Translation of stirrer in Spanish:


liante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstəːrə//ˈstərər/



  • 1

    liante masculine
    • The thing was Faye had every quality I didn't like in a person, she was a hypocrite, a gossip, she was amoral, had no ambition, no self respect, no value of privacy, her own or otherwise and she was a real stirrer.
    • She was a well known stirrer and trouble maker; she was a tart and a tease and succeeded in getting half the boys in the neighbourhood beaten to a pulp by her four thuggish elder brothers.
    • And that might have been the end of it, the end of him as public figure, stirrer, maverick.
    • I'm only glad it was caught on camera or otherwise I'd have been branded a stirrer.
    • The only people who will miss out will be the stirrers and the radicals, and the shroud-wavers and prejudice pedlars in the National Party and ACT.
    • The ones that burn flags are just a bunch of stirrers.
    • George says the Executive Council and Cabinet decide when to launch commissions of enquiry - and not mud-chucking political stirrers.
    • Unlike Walter, he is a stirrer, a deliberately provocative commentator and a freewheeling iconoclast, infamous for his relentless critique of the American government and military.
    • Instead of being a ‘showbiz rabble rouser’, as he styles himself, he is a safe stirrer, a populist pundit working within limited areas of controversy.
    • It's an oddly reasonable attitude for a stirrer, even one whose inappropriate questions are almost concealed by his soothing good manners.
    • I thought once that you wrote the column tongue in cheek, as provocative as possible, an Aussie stirrer.
    • Sometimes science requires stirrers to shift the dead weight of unthinking complacency.
    • And a final point, it is illegal to target redundancies on the basis of age, sex etc, and it is also thought a bit crass to try and get rid of troublemakers and stirrers.
    • This is very pleasing to me - someone who is grateful for mature stirring by a public medium such as Crikey, but who generally finds severe limitations and shortcomings in the calibre of the stirrers and the quality of their comments.
    • It made particular sense with him, who has a bit of a reputation as a pot stirrer.
    • Well, that's David of the University of Western Australia, professor of physics, with his gravity waves and I've just been joined by another prize winner who in fact, I don't want to put this unkindly, is a stirrer, is that right?
    • Some of the best moments of my visit have been meeting the local movers and shakers - stirrers and mixers.
    • At least I tried to stop the practice of bogus non-resident accounts but I was dismissed as a maverick or some would say a stirrer.
    • He said she was a stirrer and a tell tat and he was really mad.
    • Am I on the mark in thinking of you as mainly a political stirrer?