Translation of stock company in Spanish:

stock company

sociedad anónima, n.



  • 1

    sociedad anónima feminine
  • 2

    compañía de repertorio feminine
    • While stars and character actors are permanent members of stock companies, extras are freelance and hired through the Central Casting Corporation, formed in 1925.
    • His loyalty to the surviving members of his old stock company is typical of his essential warm-heartedness.
    • She worked at the same stock company as Matt, and evidently did very well for herself.
    • Under the stock system, the director initially controlled casting, selecting leads from his stock company and extras from anyone who appeared at studio ‘bull-pens.’
    • He once again gathered many of his stock company of performers around him.
    • Throughout the classical system, Hollywood studios have stock companies.
    • Whereas stars were associated with sure-fire old plays and revivals, especially Shakespeare, stock companies offered new plays, and especially melodrama, in order to compete.
    • This is a documentary about him, his early life and works, and his Dreamland stock company.
    • He had a longstanding stock company of actors (which included his mother), who crop up repeatedly.
    • Theatre work in stock companies led to hundreds of appearances on early 1950's TV programs, followed by his casting opposite Holliday in ‘It Should Happen To You’.
    • Sean and Richard had sat one night, reminiscing about the days of Shakespeare, when actors would form a stock company and stick together through thick or thin.
    • To handle the greater demand, film companies could no longer rely on the casual and intermittent use of actors for individual films and so created permanent stock companies of actors.
    • But his stock company is also made up of absolutely compelling performances, acting that really makes the mad amount of information and counter-attack seem that much more believable and understandable.
    • Veteran stalwarts of the Ford stock company, they played major roles as the unsaintly parish priest Father Lonergan and the blustering squireen Red Will Danaher.
    • The exalted Johnny initially had a little stock company of comedy players for sketches, and a weekly department where he'd go out with a film crew and do some stunt like auto racing or skydiving.
    • He ‘discovered’ him and added him to his stock company of comic players.
    • It had interviews but it also had sketches, stunts, games, lots of music, a stock company of comedy players and even (for a time) a real newscast.
    • Away from larger eastern cities, smaller troupes circulated or attempted lesser stock companies.
    • He had already done ‘The Maltese Falcon,’ but he had to do whatever Warners wanted, just like the rest of us in the stock company.
    • He envisions a predominantly ‘elite’ audience in the stock companies in the Northeast of the USA in the first decennia of the nineteenth century, who abandoned the theatres for opera in the 1830s because of the star system.