Translation of sting in Spanish:


aguijón, n.

Pronunciation /stɪŋ//stɪŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(organ)

      (of bee) aguijón masculine
      (of bee) lanceta feminine Andes Mexico
      (of scorpion) aguijón masculine
      (of scorpion) uña feminine
      (of nettle) pelo urticante masculine
      (of nettle) pelo urente masculine
      a sting in the tail
      • their offer had a sting in the tail su oferta tenía un gran pero
      • all her stories have a sting in the tail todos sus cuentos tienen un desenlace inesperado
      • They do have a sting in their tail - one venomous spike - but this is only used when under attack.
      • A new cream, which prevents the jellyfish from firing their stings when touched, recently became available - just in time for the seasonal invasion of millions of small, purple jellyfish.
      • Householders are being tormented by the buzzing wasps and businesses like restaurants and pubs are being plagued by the insects with a sting in their tail.
      • The poor fellow has neither the tusks of the elephant, nor the claws of the lion, nor even the horns or pointed teeth or stings and poison glands.
      • It had a man's face with 3 rows of extremely sharp teeth in each jaw, a lion's body and a long tail with a sting like a scorpion's.
      • So they add defences - thistles have prickles and tough leaves, nettles have stings, other plants have toxins.
      • She found the poison sting still in his body and from the odour, she knew that he had come to the child in the form of a scorpion.
      • They made clay containers filled with little flying insects that had poisonous stings, which were then fired off.
      • I began to bleed at impact and quickly drew my finger away from the sting of the sharp plant.

    • 1.2(action)

      picadura feminine
      • Police set up a sting operation to catch the man distributing the crystalline drug, known as Ice.
      • They were arrested by FBI agents in an undercover sting known as Operation Smoking Dragon.
      • A Canadian man has been arrested for advanced fee fraud following a sting operation instigated by a Connecticut woman fed up with receiving scam emails.
      • Criminal investigation officers planned a sting operation to catch the young miscreants following numerous complaints.
      • His scam ran for three years, ending in September 2001, after a sting conducted by undercover police.
      • The nine-month undercover sting saw two police officers infiltrate drug users and dealers in the town and buy heroin and crack cocaine from them.
      • Their operation had been successful for 8 months before police moved in to arrest them in a sting operation.
      • Officers planned a sting operation and handed a marked 500 baht note to pay off one of the men.
      • The 12 men were arrested on Wednesday in a sting operation as police and army officials sought to crack down on illegal quarrying.
      • Earlier this week 11 ticket vendors were detained by Pattaya police in a sting operation.
      • But they demanded an immediate stop to controversial sting operations where undercover police pose as customers.
      • The anti-drugs campaign committee will be managing the proceeds and will use some of the money for sting operations to help police break up drug rings.
      • This basically provides an exemption so that the police can conduct sting operations for alcohol, as they do for tobacco.
      • The JTTFs are now proving good vehicles for operational coordination in raids, undercover stings, and intensive surveillance.
      • He rolls along nicely in this manner until the police mount a sting operation and arrest him.
      • He launched a secret operation, codenamed Satiety, which was one of the most carefully executed stings in Scotland Yard's history.
      • Swindon's Operation Delta burglary squad has been working closely with the Metropolitan Police on an undercover sting operation.
      • It was the FBI doing a sting on a State Police officer.
      • When a £3m deal was struck, the buyer turned out to be an undercover police officer and gang members were arrested in a sting operation at Antwerp airport.
      • Trading Standards officers and police will run sting operations to trap traders selling powerful, illegal fireworks or selling to children.

    • 1.3(mark, wound)

      picadura feminine
      • On the afternoon of his death, a bronchial spasm caused by the wasp stings had caused him breathing difficulties, which had left his lungs hyper-inflated.
      • Some stings inflict only blisters, but others are strong enough to kill a human.
      • Most scorpion stings are merely painful, leading to swelling in the immediate region of the sting, but some scorpions of northern Africa and the American southwest can be deadly.
      • Wasp stings can range from a painful bite to very severe cases where death can result.
      • Treatment of jellyfish stings in the United States and the Caribbean is concerned mostly with limiting pain and neurologic symptoms.
      • Their painful stings can ultimately lead to death for some people and newborn livestock.
      • Two wasp stings nearly cost a Heybridge woman her life as a sharp increase of call-outs to deal with the striped pests was reported in mid-Essex.
      • Dilute vinegar is good first aid for box jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-war stings.
      • Jellyfish stings are common and may be treated with heat application.
      • A centipede bite is comparable to a wasp sting in its severity.
      • Wasp stings are regarded as passing inconveniences.
      • Last year, several bathers suffered severe and painful stings while swimming among the jellyfish in the Mersey estuary.
      • Despite suffering from sunburn, jellyfish stings and lack of sleep, we all survived and are no worse for wear.
      • In the UK, most bites and stings are painful but harmless and only affect the area around the sting.
      • The sting is usually painful, and there can be serious symptoms, such as stomach pain, difficulty breathing, muscle paralysis and fits.
      • What the books often don't tell you is that there are another set of spikes on the side of the gill plates, which can also inflict a painful sting.
      • Although scorpion stings can be devastatingly painful, they are not usually lethal to humans.
      • ‘We know that 99 per cent are going to be wasp stings and grazed knees but we are equipped to deal with situations from collapses to heart attacks,’ he explained.
      • It is believed the wasp stings triggered an asthmatic response in his airways, which was coupled with an allergic reaction.
      • She says that for centuries, plantain has been used to provide immediate relief from mosquito bites, hornet stings and the painful itching of poison ivy or poison oak.

  • 2

    • 2.1(pain)

      escozor masculine
      ardor masculine Southern Cone
      the sting of remorse/conscience el gusanillo de la consciencia
      • In the old days a method of easing the sting of sunburn was to make a potato poultice which would give rapid relief.
      • The only sensation is the sting of the wind, cold and laced with salt.
      • Some of it hit my radio man, and I tried to go out and bring him back, and that's when I felt a sharp sting in my shoulder.
      • I felt the sting of tears behind my eyes but found no where else to hide.
      • It pooled in his throat and in rivulets across his flat stomach, trickling into the wound with the raw sting of salt.
      • As one whizzed just past my face, I felt a sharp sting of pain on my right cheek.
      • Before any of the women could speak, Gale felt the sting of something sharp, and willed herself not to look at the doctor's work.
      • He'd been whacked around a lot as a kid, he says, so any punishment absent the sting of physical pain didn't feel like punishment.
      • Before he could react, a black shadow had descended upon him, causing a sharp sting of pain to run through his right arm.
      • A shot fired from less than 5 metres can hurt, like a sharp sting, and on occasion even leave a small bruise, but this all adds to the reality.
      • The married mother-of-five had been about to go into a haberdashery shop in Burgess Road when she felt a sharp sting on the back of her left leg.
      • With the sting of the gas still in his eyes he had headed off with hundreds of other youths to join the growing crowds in Namak Mandi - the salt bazaar - in the centre of the city.
      • Suddenly there was a great hollowness in her chest and she fought the sharp sting of new tears.
      • Here he removes the sting of onions and brightens them up by marinating them in lemon juice.
      • He used the dampened cotton to dab at her wounds; giving a slight sting each time it touched her skin for how long he held it there.
      • The cuff sent me sprawling to the floor with a painful sting in my cheek, and a hurt feeling in the pit of my stomach.
      • For the first time in almost three years I felt the sting of tears in the corners of my eyelids.
      • He crushed the tracking device in his hand, ignoring the sting of sharp metal on his palm.
      • The sting from his hand touching it really hurt so I turned around to see what he was doing.
      • I swung into the tree and immediately felt a sharp sting of pain surge through my arm.

    • 2.2(hurtfulness)

      there was a sting in her words sus palabras fueron hirientes

  • 3USslang

    (confidence game)
    timo masculine informal
    golpe masculine informal

transitive verb

  • 1

    (scorpion/bee/nettle/jellyfish) picar
  • 2

    (cause pain)
    hacer escocer
    hacer arder Southern Cone
  • 3

    (mentally, emotionally)
    (criticism/reproach) herir profundamente
  • 4

    (goad, incite)
    to sting sb into sth incitar a algn a + inf
    • this stung him into retaliation esto lo incitó a vengarse
    • she was stung into defending herself la provocaron y se defendió
  • 5slang

    (cheat, overcharge)
    I was stung for $65 me clavaron 65 dólares informal

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (insect/nettle/jellyfish) picar
  • 2

    (hurt physically)
    (ointment/iodine) hacer escocer
    (ointment/iodine) hacer arder Southern Cone
    (cut) escocer
    (cut) arder Southern Cone
    (air) cortar
    (rain) azotar
    her eyes were stinging le escocían / le ardían los ojos
  • 3

    (mentally, emotionally)
    (criticism/reproach) herir (profundamente)
  • 4stinging pres p

    (sarcasm/criticism/rebuke) punzante
    (sarcasm/criticism/rebuke) hiriente
    stinging pain ardor masculine Southern Cone