Translation of stool in Spanish:


taburete, n.

Pronunciation /stul//stuːl/


  • 1

    taburete masculine
    banco masculine
    • He took his seat on the stool and waited for the crowd to quieten.
    • He was seated on a café stool, and on the opposite end of the table was a young woman wearing a black overcoat.
    • A teacher and an underwear salesman were already seated on stools around the upturned box that doubled as card and coffee table.
    • I settled back into my stool and finished the rest of my drink.
    • It was nothing extraordinary; only a knee-high circular table with four surrounding stools occupied the dusty, cramped space.
    • Seated on a stool next to her mother every Friday, Germaine was expected to join in the conversation.
    • Located on three levels with seating on stools, settees and at conventional tables, the place has a modern airy atmosphere.
    • As I glanced around the room, I only saw a few stools and a single rusted metal couch.
    • I plopped down in a stool and rested my forehead on the slightly sticky bar.
    • I nodded and took a seat on the single stool behind the counter.
    • He followed her inside and as she turned on the lights he took off his coat and rested on a stool at the kitchen counter.
    • From the floor, she looked up at her father, who was seated on a wooden stool.
    • She had been sitting on the stool for a good four hours, trying to make her creation perfect.
    • They favored innovations such as pedestal tables, modular sofas, sleek sideboards, and shiny stools in place of chairs.
    • I was seated on a stool, outdoors, with a balmy sub-tropical skyline behind me.
    • Benches are more flexible than stools or individual seats because you can squeeze in more people along them.
    • He sat across from his dad, Cohen, on one of the high stools and rested his head on the breakfast bar.
    • Finally the instructor was ready and he assumed his seat on the stool.
    • He took a seat on his stool next to the table I was kicking my feet against.
    • I pursed my lips and thought as I seated myself on a stool by the breakfast bar.
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    deposición feminine formal
    • And continued loss of small amounts of blood in the stool can lead to anemia.
    • The trophozoite form can't survive once excreted in the stool and therefore can't infect others.
    • You need to be concerned if your child is having bowel movements much less often than is regular for him or her, or if the normal firmness of the stool changes.
    • Two thirds of pancreatic cancers develop in the head of the pancreas, and most patients present with progressive, obstructive jaundice with dark urine and pale stools.
    • Every day we lose millions of cells from our skin, we excrete stools and urine, and we cut out hair and nails and rarely do we show any signs of wanting to keep these body elements under our control.
    • Barium causes the first stools after the scan to be a light colour, and can also cause constipation.
    • If you suspect any kind of intestinal obstruction because your child has bilious vomiting, a swollen abdomen, or bloody stools, take her to the emergency room immediately.
    • More than 80 percent of acute anal fissures will heal spontaneously with the use of dietary fiber to soften and bulk the stool.
    • The onset of these symptoms coincided with an upper respiratory infection with cough, minimal sputum, nausea, anorexia, and multiple loose stools.
    • Diarrhoea often occurs in the absence of recognised pathogens in the stool, and metronidazole has relieved symptoms in some cases.
    • Osmotic laxatives such as lactulose are effective alternatives to soften hard stools.
    • Dietary fiber increases the weight and size of your stool and softens it.
    • Phototherapy can give your baby loose stools, temperature problems, or dehydration.
    • Using a catching device can prevent contamination of the stool by water and dirt.
    • Although blood in the stool suggests invasive disease, fever is not a sensitive indicator of dysentery.
    • The symptoms of food intolerance can include burping, indigestion, flatulence, loose stools, headaches, flushing, or nervousness.
    • Roughly 5 percent of those who contract the illness become chronic carriers - excreting the typhoid bacteria in their stools for more than a year.
    • Symptoms of an ulcer can include a burning pain in the stomach, chest pain, vomiting, or blood in the stools or vomit.
    • She detailed the jaundice, light stools and lack of weight gain.
    • If constipation persists despite dietary modification and increased physical activity, a stool softener given with meals can be helpful.