Translation of stomp in Spanish:


Pronunciation /stɑmp//stɒmp/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to stomp in/out entrar/salir pisando fuerte
    • She noisily chewed on her gum, stomping to the seat adjacent to mine, not bothering to reply until she'd settled comfortably with said boots crossed upon the desk.
    • She stomps out of the conference room and slams the door.
    • The kids stomped around noisily much to the consternation of the waiters who nevertheless stood stoically in attendance.
    • She burst out in anger, stomping up the stairs as she roughly shoved him away.
    • He stomps in without stopping to divest himself of his sombrero, spurs or pistols.
    • He stomps through the colleges, talking too loud and blowing his nose unnecessarily - anything to make the hushed cloisters crassly echo.
    • I stomp heavily up to the third floor, and then I stomp heavily to apartment 15.
    • She stomped noisily away, and headed towards the long wagon where her family slept.
    • One by one ten guards clad in dull armor emerged from the entrance and stomped heavily towards the waiting Rathgal Tayotos and Shase.
    • He substituted him with quarter-of-an-hour remaining and the striker showed his anger by stomping past the manager and hurling aside his tracksuit top.
    • For a second I felt bad about what I said, but my anger quickly came back as I stomped up the stairs.
    • Looking quite angered he stomped into the locker room.
    • He walked off and stomped up the stairs, giving Rebecca one last look.
    • I scudded my seat back noisily and stomped up to the counter, swooping the sandwich up myself.
    • Erica exhaled sharply and stormed from the room, stomping heavily upstairs and slamming her door.
    • The woman says something to him, and he stomps away, sits down, and sulks.
    • When he sings, he howls upward at the lighting fixtures, and when he's not singing, he stomps around the stage, pounding his chin repeatedly against his chest as though attempting to reset a dislocated jaw.
    • Brittany followed closely behind, noisily stomping up the stairs.
    • I stomped noisily into my bedroom and sat on my swiveling chair.
    • Bitterly, I stomped and paced around the small room, desperately thinking of ways to get out of the hole I'd dug myself into.