Translation of stiff in Spanish:


duro, adj.

Pronunciation /stɪf//stɪf/

adjectivestiffest, stiffer

  • 1

    • 1.1(rigid)

      (collar/bristles) duro
      (fabric/leather) tieso
      (fabric/leather) duro
      (corpse) rígido
      (muscles) entumecido
      (muscles) agarrotado
      to have a stiff neck tener tortícolis
      • I found that the hardest thing in my quest to lose weight and get fit was the pain - I was so stiff at first.
      • He rolled his shoulders, trying to loosen them up from the stiff black tux he was wearing.
      • He stood up, stretching limbs that had become stiff from the cramped surroundings.
      • The collar of the stiff shirt was chafing slightly around the scars on his neck, and the ponytail he'd put his hair in was so tight it was liable to give him a headache.
      • As he said this, I indeed felt my arms become rigid and stiff.
      • The stiff black rubber fins allowed bodysurfers to catch bigger waves, then angle across their faces.
      • The pants were stiff, inflexible, and suffered the same problem.
      • He sat up and grimaced a little because his back ached, his entire body was stiff and his feet were cold.
      • The goal of treatment is to control pain, to prevent joints from losing motion, and to help already stiff joints move more easily.
      • A little into the morning saw all of us grimacing over our stiff bodies - the outcome of the previous day's water pursuits!
      • The pile will be stiff and easily scratch away when it's ready.
      • With intuitive insight, they will begin to recognize when their body is stiff, sore, tired or emotionally drained.
      • While indoors, place a piece of the paper on stiff cardboard.
      • Arterial damage affects the elasticity of arteries, which become stiff and rigid.
      • As I woke up, my whole body was sore and stiff from all the pain and the prolonged exposure to the rough surface of the rooftop.
      • His entire body was stiff and sore from his less than ideal sleeping conditions.
      • My legs were stiff and a little sore from sitting still so long.
      • His muscles were stiff and sore, and his body was tired.
      • Now that the adrenaline had worn off, and I had sat for a minute, my whole body was stiff and sore.
      • Scrape away as much wax as you can using your finger, a plastic kitchen scraper, or a stiff piece of cardboard.
      • ‘My body was very stiff at first especially because of my old age,’ Shen said.
      • The duo have dispensed with plastic CD casings and fashioned their covers from stiff cardboard.
      • I had slept cramped up on a wooden floor, and my whole body was now stiff.
      • Her entire body was stiff and sore, and she was cold to the bone.
      • If your elbows get too straight they will be stiff and you can easily get pulled out of the saddle.
      • He's wearing a white shirt with a stiff collar, black trousers with braces, and dancing shoes with leather spats.
      • My body was stiff and sore from the rest I got while belaying.
      • For example, tubing made from cobalt alloys can be used in the production of rigid or stiff endoscopes for use in certain diagnostic procedures.
      • The plans are in PDF format for easy printing and pasting onto stiff cardboard.
      • Another image shows him in black coat, pale trousers, stiff white collar, and hat.
      • He wore a long black cloak over a fine-pressed suit, with a high stiff collar.
      • His brother certainly looked uncomfortable in his city clothes, pulling constantly at his stiff collar.
      • She didn't move from her spot at all and looked as rigid and stiff as a statue even as her eyes watered from the smoke.
      • Her body was stiff and her joints screamed with every movement, but she knew that movement would do her good.
      • By breaking in your shoes at home, you won't be at the center struggling through games in stiff, rigid shoes the first time out.
      • If an electric fan is not feasible, try to fan the seedling with a piece of stiff paper or cardboard a couple of times a day.
      • He was weak and his aching body was still stiff from the beating.

    • 1.2(thick, firm)

      (dough/paste) consistente
      beat the egg whites until they are stiff bata las claras hasta que estén firmes
      • the place was stiff with detectives/tourists el sitio estaba plagado de detectives/turistas
      • The water content of doughnut mixtures is important; the dough must be stiff enough to be shaped, but still contain plenty of moisture to give the light spongy texture of the cooked product.
      • In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until thick and stiff.
      • While whipping, beat in the granulated sugar until very stiff and firm, about 2 minutes.
      • Whisk together the double and single cream until thick, but not stiff: this takes longer than usual because of the addition of the single cream.
      • If the dough is too stiff a little more coconut milk could be added.
      • Whip the cream in a large chilled bowl until lusciously thick but not stiff.
      • In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until firm but not stiff, and fold the two mixtures together.
      • Mix together roughly four tablespoons of flour and one tablespoon of water with enough water to form a paste - a thick, stiff paste will give you a raised cross and a looser paste will give you a flat cross.

  • 2

    (hard, severe)
    (climb/test) difícil
    (test/climb) duro
    (resistance) férreo
    (resistance) tenaz
    (penalty) fuerte
    (penalty) severo
    (terms/conditions) duro
    (breeze) fuerte
    I need a stiff drink necesito un trago fuerte informal
    • he poured himself a stiff vodka se sirvió un vaso grande de vodka
    • Once more, firm sand provided a gentle walking surface until almost the end of the beach, where we rested before the short but stiff climb to the heathland above the cliffs.
    • The league should be proud of that, not hiding behind stiff fines and harsh rhetoric.
    • Since the club opened it has notched up wins against some very stiff competition.
    • Fortunately, I'm currently in the midst of sobering up a little before I go to sleep, thanks to the stiff breeze blowing in through my bedroom window.
    • Be prepared for a stiff climb, but the sundial and the view of Houghton and Hillbrow is worth the huffing and puffing.
    • The mens team also faces a stiff challenge when they take on Club Amber.
    • They got fined $100 million which is a stiff fine by the Federal Reserve.
    • A stiff wind blew through the woods, ruffling their hair.
    • Although the temperature hovered in the forties, a stiff wind had picked up.
    • Because of the stiff penalties for second children, many couples have unregistered babies.
    • I was getting used to the cold when I heard a sound in the distance, looked up, and saw the first signs of a stiff wind working its way toward me.
    • A stiff ride on the flats along a creek-bed exhilarated him and sharpened his bloodlust.
    • Needless to say, what sounds like a reasonable idea met with stiff resistance.
    • It was a consummate display of rugby into a stiff wind.
    • From there a very stiff climb through what is still called ‘Sullivan road’ took us to Kundhesappe and then to Doddabetta foothill.
    • After getting no less than two fines and a stiff warning from the electoral committee, they were found to have gone over the allowed limit of their budget.
    • It's obvious that the surface here is quite stable: even when stiff winds blow, there's hardly a speck of dust raised.
    • A stiff breeze was blowing from the town end, to the Rangers' advantage.
    • The news of increase in sales tax on diesel had met with stiff resistance from petrol pump dealers, who had threatened to go on a strike in protest against it.
    • He was tried and found guilty by a British Consular Court: his punishment was a stiff fine and probation with a stern warning to desist.
    • Stiff penalties are to be introduced for people who make bogus insurance claims.
    • I would recommend doing between eight and 12 repetitions on a fairly stiff hill about 800 metres long.
    • The last two miles on the home stretch were tough, with a few hills and a stiff wind but all got home safe without any falls.
    • It will shatter, and then a stiff wind will blow though, and the pieces will slowly fall and scatter.
    • Mind you, it's up against stiff competition from University Challenge.
    • Naturally, there is some stiff opposition waiting for you at nearly every turn.
    • The fine should be stiff, possibly around Rs. 1,000.
    • However, they have the foundations of what will provide a stiff challenge for the county's elite forces.
    • I still see a lot of people here using their phones normally here, but the fines are fairly stiff if you are caught.
    • A stiff wind had kept up all night and she'd slept bad.
    • You can drive to the base of the rock but it is a fairly stiff climb from there, although it only takes about five minutes.
    • The lawyers are arguing that that fine is just too stiff.
    • The last two mile on the home stretch was tough, a few hills and a stiff wind.
    • That commission recommended stiff increases in the payroll tax to create a surplus that would help fund the retirement of baby boomers down the road.
    • In a stiff wind on a gathering sea, they would have all the stability of a tin tray.
    • Recent, but unconfirmed reports, suggests the stiff competition and generally tough trading conditions has not been as bad as previously expected.
    • The Pope, who aides say is losing sleep over the possibility of war, celebrated a Mass that began with a stiff wind blowing in from Siberia over the flat steppes and ended in sunshine.
    • Dave, the lodge manager, sets a stiff pace uphill.
    • This can be done, in part anyway, by stiff taxes on carbon dioxide emissions.
    • Even the most stiff nominal tax rate would turn out to be a very meager tax burden for landowners.
    • A fairly stiff breeze was blowing, but the branches of the willow trees never swayed.
    • It turned out to be a rewarding trip as they overcame the stiff challenge of their Wicklow opponents.
    • But I am daunted at the challenges that paddling up-stream against an out-going tide and against a stiff wind must present.
    • Still, the game proved an outstanding one and would have brought the Mayo players on a lot and ready for the stiff challenge that the Ulster champions will provide.
    • But the new rates put a premium on using those accounts for investments that would otherwise face stiff taxes - like bonds.
    • As he spoke, it seemed the gods were heeding the many prayers at the Cork venue, as the sun shone brightly and a stiff wind blew on the opening day.
    • However, outside of China, in Japan for instance, such an effort will meet stiff resistance from habit users and from simple economic forces.
    • The relocation to suburbs in Dublin also allowed them avoid paying stiff city taxes.
    • In a traditional yurt, the framework is covered with felt mats and tied down with hair ropes to prevent the mats from blowing off in stiff winds.
    • Individuals who decided not to take up the offer of making a voluntary disclosure will face prosecution, as well as stiff bills for tax, interest and penalties.
    • And walkers, too, are in for some pretty stiff challenges once they leave the paths.
    • This game was played in horrid conditions and the stiff breeze that blew from one corner flag to the other made point taking arduous even at the best of times.
    • A stiff wind did nothing to dampen the atmosphere at a great day's racing at Lacken Strand on Sunday, May 19th.
    • Any member that exceeds the 3% limit has two years in which to bring its deficit down, or it will face stiff fines from the Commission.
    • By insisting, however, on such a stiff income tax rate, the allied powers had created ample opportunities for the scheme just described.
    • Despite a variety of strong protections and stiff penalties for violations, this law continues to fall short of its target.
    • The line, a reference to their recent stiff increases in license fees for cable operators, drew laughter and applause.
    • Invariably, we were buffeted by a stiff wind which left you red-faced but invigorated.
    • "This is a fairly stiff penalty for what we did," said Norris.
    • The course was cruel to the runners, presenting them with with five stiff hill climbs to negotiate in the last 15 km.
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    (formal, stilted)
    (manner/person) almidonado
    (manner/person) acartonado
    (manner/person) estirado
    (compliment/smile/bow) forzado
    (bow/compliment/smile) poco espontáneo
    • Corrissa's stiff manner left her, and she ran frantically towards the door and immediately started pounding on it.
    • And although both Ruth and Colin are playing stiff British characters, they do manage some convincing chemistry.
    • Continuing in his stiff, impassive way, Chris lifted Dion onto the rotten chair and wrapped the ropes around him and the chair.
    • He was the only one not stiff and unresponsive with worry.
    • They come across as stiff and uninteresting, but that's exactly what the director wants from them.
    • If you appear stiff, reserved, timid and insecure, they will feel repulsed.
    • He was sincere but he was not adept at consolation so it came out stiff, wooden.
    • He seems to be a rather stiff and aloof character.
    • Dancing with Angelique was difficult at first, she refused to get to close to him, and was stiff and cold.
    • You have a melancholy disposition resulting in a shyness, or a formal and stiff manner of presenting yourself.
    • He is stiff, self-conscious, grudging, coy and ungenerous.
    • We discontinued our love charade, even with Rod present, and never gave more than a stiff and polite nod of greeting to one another.
    • Her tone is stiff and distant, and he doesn't answer, something she finds unsettling.
    • They'd been distant and stiff with each other since the truth about the bet had come out.
    • I also thought that the two of us needed to learn to relax around each other, for we had grown to be much too stiff and serious than friends should be.
    • Through the primaries, everyone said he could be aloof and cold, stiff and ambitious.
    • Mel had never particularly liked the woman's stiff manner and perfect outward appearance.
    • First it suddenly hit her that she was stiff, even snappish, towards everyone but her closest friends, Mick and Reardon.
    • Once relaxed and happy, Lena now seemed stiff, like a drill sergeant or something.
    • Is he going to come across as stiff and wooden, or is he going to come across as a person that Americans can trust?



  • 1

    I'm frozen stiff estoy helado hasta los huesos informal
    • we were bored stiff nos aburrimos como ostras
    • I was scared stiff estaba muerto de miedo
    • we were worried stiff estábamos preocupadísimos



  • 1

    fiambre masculine informal
    cuerpo masculine
    • A friend of my father's worked for the London Transport Police and part of his job involved scraping stiffs off the tracks.
    • When the bodies of various stiffs start disappearing from the local morgue, the police are baffled as to where they've gone.
    • There's a whole craft industry based on vehicles for transferring stiffs from the chapel to the boneyard.

transitive verb


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    he stiffed me! ¡se fue sin pagar!
    • Chances are that he wants to stiff you for the deposit and then he will have it patched.
    • Workers, in other words, will be stiffed again.
    • As we noted last night, he seems to have stiffed the Times.
    • And when you stiff the person, not sending them any drugs or explosives at all - that's all profit right there.
    • I don't want to stiff her if she's due a partial fee, but I'm afraid that if I let her know she'll try to overcharge me.
    • The sellers will have to show that the selling entities received fair value and that the transaction had economic substance above and beyond merely stiffing their creditors.
    • In the past, East Baghdad has been stiffed and not given its fair share.
    • We do know they have been steadily alienating your regular customers, stiffing them on money owed, making a terrible mess of the legitimate business, while all the while on paper your company is soaring.
    • God only knows in what other ways they are stiffing society.
    • The claim here is that even if the system does not go bankrupt, future retirees still will be stiffed because the trust fund has been looted repeatedly by previous presidents to finance their pet political projects.
    • So, just out of curiosity, did anyone else get stiffed by their Secret Santa?
    • So if the insurance companies are going to stiff Americans when it comes to affordable prescription drugs, somebody has to do the job.
    • If people are unaware, it is a crime to stiff people on wages, even the homeless.
    • I got stiffed the first (and, consequently, only) time I participated in one of those Secret Santa wish list things.
    • One show I saw involved a woman who'd stiffed an appliance store on a refrigerator and then had the gall to sue it for harassment when it tried to collect.
    • Did they think he would just disappear after the press conference got stiffed by the media?
    • I'd love to sign up for the Secret Santa thing this year, too, but I got stiffed last year, so it sort of left a bad taste in my mouth.
    • However, the high-living deadbeat dad who stiffs his kids is largely a mythical creature.
    • She was upset after being stiffed for $11 by her employer, a white woman for whom she worked as a maid.
    • After the media glare faded, the team was stiffed for $43,000 of the prize money.