Translation of stickball in Spanish:


especie de béisbol improvisado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɪkˌbɔl//ˈstɪkbɔːl/



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    especie de béisbol improvisado
    • Even baseball has been translated into an urban street sport with stickball.
    • There really has to be a serious effort in that inner city to get the kids to play today, because there's no more stickball, there's no more throwing it against the steps.
    • When you live in New York you meet very few true New Yorkers, so there's something rewarding about getting to see the consistency of New York experiences, from stickball to Central Park.
    • You can't go down the street and play golf like you can go shoot hoops or play stickball or street hockey.
    • Old people roam the streets at night, even playing stickball on street corners with members of the constabulary.
    • We played great games of stickball, punch ball and three man basketball on snowy playgrounds when I was a kid without an adult in sight.
    • In the summer there were barbecues and endless games of hide-and-seek and stickball.
    • One day Thomas went out to play stickball with some of the other boys.
    • Fortunately my older brother pointed it out between innings of stickball and my academic career was saved.
    • I always think of him playing stickball with the kids of New York after a major league game.
    • Oscar's three children grew up knowing nothing of stickball in the streets or kerosene in the hair.
    • Some, especially those written for a pre-teen audience, recount happy memories, playing stickball in the vacant lot and bubblegum-blowing contests.
    • You might as well try to get up a game of stickball on Beekman Place.
    • Gone are the youth centers, city public parks, outdoor basketball courts, or empty lots where kids can play stickball.
    • Alas - unlike Mort, he hadn't been weaned on stickball, and I was fairly sure he would be even more unnerved at the plate than in the field.
    • That meant I played ball in the lots, swung a broomstick in a stickball game, shot baskets in the school yard until dark and starred in hide and seek because I could run fast.