Translation of stick insect in Spanish:

stick insect

insecto palo, n.


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    insecto palo masculine
    • Then suddenly he metamorphosed into a stick insect.
    • They once owned a goat they used to take for walks with the dog and Skidmore was delighted to find a stick insect in the grass recently, probably brought in with an imported plant.
    • He was studying a group of fossils sent to him by various collectors when he began to suspect he was seeing a new type of insect.
    • The New Zealand storm petrel and the Lord Howe Island stick insect are among the other species no longer missing.
    • It differs from a stick insect because its first body segment is the largest.
    • Most of them leapt in and put the giant stick insect on their arm, they were all much braver than me.
    • If you have given up trying to resemble a stick insect, pay a visit to Peck, the ultimate Italian deli.
    • We were flicking through some glossy magazine going, ‘Holy cow, this model looks like a stick insect!’
    • The eggs of some stick insects, like the seeds of many plants, have nourishing appendages that encourage ants to pick them up and carry them away.
    • The conventional idea holds that a winged insect ancestor gave rise to different groups of winged stick insects, with many of these later evolving to a wingless condition.
    • It is the size of a paper clip and is described as a cross between a stick insect and a praying mantis.
    • A case of mistaken identity has meant that for at least 100 years, South Africa's longest insect species, a giant stick insect remained unknown and unnamed.
    • During that time he became as thin as a stick insect.
    • Melbourne Zoo has a long history of breeding stick insects and currently rears five separate species as well as dozens of other invertebrate species.
    • A small number of species thought to have disappeared, such as the Lord Howe Island stick insect and Bavarian pine vole, have been rediscovered since 2000.
    • His next mission is to set up a recovery program for a large stick insect called the phasmid, which is only found on Balls Pyramid, just off Lord Howe.
    • Back in my country girl days, I once closed the front door, not knowing that a gargantuan stick insect was in the doorway.
    • But you don't need to look like a stick insect while doing that!
    • In the experiments stick insects walk on an inclined substrate such that the legs of one side of the body point uphill and the legs of the other side point downhill.
    • The creatures look part stick insect, part mantis, with a touch of grasshopper.