin selection has led to the evolution of sterile workers which are behaviorally or morphologically specialized for colony defense.
      • The sturdy roots dug deep into unyielding rocks and drew nourishment from the seemingly sterile soil.
      • Those adults that do survive are extremely sickly; the females were invariably sterile and the males bred very poorly.
      • As the experiment was designed to assess the effect of mating on female egg fertility, it was important to remove sterile females from the data set.
      • Transition probabilities were nearly identical when sterile individuals were excluded from the analysis.
      • This means that when females cannot detect costly mates, the strength of selection on females increases with the frequency of sterile males in the population.
      • As expected given low levels of wild codling moths, release of sterile males, and treatment with pheromone, there was no detectable codling moth damage in any orchard.
      • Following a two-year pre-release sanitation programme in Zone 1, the first sterile moths were released in May 1994.
      • Downy blue star (A. ciliata) is native to sterile sandy soils in the southern states.
      • Ants are divided into castes, with reproductive queens and kings, and sterile workers (all of which are female).
      • We don't think that would be a problem as sterile fish are not genetically manipulated.
      • The ratter kills young and old, male and female, pregnant and sterile with the same compassionless urge.
      • Scientists now suspect that the harsh atmosphere made the soil sterile.
      • The sterile females also had rough eyes and clipped wings, two phenotypes associated with cell division defects.
      • Because hybrid males are almost completely sterile, almost all eggs are unfertilized.
      • Unless your soil is actually sterile, which is rare, it is recommended that you use your soil as you find it.
      • From here on my wicker chair it seems incredible that just short decades ago this garden was a dust-bowl, a sterile desert.
      • If the king is impotent, the land likewise becomes sterile.
      • If enough females mate with the sterile males, the overall population should be reduced, thereby reducing the danger of human infection.
      • Worker insects in hives are often sterile clones of the reproductively-active queen.
      • The barnacle replaces the crab's gonads with itself, thereby rendering its host sterile.

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      (discussion/argument/task) estéril
      • No, their consultations are done in the cold sterile environment of the autopsy room.
      • Discussions are sometimes abusive and unpleasant, and often sterile and unproductive, with most people adhering rigidly to their long-entrenched prejudices.
      • They are technologically advanced but emotionally sterile, and their sole goal is universal domination.
      • The poetry resulting from direct computer entry is polished but rather sterile I think.
      • Radio in this town is so sterile that young people are turned off by it.
      • "The locomotive is my depression crashing in on my rather sterile, matter-of-fact world.
      • Heaven turned out to be a rather sterile experience of standing around on clouds.
      • It becomes sterile - lacking joy, awe and a sense of God.
      • Good people worked for him, many of them doing their first-ever jobs in comics, but the material was generally sterile and lifeless, and it sold accordingly.
      • When our words lose the ability to convey an ethical connotation they become sterile and worthless.
      • They will silence me, continuing onwards to their sterile and humorless future, wiping the world's mysteries into oblivion.
      • Suddenly, all my lavishly packaged concept albums seemed pointless, irrelevant, sterile.
      • If that's the aim, it's a futile and sterile one.
      • The photographs are far from romantic evocations of the seaside and have a disengaged quality about them, lifeless without being sterile.
      • This year, thankfully, sees a break with that sterile debate.
      • We are also seeing a resurgence of sterile debate about process, rather than negotiations on substance.
      • Personally, I have long ceased listening to either its presentation by the Finance Minister, or the sterile debate that follows.
      • Without dialogue and a lively sense of interdependence, both traditions will eventually die and become sterile.
      • His tactics turned out to be sterile, dull and most importantly ineffective.
      • The problem is the debates on the Left have been quite sterile.

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    (solution/dressing) estéril
    • Before application of the dressing, the skin around the pressure ulcer was cleaned with sterile saline.
    • Broader access to sterile syringes, however, may be an uphill battle.
    • Sterile syringes and needles should be given to confirmed drug addicts.
    • Before the procedure, the area is prepared with antiseptic solution and a sterile drape is placed over your body.
    • The closure threatens the supply of clean, sterile needles to local intravenous drug users.
    • Use of correct procedures for transporting items preserves the qualities of the sterile and clean environment.
    • When blisters appear, fluid should be withdrawn with a sterile syringe with needle, relieving pressure and subsequent trauma.
    • The tip of the syringe should be kept sterile, and not placed in the infant's incubator or bed.
    • They also provide sterile syringes and needles, as well as management of overdoses by medical personnel when necessary.
    • The home grower is under less pressure and conditions are not normally as sterile.
    • Plants were rinsed with sterile deionized water.
    • All invasive surgical procedures should be performed using aseptic technique and sterile instruments and supplies.
    • What is the recommended action if these instruments are not considered sterile?
    • The holes were flushed with sterile saline to ensure they were clear of debris.
    • Wrap the burned area with a dry, sterile dressing or a clean cloth.
    • Finally, the seeds were washed with sterile water five or six times before placing them for germination on cotton pads.
    • If you find that the foreign object is embedded in the eyeball, cover the person's eye with a sterile pad or a clean cloth.
    • The authors conclude that tap water might be as effective in preventing bacterial infection as sterile normal saline solution for simple wounds in children.
    • Open fractures need to be cleaned thoroughly in the sterile environment of the operating room before they're set because the bone's exposure to the air poses a risk of infection.
    • Sterilizing seed and growing plants under sterile conditions was done as previously described.