Translation of sticky in Spanish:


engomado, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈstɪki//ˈstɪki/


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      (label) engomado
      (label) autoadhesivo
      (surface/texture) pegajoso
      (hands) pegajoso
      (hands) pringoso
      • In seawater, the expelled tubules lengthen considerably and become sticky upon contact with any object.
      • Ideally the amount of honey used is regulated so that the finished processed licorice is only slightly sticky.
      • Some of the sticky substance stuck on her shoe and she grimaced in disgust.
      • The dough will be firm but moist, and a bit sticky to the touch.
      • I love a trip to the cinema except for the rather sticky residue on the floor.
      • It looks a bit like a fire extinguisher and you spray it and this sticky foam goes all over you and then it hardens and then you're just kind of stuck to the floor.
      • In the last number of weeks a sticky coating has been painted on to the roof and the top of the walls.
      • The sticky boxes are designed to lure their prey with scents of chocolate and other foods.
      • They also sprayed some kind of substance on the equipment which made it sticky and unusable.
      • The table is littered with sticky coffee cups and stickier buns.
      • The web isn't sticky, but slows prey down long enough for the spider to grab dinner and drag it to the den.
      • Provide some bowls of water to drop sticky utensils in as you go.
      • It was filthy and sticky and as he carefully picked it up to place it in the trash, he noticed some scribble on the back.
      • Gently remove the sticky residue with warm water and a wash cloth.
      • The main room is so huge it kills atmosphere and the floor was dirty and sticky.
      • Walker stretches double-sided, highly sticky carpet tape between garden stakes in front of the entrance to a burrow.
      • Jenn felt something sticky on her hand, and removed it.
      • After rubbing them against the bumpy bark, I had covered them in a pungent sticky sap, designed to protect the trees from the tendency to rot in such a wet environment.
      • Eventually, however I inflated a passable bubble, which left me with a sticky chin, but restored my dignity.
      • Emma went into the kitchen, where sticky plates and bowls and a messy skillet waited.
      • Pierce the centre of the cake with a fork - it should come out sticky, but not with raw mixture attached to it.
      • That could be the solution to keeping Swindon's streets free from the sticky stains.
      • Then, she proceeded in smearing the sticky pink glob all over his curly hair.
      • These vegetables are often pounded into a thick, sticky dough or paste.
      • That means the town centre is soiled with around 200,000 sticky stains.
      • Be careful not to use an oily wood which will release sticky resin when hot.
      • I no longer cared if something sticky and messy got in it - what use was there in worrying about my hair, when the rest of the world was being threatened?
      • And these are enzymes that make up a gluey, sticky substance, known as glucan, and the bacteria make this from sugar.
      • Babbling brats would congregate near my truck, waving their miscounted sticky change in little grubby fists.
      • Now ants have this relationship with aphids where they looks after aphids and move them around and eat the sweet sticky substance aphids secrete onto plant leaves.
      • His hand came in contact with the sticky remains of one Twinkie.
      • Thanks to phenomenally sticky feet, certain spiders can carry 170 times their weight upside-down.
      • I personally had a most unpleasant train trip just last week where someone had blatantly smeared sticky jam all over the handrails and back of seats.
      • He kept his head down as he mopped, scrubbing at a sticky stain.
      • The maidservant watched as a slow trickle of a thick sticky black substance began to run down the carved panels.
      • Stir in the flour and salt, a sticky dough should form.
      • The patch is very sticky, and shouldn't fall off.
      • When an egg is laid it is covered by a sticky substance that glues the egg firmly to any surface on which it is laid, irrespective of whether it is an adult bug or a plant.
      • The bottom of my bags usually turn into a potpourri of sticky gum, tobacco, half eaten cough drops and pennies that are slimed in a foreign substance.
      • Once we had a food project and I made a sticky mess of a cake.

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      (climate) húmedo y caluroso
      (weather/day) bochornoso
      • The air was so humid and sticky that it made breathing difficult.
      • The Constitution of the United States was crafted over four hot, sticky months in the summer of 1787 in Philadelphia.
      • Sitting in fringe theatres on sticky summer nights can be pretty purgatorial.
      • Right after we came ashore, we felt the sticky, humid air of the land hit our faces.
      • When it is sticky and sweaty, no one really cares about drinking wisely and well.
      • Hot, sticky weather such as that we have been having for the last few days simply adds to stress, says Mrs Clarke - and makes it more likely that we will flare out of control.
      • Summers at Valley Forge are miserably hot and sticky - not at all like the breezy cool of the Kenyan highlands.
      • Not only is this the worst month of the year for hot and sticky weather, but we've had a couple of weeks of absolute train chaos.
      • This mix, accompanied by a sticky heat, climate and geography completely separate from the rest of the USA, creates a romantic mystery for the whole state.
      • If the weather is sticky, it is humid and not particularly pleasant.
      • The music is soulful, the weather is warm and sticky, and the women are beautiful.
      • The weather was very hot and sticky but the good news was no rain.
      • They proved that once again with a virtually flawless set on this sticky late summer evening.
      • History is the eventual arbiter for all that is argued in the sticky, sweaty months of summer.
      • The nation's capital attracts every type of tourist in the sticky summer months.
      • The water lapped playfully closer and close to our toes and the cool sand embraced our bodies like a fresh sheet on a sticky summer night.
      • Its so muggy and sticky and every time I breath in, the air feels disgustingly warm and damp.
      • It's a great place to go in the summer when it gets very hot and sticky.
      • In an open-neck blue shirt, crisp denim jeans, brown suede shoes, and carrying a denim jacket, he is ideally dressed for the sticky weather.
      • The sultry, sticky heat that usually hangs over central Japan in summertime might have been bothersome to many.

  • 2informal

    (problem/issue) peliagudo
    (situation) violento
    (situation) difícil
    he was very sticky about lending the money puso muchos peros / muchas dificultades para prestarnos el dinero
    • The worst came when we hit a little sticky patch in November.
    • Things are getting pretty sticky in the NFL these days when it comes to the quarterback position.
    • Time will come, one day, when you find yourself in a very sticky situation.
    • Junk bonds roared back into favour in the USA during the 1990s but the market has since hit a sticky patch.
    • Had Fletcher needed more fuel, the situation might have gotten a little sticky.
    • Alas, as a woman with two lives, such situations soon become rather sticky.
    • So, if things get really sticky, could Ford sell off some of its big assets?
    • The only sticky part is that when an invitation is sent very close to the event, then the recipient knows he was not on the original list, but most people roll with that.
    • The traffic is much lighter this morning, albeit still quite sticky by any normal standard.
    • Don't expect too much and make sure you don't get into any sticky situations.
    • Shrinking the grain size in steps is essential because things get increasingly sticky as you head down the size scale.
    • Issues to be tackled will include the public or private ownership of infrastructure and the sticky question of over-regulation.
    • This is a sticky issue because one person's advertisement is another person's junk mail.
    • The problem of soccer gambling has become too sticky even for local police to tackle.
    • He briefs us on the sticky subject of fakes and forgers, and offers sterling advice on how to care for a collection.
    • This is the latest in a growing number of sticky issues that threatens to delay final agreement on the document by its December deadline and push it over into the Irish presidency.
    • Now she was stuck in a very sticky situation.
    • I had, as I said, gotten myself into a rather sticky situation.
    • It is a reality that marriages go through sticky times.
    • There is, however, one sticky issue that keeps this arrangement from really reaching its true potential.
  • 3USinformal

    empalagoso informal
  • 4informal

    pegajoso informal
    • Library websites are already about as sticky as sites like Amazon, with an average stay of almost ten minutes.
    • The use of Flash technologies saves production time and makes the site more interactive and sticky.
    • Running a successful website can be a fulfilling activity, and it's my job to take you step by step through the route to creating a gorgeous, fast, accessible and sticky site.
    • Self-linking is one of the strategies to keep the users within a site, but there are other strategies to make sites sticky.
    • Facebook and browser games are now a key element of many film and TV marketing campaigns - they're sticky, they're compelling and they give potential viewers ownership over stories and characters.
    • Horoscopes in particular must be the original sticky content, keeping your visitors coming back day after day or week after week.
    • We believe that eventually every major consumer-oriented company will need interactive programming - sticky content - for their Web sites.
    • Controlling the content on the stickiest kids' site on earth is an increasingly sticky matter.
    • By implementing these tools, you will end up adding value to your website while making your pages more sticky.
    • The site is sticky, with about 20 percent of visitors staying for 20 minutes per day.
    • Traffic at the Survivor site spikes during that program, with the average viewer clicking around for a very sticky 30 minutes.
    • We build a site that is local, compelling and sticky that can drive traffic.
    • Page views are a good indication of how sticky your website is.
    • Websites are supposed to be sticky, they are supposed to change often enough that users are drawn back and, once there, discouraged from leaving.
    • By definition, search engine results aren't sticky: you're on your way somewhere else.
    • To make your website stickier you can add a few simple interactive applications like site polls, surveys, a guest book, and an event calendar.
    • Constantly changing both the copy and imagery on your site helps maintain the sticky factor, which helps to bring visitors back to your site time and again.
    • The best thing about the site is that it provides an exceptionally sticky, single point of access for all things on the web concerning Ireland.
    • Originally a way to stay above water by making their sites more sticky, developers now recognise the importance of social play in their community development and pour them into the design mix.
    • The site is lucid about the complexities of its business model - how its sticky content will produce a growing mass of daily page views.



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    post masculine
    sticky masculine