Translation of stonecutter in Spanish:


picapedrero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstoʊnˌkədər//ˈstəʊnkʌtə/


  • 1

    picapedrero masculine
    cantero masculine
  • 2

    máquina de cortar piedra feminine
    • Newly listed occupations included railroad workers and cotton brokers, as well as skilled craftsmen such as silversmiths, watchmakers, stonecutters, brick masons, and a plumber.
    • Most of the persons represented are stonemasons from Creuse, though housepainters, stonecutters and carpenters from other parts of the country and from Paris make up a small portion of the numbers.
    • Not only was this to help the stonecutters but also to provide information to the quarry as to how much stone to produce on a daily basis.
    • Despite their short stature, there was a brute solidity about them, their large, thick-fingered hands those of stonecutters and labourers, their tough, weathered skin that of a people toughened by the elements.
    • Many stonecutters did smithing work in the winter when quarrying was not done.