Translation of stock car in Spanish:

stock car

stock car, n.


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    Sport Motor Vehicles
    (automóvil reforzado que se emplea en carreras con colisiones) stock car masculine
    • I raced for a partial season in 2002 in the ASCAR Series, which is a stock-car series over in the UK.
    • Even Hal, who left a computer job to try to paint and would really rather be a stock-car racer, expects in advance to disappoint his sons and himself.
    • A simple explanation is that a stock-car race is a thrilling spectacle, and NASCAR has learned to market it to ever broader audiences.
    • After an inexplicable rise, the glorified stock-car chases known as NASCAR now hold the inside track among four-wheeled fanatics.
    • For Montreal motorists and taxi commuters, it's like a miniature stock-car race on a city street.
    • They don't stand on ceremony at Central Park of a Saturday when it's time for the stock-car racing to begin.
    • The town had planned pre-launch and post-launch festivities with local entertainers, hockey games and stock-car races for the launch of their own rocket, Wild Fire.
    • The stock-car races slide across the compass, lurch with a crunch and glass breaking up against the end of the street, burglars are picked out in light on the doorsteps, even primroses glow, and the wing cases of dazed beetles.
    • The 1.51-mile infield road course includes part of the banked oval track used for NASCAR stock-car races.
    • After all, even the stock-car king lost five times as often as he won.
    • Herbert also plans to open a racing museum to increase drag racing awareness in North Carolina, the heart of stock-car racing.
    • The 1997 IRL champion has served as the modern-day role model for any open-wheeler looking to transition into stock-car racing.
    • He soon began drag racing at local tracks and competing in oval-track stock-car events.
    • Have you ever attended a stock-car race and wondered what purpose a team's ‘Pit Box’ serves?
    • One of stock-car racing's first stars, Smith won 21 races in 15 years.
    • He goes to a nearby lake with some high school friends occasionally and joins his brother and dad at a small stock-car track in Louisiana.
    • He had worked as the chief starter of the USAC stock-car series for many years.
    • Dirt late-model stock-car racing is another area where King Demons, in the smaller RS sizes, shine, as racers find that these carburetors deliver exceptional throttle response in certain atmospheric and track conditions.
    • After World War II, however, drag racing and stock-car racing rejuvenated American competition.
    • Indeed, this is more of a Formula One scene than a stock-car crowd - much of Mexican showbiz royalty has turned out to see the race, as have the titans of local industry.
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    (for livestock)
    vagón de ganado masculine
    • To put this in perspective, this is the equivalent volume of 522 standard American railroad stock cars, each of which can hold 240 sheep.
    • More hay was part of this hospitality, and a horse and cart distributed supplies up and down the galleries alongside these stock cars.
    • Surrounding the depot on the former Silverton house tracks is a large assortment of D&RGW rolling stock, including stock cars, box cars and a veritable fleet of drop-bottom gons.
    • Annual report statistics failed to identify fully all forms of livestock being shipped in stock cars.
    • Researchers have shown that this is the equivalent volume of 522 standard railroad stock cars, each of which can hold 240 sheep.