Translation of stock in Spanish:


reserva, n.

Pronunciation /stɑk//stɒk/


  • 1

    • 1.1(supply)

      reserva feminine
      stocks of coal reservas de carbón feminine
      • get in a good stock of food/drink for the party compra bastante comida/bebida para la fiesta
      • we need to get some stocks in necesitamos abastecernos / aprovisionarnos
      • her vast stock of knowledge on the subject sus amplísimos conocimientos sobre el tema
      • He thought the thieves would dispose of the shop's stock at car boot sales or use them for family gifts.
      • One shop kept its pirated stock in a space above the ceiling, and clerks communicated with two-way radios to have them brought out for customers.
      • The sale in question was of ancient old stock from the warehouse, meaning that the actual date of manufacture was probably a few years earlier.
      • She said her former bosses added insult to injury by making them stay on until 5.30 pm and sell the remainder of the shop's stock for £1 an item.
      • That might mean a claim for sale or purchase of stocks, merchandise, or real estate, or the receipt or repayment of a loan.
      • The Neo supersedes the current Deluxe model, though the latter is likely to be around until the end of the year, reflecting a higher level of stock in Handspring's warehouses.
      • Production will only resume if Nintendo can sell off a good proportion of its warehouse stock.
      • The stock at one warehouse was put at $20 million earlier this year.
      • These shortages of low cost stock are most extreme in metropolitan Australia because of the higher numbers of low income households in the cities.
      • The administrator has also been unable to recover more than £4.3m worth of stock from the Computer Shop, the group's 80 high-street stores.
      • He said the entire stock on the premises was either damaged by fire or waterlogged and smoke damaged.
      • It is possible the knobs were leftover stock from his shop.
      • The salesman pointed out that they don't keep so much stock at the shop, it's held at the warehouse that services all the local shops.
      • When purchasing bayonets, look at as much of the merchant's stock as you can and check the condition carefully.
      • The site, which was set up by Fenor based Internet Company Protocol allows people to view and purchase any item of stock, which is available for sale in the Waterford Shop.
      • Co-op stores around Swindon have been running low on stock after a regional distribution warehouse in Oxford was flooded.
      • We are always looking for willing volunteers to help with everything from sorting and preparing stock to merchandising and sales.
      • It leads to the inference that he was taking some stock from the petrol station shop and selling it as if his own stock in his shop.
      • Unlike the superstores, small shops often buy their stock through independent wholesalers.
      • Matthew, 34, who owns the Chilli Lime Deli in Fleming Square, Blackburn, moved his French stock back to his shop but was able to leave tasters on the stall.

    • 1.2(of shop, business)

      existencias feminine
      estoc masculine
      stock masculine
      to have sth in stock tener algo en estoc / en existencias

  • 2

    • 2.1Finance

      (shares) acciones feminine
      (shares) valores masculine
      (government securities) bonos del Estado masculine
      (government securities) papel del Estado masculine
      I have some stock in that company tengo algunas acciones en esa compañía
      • common stock acciones ordinarias
      • Treasury stock (in US, corporate) autocartera
      • before noun stock certificate certificado de acciones
      • stock dividend dividendo en acciones
      • stock rating calificación de valores
      • In 1997 they retained their first preference share but lost more than half their seats because their vote was spread over too many candidates.
      • Round House membership, which at present stands at 430 members is priced at E35,000 for a redeemable preference share.
      • The statement said shareholders may wish to sell for 980 cents per ordinary share and 110 cents per preference share, both of which are to be settled in cash.
      • Interest cover of 1.8 times is very low but when the preference share issue is taken into account, then it drops to about 1.3 which is dangerously low.
      • One would still have to consider the way in which the notional holders of preference shares and ordinary shares would negotiate between themselves the distribution of that allocation.
      • He said they would only be granted ordinary shares in the company and not the preferred shares usually granted to venture capital investors.
      • The extent of the financial difficulties were outlined by Mr Green, who noted that debt and preference share financing currently stood at 7.7 million.
      • Although the company does not have a legal obligation to pay dividends, few companies will default on dividend payments on preferred shares.
      • Last week the multinational software company, which is based in Germany, announced that it is converting its preference shares into ordinary shares in order to boost liquidity.
      • The bank may seek to raise cash through a preference share issue, possibly to a strategic backer.
      • Non-merino growers will need to decide whether to convert their preference shares to ordinary shares in Wool Equities as a future investment, or to cash them in.
      • However, when you start your Open Annuity, you also buy a special preference share in the insurance company operating it.
      • Company head Dan Brown said at the meeting that existing shareholders would have an opportunity to purchase one preference share at $1.00 for every five ordinary share currently owned.
      • They pressed him to buy back nonvoting preferred shares instead of ordinary shares, which are 53.2 percent more expensive.
      • The minimum investment to buy one preference share in the Investment Plan is £500.

    • 2.2

      stocks and bonds / (British) stocks and shares (including government securities) acciones y bonos del Estado masculine

    • 2.3(reputation)

      his stock with the other teachers is high los demás profesores tienen muy buen concepto de él
      • his stock is rising in the eyes of the electorate está ganando cada vez más prestigio entre el electorado

  • 3

    ganado masculine
    before noun stock farmer ganadera feminine
    • stock farming cría de ganado
    • In his younger years, he was principally involved in livestock haulage, leading stock into and out of the local markets.
    • There are three general options for farmers to consider to productively manage their sheep flock: selling stock, agistment and supplementary feeding.
    • Women could also cross the gender barrier regarding female association with animals by raising stock for market or dairy purposes.
    • Almost a quarter of the 2,300 head on offer were fitted with the devices, to be used to track stock under the National Livestock Identification Scheme.
    • The club also organizes visits to leading dairy farms and research institutes, holds dairy stock judging events and herds competitions.
    • We farmed there in a pioneer way and increased the stock to a thousand sheep and a hundred cattle.
    • The farm's land and stock will be handed out to four neighbouring farmers and the buildings rented out either as homes or for commercial use.
    • Do not purchase stock from other farms or dealers while the ban on livestock mart sales remains in force.
    • His neighbours work in partnership selling meat from their own stock through Bethesda Fresh Farm Meats.
    • But it had appealed for a reprieve for its cattle, virtually irreplaceable Red Galloway beef and Ayrshire dairy stock.
    • Livestock ownership stratified their communities with ‘chiefs’ controlling the most cattle and small stock.
    • Other potential agricultural applications of Fantesk include sprays, coatings for nursery stock, and livestock feed additives.
    • Perhaps he would enthusiastically support moves for greater commercial use of kangaroos, rather than the hoofed stock, sheep and cattle, that break the crust.
    • DEFRA has decreed that a farmer bringing cattle, sheep or pigs onto his holding cannot move any stock off the farm for 20 days except direct to slaughter.
    • Some good stock, including horses, cattle, sheep and pigs were on exhibition.
    • For the last 16 months the 20-day standstill has prevented farmers from moving stock off their farms within 20 days of taking in new arrivals.
    • Under the Autumn Licence Movement Scheme farmers can apply for permits to allow the movement of stock from farm to farm for welfare, breeding and commercial purposes.
    • It could also mean that only the person registered as the keeper will be legally entitled to buy in or sell off farm stock.
    • To the lay reader, may I repeat the Government's basic proposal, which is to stop any stock moving off a farm for a 20-day period following an inward movement onto the farm.
    • The NFU was also concerned that meat and milk from vaccinated stock would be unsaleable.
  • 4

    linaje masculine
    estirpe feminine
    I'm of Spanish/pioneer stock soy descendiente de españoles/pioneros
    • to come of good stock ser de buena familia
    • I also tried to do a Holly impression, but that's hard when you don't have dark hair and you're from Eastern European peasant stock.
    • Like the Pieds Noirs, they were a settler community, much of it of peasant stock, which had done well.
    • Here, priests had often lived well on their own tithes and extensive glebe, and they tended to be of local peasant stock, which was even more important than material considerations.
    • Now all contemporary Percherons share this common heritage descending from the foundation stock that originated in La Perche.
    • Many more old stock of Tubbercurry who were not just residents of Teeling Street have planned to join in the celebrations and are coming home to meet old school chums and see Tubber as it is now.
    • He, of Irish Catholic stock, descendant of those who fled famine and poverty, was up against him.
    • Chaucer, who came of London merchant stock, grew up in aristocratic and royal circles, and he was one of the most lionized and richly rewarded poets of any age.
    • He proudly admits he is from hard-working peasant stock and sees me as lazy, vain and probably as a ponce.
    • During these difficult times he was faithfully supported and encouraged by his wife, who was descended from good Puritan stock.
    • The Dogras inhabiting the hilly tract bounding the mountains of the Kashmir Valle on the south and extending to the plains of the Punjab, are descended from Aryan stock.
    • He, who became John XXIII, was from earthy peasant stock, constantly cracking jokes at his own expense.
    • As he said, a name like that was obviously of Irish stock, possibly even of Cork descent, so the film was included with Irish shorts.
    • He was born at Grouchy, near Gréville, Normandy, of peasant stock, and spent his early years as a farmworker alongside his father.
    • By 1844 the Bethany settlers, almost all of them of peasant stock, had nearly five hundred acres under cultivation, most of them with wheat.
    • Much of my Yorkshire stock descended from the Viking Raids of the 9th century.
    • He was from Ukrainian peasant stock, and at 14 he went to work in the Ukrainian coal mines.
    • The exception is the tendency of some immigrant women, particularly those from peasant stock, who wear traditional dress.
    • Scottish Roots usually has about 20 clients at any given time waiting in a queue to discover whether they come from peasant stock or the landed gentry.
    • He was a Soviet Army officer of peasant stock whose training included a spell in Germany in 1931.
    • She comes from Italian immigrant stock, and her family is lucky to have one of those tireless biographers who traces everything back to a plot of land in Lombardi.
  • 5

    • 5.1(stem)

      (of tree) tronco masculine
      (of vine) cepa feminine
      (for grafting onto) patrón masculine
      (for grafting onto) portainjerto masculine
      • Many of the modern roses in commerce today are grafted onto these stocks.
      • Eventually, the longer-lived stocks even exhibited increased early fecundity, compared to the ancestral type of stock.
      • They are close to the ancestral stock from which other pteraspidiforms evolved.
      • Finally, the North and South American west coastal species appear to have evolved from the Old World smooth-seeded lupins, or from the same ancestral stock.
      • Always try to plant bare-root stock as soon as you get home.
      • It is likely the result of a separate introduction via nursery stock.
      • The weanlings would have made any farmer proud and the dams drawn from all breeds were of excellent stock.
      • Populations that did not evolve far from the ancestral stock are all included in the long-ranging B. rhombiferus.
      • Yet, there are many budget-minded owners who still believe that money can be saved by planting smaller seedling stock.
      • Over the years, he persuaded the Department of Agriculture to recognise coloured stock as a European breed type.
      • The scientists found that primitive freshwater plants provided the ancestral stock from which all of the earth's green land plants are descended.
      • Their stock was bred by them for food purposes, and was easier to get and much tastier than wild animals, which was why it was frequented by bored hunters.
      • Of particular concern are roses grafted onto R. fortuniana root stocks - stocks with notoriously shallow root zones.
      • Grey rectangles indicate the presence of a rooted stock.
      • If the population comes from captive stock, the birds must be taught how to survive in the wild.
      • His undeviating rule appears to have been to breed high quality pedigree stock and to feed them from his own resources.
      • Almost all of the earth's plant and animal stock have representatives here.
      • Some of the small, sturdy black breeds of British cattle may descend from this ancient stock.
      • Some claim that a French dog descended from stock brought home from the Middle East by Louis IX during the Crusades also figured prominently in the mix.
      • Lineages that had alternated between cell types produced significantly more virions than did the ancestral stock on PDE cells.
      • For success in grafting, the vascular cambiums of the stock and the scion must be placed in contact with each other.
      • We can accept that some creatures descended from Ark stock died in post-Flood disasters.
      • With container grown stock, the plant has been growing in a container for a period of time.
      • The billingsellaceans may form the ancestral stock from which all the subsequent articulate brachiopods are believed to have been derived.

    • 5.2(for cuttings)

      planta madre feminine

  • 6

    • 6.1(of gun)

      culata feminine
      • The straight stock and comb line feel good and correctly position your eye down the Picatinny rail.
      • To assemble, pull the stock pin from its stowed position, swing the stock into place and insert the pin.
      • One had an AK - 47, and the other was toting an uzi with a shoulder stock.
      • Grace glanced at the three guards standing in a group in their dirty grey uniforms, rifles held at the stock, talking about who knew what.
      • I lowered my assault rifle's polymer stock from my shoulder and continued my vigil.
      • It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger.
      • Rifle and shotgun stocks need pull-lengths short enough to fit naturally when brought to the heavily padded shoulder of cold weather gear.
      • As they neared he brought the leader into his sights, raising the stock of the long rifle to his shoulder.
      • Rolling left to lie prone, I shoved the rifle stock to my shoulder and dared to reconnoiter by peeping over a twisted root.
      • ‘Looks like one of the panels here has been forced open,’ he said, applying a little pressure with the rifle stock.
      • Steve hoisted the assault rifle off his shoulder, and placed the stock against his shoulder, aiming straight ahead.
      • The rifle is built on a fiberglass stock with a stainless-steel barrel, a steel floor plate and trigger-guard assembly.
      • Anyone who tried to talk was struck with rifle stocks.
      • It halved the rifle where the stock joined the barrel, and two fingers from the weasel's right paw fell to the forest floor.
      • Outers' Cadet synthetic stocks for rifles and shotguns are designed for shooters of small stature.
      • Rifle stocks, made for use with iron sights, were little help in establishing a constant head positron.
      • Making a splint from a rifle stock, he again treated himself and managed to crawl back to an aid station.
      • He is a former pilot, and since 1972 he has been making custom rifle stocks in his spare time.
      • To sell more optics, mount a scope on a gunstock so customers can hold the stock to their shoulders and look through the scope.
      • It had a short, air-cooled barrel, a wooden stock, and a ‘snail-drum’ magazine containing 9 mm pistol ammunition.

    • 6.2(of fishing rod, whip)

      mango masculine
      • The silky voice became a bark as he fingered the stock of a whip lying across his knees.

  • 7

    caldo masculine
    chicken stock caldo de pollo
    • The rest of the carcass can be used to make some game stock for gravy or soup, or freeze the carcass to use later.
    • Even the soup of the day is an intentional creation, using freshly prepared vegetables and stock with fresh meat, fowl, or fish added.
    • The soup was pleasantly light, although I found that the store-bought vegetable stock somewhat overwhelmed the soup's mushroom flavour.
    • In a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, bring the chicken stock to a simmer.
    • Return the rabbit legs and carcasses to the pan and add the veal stock.
    • For the lobster, in a large saucepan, bring the fish stock to a boil.
    • If soup is too thick, heat more apple juice and chicken stock, add to soup and return to blender.
    • If the soup is not liquid enough, add stock or water, stir, and reheat again thoroughly.
    • In a medium saucepan over medium heat, bring the beef stock to a boil.
    • Strain stock through a fine-mesh sieve into a pot; bring to a simmer.
    • If the sauce begins to evaporate too much while cooking, add a few tablespoons of chicken stock or water.
    • Split pea soup is delicious prepared with either a chicken or vegetable stock.
    • Then bring the fish stock to the boil in a pan and keep at a low simmer.
    • Pour in hot water or stock to cover the vegetables and bring to a simmer.
    • You may also chop and blend with water or vegetable stock and freeze in ice cube trays for addition to soups and stews.
    • You could simply use water, but stock makes the soup richer and more heart-warming.
    • Keep the basics on hand: frozen marinara and pesto for quick pasta meals, and a simple vegetable or chicken stock for fast soups.
    • Tip the chick peas into a pan and cover them with water or vegetable stock.
    • I prepared chicken stock with bouillon cubes, adding sprigs of thyme and bay leaves.
    • Use the caramel-colored water for soup, stock and gravy.
  • 8

    (plant, flower)
    alhelí masculine
    • They hold pink cyclamen, maidenhair fern, pink polka-dot plant, and fragrant pink stock.
    • To prolong bloom time on pansies, stock, sweet alyssum, snapdragons and other cool-weather plants, clip off flowers as they fade.
    • The sitting-out area could be a haven for non-edibles, scented beauties every one - pots of lemon verbena at fingertip level, regale lilies at nose height, night-scented stock and nicotina.
    • Yellow and orange calendulas bloom through winter, as will pink and white English daisies and sweet-scented stock.
    • Ten week stock, Night scented stock and Brompton stock are easily grown from seed flowering in the same season.
    • Add fall annuals, like pansies, stocks, snapdragons or flowering kale, for additional color until the snow arrives.
  • 9stocks plural

    • 9.1(in shipbuilding)

      grada feminine
      astillero masculine
      to be on the stocks (in preparation) estar en preparación
      • After bracing the bulkheads to the stocks, the longitudinal framing can start going on.

    • 9.2(for punishment)

      the stocks el cepo
      • Every confinement of the person is an imprisonment, whether it be in a common prison, or in a private house, or in the stocks, or even by forcibly detaining one in the public streets.
      • Managers from the branch sat in the stocks outside being pelted with wet sponges, and firefighters turned up with a hose to give them a soaking.
      • A believer in strict discipline, he preferred forms of punishment like putting a prisoner in stocks or shackling him to a ball and chain.
      • Among the other stunts for charity, they plan to don wet suits at Sea World and get in the stocks at Stirling Jail.
      • Minor criminals might also be punished in the village or manor by whipping, the stocks, or the pillory.

  • 10US

    (no article) repertorio masculine
    (company/play) (before noun) de repertorio

transitive verb

  • 1

    we don't stock that brand no trabajamos esa marca
    • If all the locking devices you carry live up to this standard, then you're stocking the right products.
    • Dollar General needs about six people to work each of the 695 stores it plans to open this year, to run cash registers, stock products and manage.
    • By stocking turkey-hunting products, dealers can serve multiple types of hunters.
    • The borough recently found out it has been awarded Fairtrade status after local restaurants, cafes and supermarkets rallied around and started to stock the products.
    • Others offer support directly to the retailers who stock their products.
    • It would probably be best if each country had a national distributor that could sell to any outlet, rather than just stocking the products in its own shops.
    • The store will stock this product in addition to their extensive current range of pet foods and products.
    • The shortbread is seen as a luxury product principally stocked by dollar-based supermarkets.
    • She did a roaring mail-order trade and stocked her products in ‘fine’ chemists.
    • To achieve this, fifty retailers in the city must stock Fairtrade products and 25 catering outlets offer food bearing the Fairtrade mark.
    • It turns out that places like Bed, Bath and Beyond actually stock products for just such a problem.
    • Many stores say they will not bother stocking the product.
    • Supermarkets have said they will stock the products but they have also indicated their decision would be swayed by consumer confidence.
    • Barkston has expanded its premises in response to sales growth in the area and to allow it to stock new products.
    • I make a lot of handmade greetings cards and, while I use all the above shops, they all stock very similar items for people such as myself specialising in paper crafts.
    • Pub culture is essentially adult, but too many establishments now stock drinks with names more suited to the sweet shop.
    • Why should big supermarkets stock a product that many of its customers don't know?
    • The High Street giant wants to add potency to its sales performance by stocking products which would really set pulses racing.
    • His nursery stocks many unusual plants and he is constantly hunting for rare and interesting specimens.
    • Manufacturers can become upset when retailers who they see as not having the appropriate brand image attempt to stock these products or, worse, offer them at discounted prices.
    • Under the terms of the deal, FMI will represent more than 500 Irish producers whose products are stocked in the British retailer's Irish stores.
  • 2

    (store) surtir
    (store) abastecer
    (larder) llenar
    the store is well stocked with the latest fashions la tienda tiene un gran surtido de prendas de última moda
    • to stock (up) the freezer llenar el congelador
    • the poultry farm was stocked with good layers el criadero tenía buenas ponedoras
    • to stock a lake with fish poblar un lago de peces
    • The wash-basin area will be stocked with top-of-the-range Molton Brown toiletries, air fresheners and soft fluffy towels.
    • It is also stocked with books, maps, a series of telescopes and ledgers for guests to record distinctive markings of elephants, which are under great watch as overpopulation is an increasing problem.
    • For example, all of Canada's ATMs must be sufficiently stocked with enough actual paper cash every day to ensure that everyone who comes to withdraw some can do so.
    • Thanks to my dear mum (often referred to as Yeah-Smother instead of Yes, Mother) my pantry and freezer is stocked with a litany of epicurean failures.
    • Muleteers provide aid stations stocked with Peruvian cheese sandwiches, coca tea, and other energy foods along every trail; camps await runners at the end of each day.
    • Sailors and workers alike worked steadily removing wares from importing ships while stocking products for exporting vessels.
    • He said the games room - which would be stocked with computer, X-box, Game Cube and PlayStation games and terminals - would be the first of its kind in the area.
    • The Blue Horizon was stocked with a large supply of caffeinated drinks and she was delighted to have so much to live on.
    • We took our time wandering through its 24 rooms, which are plentifully stocked with works by famous and less-famous artists who were either born locally or spent most of their lives here.
    • But the paramedics are qualified to deal with any emergency and their Renault Scenic car with lights and sirens is stocked with the same kit as an ambulance, minus a stretcher.
    • There are hundreds of stories like Jefferson's on the Westside; practically every household, it seems, is stocked with inhalers and a cupboard full of pills.
    • Officials say that hospitals and evacuation centers have been fully stocked with everything necessary to face an emergency.
    • It must be stocked with her favorite foods, don't you think?
    • The small foyer boasts built-in cupboards that are stocked with all the essentials you might need for a straight-from-work weekend away.
    • The naval ship's pantry is stocked with wines, baguettes and pate, and its casual dress code is shorts and sandals.
    • We expect to see a good deal more of the same as the appeals process commences, and fervently hope the courtroom will be stocked with an adequate supply of tissues.
    • Like any analog-oriented operation, Remote Recording is stocked with loads of outboard gear and 200 microphones from all major manufacturers.
    • We slept in twin bedded rooms, with sheets and duvets provided, and the bathrooms were stocked with soap, towels, hair shampoo and dryers.
    • He denies the hospitals are in crisis and announced that all public hospitals are fully stocked with medical supplies.
    • Our medicine cabinets are stocked with throat lozenges, painkillers and antiseptic creams designed to restore us to immediate health after the slightest scratch.


  • 1

    (size) (invariable adjective) estándar
    (model) de serie
    (model) (invariable adjective) estándar
  • 2

    (response/criticism) típico
    (character/figure) típico
    a stock phrase un cliché
    • she got the stock rejection letter le mandaron la típica / consabida carta de rechazo
    • a stock subject of conversation un manido tema de conversación