Translation of stile in Spanish:


Pronunciation /stʌɪl//staɪl/


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    escalones que permiten pasar por encima de una cerca
    • I climbed a stile, stepped onto uneven turf and followed what I thought must be the route of the footpath I identified.
    • It is an offence for a landowner to obstruct a public right of way, and the placing of a new stile, gate or fence can amount to an obstruction, unless it is a replacement of what previously existed.
    • Cross the stile and continue along the grassy track with the fence on the right until a wall step stile is reached.
    • The survey, completed in April 2000, highlighted a number of blocked footpaths, inadequate stiles, gates and fences.
    • Once, a cattle trough had been set up right next to the stile we had to climb to reach the only footbridge over a small river.
    • However, every footpath near my home has fallen trees, drainage problems, walls down, broken fences, gates and stiles.
    • As children, Nick and I would sneak out of the house at night and follow the pressure-treated cedar fences into the yards of our neighbors, climbing the stiles, careful not to wake the dogs.
    • The poems have been carved into a series of stones by letter-cutter Pip Hall, each verse interpreted in such a way as to add to the impact of the words, and then incorporated into walls and stiles, or planted like milestones along the route.
    • Its lack of steps and stiles makes it fully accessible to horse riders, mountain bikers and walkers.
    • The fence includes stiles, a bridle gate and kissing gates which are fully accessible to push-chairs and wheelchair users.
    • Head through the bridle-gate, then walk straight up the steep grassy bank on to reach a stile over a fence.
    • Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls.
    • Keep to the right of a small brook and climb steps to reach a stile at the top end of the woodland.
    • Swing right from the stile and climb the grass bank before bearing left and crossing further stiles to follow a path through woodland.
    • Eventually, we reached a stile that allowed access over the wall to the fields of the Dyer farm.
    • Carry on along a cut path through long grass and, just before Hole House, take a step stile over the wall, now on your left.
    • But although they put up stiles across the new fence, walkers and residents feared it would mean access to the well used dam would be restricted.
    • To always use gates and stiles and to avoid damage to walls and fences.
    • Pine will be used for door frames in information centres, oak for boat repairs at Coniston Boating Centre, signboards, fences and stiles will also be made from the reclaimed timber.
    • Climb a fence stile at the top of the ridge and the summit of Sour Howes lies ahead.