Translation of stomach in Spanish:


estómago, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈstʌmək//ˈstəmək/


  • 1

    estómago masculine
    I have an upset stomach estoy / ando mal del estómago
    • on an empty stomach con el estómago vacío
    • I've got a weak stomach sufro del estómago
    • it turns my stomach me revuelve el estómago
    • you need to have a very strong stomach to sit through one of his films se necesita tener estómago para ver sus películas
    • to be sick to one's stomach (disgusted) estar asqueado
    • to have no stomach for sth
    • I've got no stomach for fried food so early in the day no me apetece comer frituras tan temprano
    • they had no stomach for an all-out strike no se atrevieron a hacer una huelga general
    • before noun stomach muscle músculo del estómago
    • Have some solid food in your stomach before drinking.
    • Researchers believe that water in food empties from the stomach more slowly than water you drink, making you feel full longer.
    • It may react with chemicals in food or in the stomach to form tiny amounts of cancer-causing nitrosamines.
    • The biotech company intends to turn the substances into therapeutic food products to treat stomach disorders.
    • The movement of gastric juices into the food pipe from the stomach is called reflux.
    • This is usually due to the accumulation of food in the stomach and intestines.
    • Smooth cells make up the stomach, intestine, blood vessels and other organs.
    • It takes a certain time to digest, so it increases the time that food remains in the stomach, giving a feeling of comfortable satiety.
    • The Chinese believe that the rice will settle the stomach after eating.
    • Digestion begins in the mouth, well before food reaches the stomach.
    • Gastroplasty alone can cause vomiting when even tiny amounts of food stretch the stapled stomach.
    • Smoking is the most important cause, though a fondness for salt is another disturbing trend that irritates the stomach.
    • She added that high-fiber food can extend the presence of food in the stomach so the sensation of being full will remain for longer.
    • Some low GI foods are high in fat, as fat slows the emptying of food from the stomach.
    • For most other common solid tumours such as those of lung, oesophagus, stomach, or pancreas, only limited survival gains have been achieved.
    • If the muscular valve above the stomach leaks, food mixed with acid washes back, or refluxes, into the esophagus.
    • The idea was that fibre fills the stomach and reduces the desire to overeat.
    • Food in the stomach does not appear to alter the kinetics or behavioral effects of the medication.
    • A very full stomach is uncomfortable - food stays in the stomach for two to three hours, then continues to have an effect further down the gut.
    • These help prevent return of food from the stomach to the mouth.
  • 2

    barriga feminine
    panza feminine informal
    guata feminine Chile informal
    stomachs in! chests out! ¡adentro esa barriga! ¡saquen pecho!
    • she lay on her stomach estaba tendida boca abajo
    • I stood with my hands clasped in front of my stomach nervously.
    • With his fists, he punched his opponent continuously in the stomach and chest, not giving him the chance to regain his breath.
    • Shallow, I know, but I had two small children then and was in mourning for my lost stomach and thighs.
    • My favourite part of a guy's body is his stomach and then his chest.
    • A woman who stabbed a former boyfriend three times in the stomach while high on drink and drugs has narrowly escaped a jail sentence.
    • He stood in front of me, looking down at his stomach and chest.
    • They then folded their hands together in front of their stomachs and stood there like statues.
    • If stomach discomfort occurs after eating cold food, place something warm on the stomach such as hot towels.
    • Francesca stood at a distance from him, her hands tightly clasped in front of her stomach, feeling somewhat awkward.
    • Her drawn up thighs pushed hard against her stomach and chest.
    • I've got a slim body but my stomach and waist are still chubby.
    • Electrodes are placed on the stomach, bottom and thighs and two electrical currents switched on.
    • When first learning to breathe properly, students should put their hands together in front of their stomach.
    • We found an adult male trapped with mud up to his waist area with this log right here that was across his stomach and chest area.
    • Furtive glances dissect her at thighs, hips, stomach, chest and face.
    • I smiled at him for a second before dropping him with a hard front kick in his stomach.
    • They then chased the 25-year-old victim through the house before stabbing him in the stomach and thigh.
    • Instead he wrapped his arm around the front of my stomach and pulled me closer.
    • They arrived to find Stephen dead on the ground with multiple stab wounds to his stomach and chest.
    • He had obviously been working hard lately, as I looked at his flat, toned stomach.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (food/drink) tolerar
  • 2

    (insolence/person/insults) soportar
    (insults/person/insolence) aguantar