Translation of stifle in Spanish:


sofocar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈstaɪfəl//ˈstʌɪf(ə)l/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) sofocar
    • The ground gave way as the plants pulled him down, knocking the wind out of his chest, and stealing the air he could have breathed by stifling him with their multitude.
    • When the Indians set fire to the main building as well as the sheds, the flames fanned into a sunburst, and their smoke stifled the people of Fort Mims.
    • I dumped my backpack at my feet and took his coat off because the heat was stifling.
    • Last night I went out and two ladies who were sitting at my table were stifling me with their perfume.
    • When Logan got off the plane he was completely stifled by the suffocating heat of Michigan.
    • Ryan growled with exasperation and pulled the covers back over him, even though he was stifling hot.
    • The heat was stifling, and rose in waves off of the sand.
    • I sat up in bed, suddenly aware my room was stifling hot.
  • 2

    (flames) sofocar
    (yawn) contener
    (yawn) reprimir
    (noise) ahogar
    (indignation/anger) contener
    (indignation/anger) dominar
    (freedom of expression) reprimir
    (freedom of expression) ahogar
    • As a result you are going to be stifling the activity of the most grassroots, casual type of political action, rather than that of the big press corporation.
    • He stifled his immediate reaction, although he couldn't keep from tightening his jaw.
    • He almost choked on his meat but managed to stifle his sudden reaction to her statement with a hastily gulp of water.
    • A county judge dismissed that case last April under a California law aimed at discouraging lawsuits that stifle constitutionally-protected activities.
    • His television networks thrive because private competition is stifled.
    • I stop trying to stifle it when I realize that about half the people in the audience are chuckling.
    • I stifle a barely-controlled giggle and pray for our stop.
    • Lex thought for a minute, and then stifled a gasp.
    • Julia stifles a gasp and puts a hand over her mouth, remaining silent.
    • The president, elected last year in a controversial ballot, has stifled dissent.
    • John stopped trying to stifle the laughter and glared at her.
    • The system is now clearly stifling innovation and competition and needs to be radically changed.
    • He began to speak, but had to stop again to stifle a giggle.
    • The public service in Scotland is stifling private enterprise.
    • Today's technology also can interfere with forming solid alliances, which can stifle excellent ideas.
    • Given the climate and the other equally ridiculous laws being proposed to stifle innovation, my hopes aren't very high.
    • This will simply stifle business activity and unjustifiably obstruct the free movement of people within the EU.
    • The malfunction of enterprises stifled the growth of innovative designers.
    • Jake shot a look at them and they abruptly stopped, trying to stifle their laughter.
    • I quickly stifled my laughter as Hyde began to tickle my palm.
    • It is here that two men stand - the boy recognizes one of them instantly, and has to stifle a surprised cry.
    • And by distributing a new pattern of economic activity over a broad rural area, even while stifling growth, prisons create sprawl.
    • The bureaucracy, hidden taxes and social-security payments burdening German employers are so onerous, they stifle new enterprise.
    • The focus on job creation in the public sector in cities like Bradford is stifling growth in private industry, leading business chiefs have warned.
    • Taxes stifle enterprise only if they increase with enterprise.
    • He stifled a groan and touched her cheek, soft and flushed with sleep.
    • Pundits and fans couldn't stifle their laughter.
    • Victor heard her stifle a cry as he held a small mirror for her.
    • And, well, I simply couldn't stifle my giggles.
    • I scrunched my brows then stifled my laugh.
    • Gabrielle winced as she saw her Mom stifle a cry.
    • This migration, he added, could be stifled without regulatory restraint.
    • But this traps them into replacing one orthodoxy with another, stifling rather than expanding debate.
    • I tried as much as possible, but I couldn't stifle the giggles that escaped after that.
    • Ray had to stifle a groan as he made his way to the table.
    • The wave of mergers and consolidations has certainly not stifled innovation or inhibited the creation of new brands.
    • Missive after missive describes the burden of the existing system, and how 20 more years of control will stifle creative work.
    • But there is a danger that these new regulations will stifle innovation, by forcing everybody to comply with blanket standards of accessibility.
    • We reject them because they will put still more power to politicians and bureaucrats, because they stifle economic development rather than fostering it.
    • Justin then stifled a nervous laugh and muttered something under his breath.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person) ahogarse