Translation of sticky tape in Spanish:

sticky tape

cinta pegante, n.


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    cinta pegante feminine
    cinta dúrex feminine Latin America trademark
    cinta scotch feminine Latin America trademark
    cinta ce(l)lo feminine Spain
    • They are sculptures made only of sticky tape.
    • Use sticky tape to pick up the remaining powder, and put the tape in the sealed container.
    • The design fault here was the sticky tape went over their lips so they couldn't speak!
    • We intend to test two or three brands of double-sided sticky tape and report the results later.
    • Then place another piece of sticky tape on top of the first again with the sticky side down and with a tab as a handle.
    • When conventional sticky tape is pulled off of a surface, cracks spread through the adhesive away from the point where the tape is being detached.
    • One technique that's super easy and effective is to use sticky tape.