Translation of stony-hearted in Spanish:


de corazón de piedra, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstoʊni ˈˌhɑrdəd///


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    de corazón de piedra
    • I feel like a bit of a traitor or a stone-hearted landlord getting ready to kick out some worthy tenants from a somewhat unworthy dwelling so that I can make a profit from it.
    • They would have moved even the most stone-hearted man.
    • He is efficient and stony-hearted there, definitely wearing his ‘post-office’ manner rather than that manner of the kind and devoted son he is out in the country.
    • No one but the stone-hearted or the compassionately impaired could look at millions of people turning out to stand on line in some of the most dangerous real estate in the world to vote and not be inspired.
    • The TV finally arrived and you would have had to be a very stony-hearted New Zealander not to be moved by Maori Television Service's first day.
    • Shot with great sensitivity and empathy for the confused emotions felt by a nine-year-old, this is a beautiful film that will have everyone but the most stony-hearted viewer reaching for the tissues.
    • None of us should forget the nation's beginnings, a saga to move the stony-hearted.
    • Released at a simple function held in the city on Thursday, the CDs and cassettes of this video documentary promise to move even the most stone-hearted among us.
    • I don't mean to be stone-hearted about the pain of people there.
    • It would be a stone-hearted soul who would not feel for him for the rotten press his private life and family has drawn since he went to Spain.
    • You would have needed to be mightily stone-hearted not to have been swept along by the sense of occasion yesterday.
    • Let's just say that she isn't quite as stone-hearted as she'd like you to think.
    • Even stone-hearted Higgenbotham had a hard time keeping a dry eye.
    • Yes, many people like the book, and it would be stony-hearted of me not to be pleased at their pleasure.
    • Only a stone-hearted ogre wouldn't by moved by this film.