Translation of stop in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /stɒp//stɑp/


  • 1

    to work without a stop trabajar sin parar
    • work progressed in stops and starts el trabajo avanzaba a trompicones / a tropezones
    • work was at a stop for months el trabajo estuvo interrumpido / paralizado durante meses
    • to bring sth to a stop detener / parar algo
    • the accident brought the traffic to a complete stop el accidente paralizó el tráfico
    • to come to a stop detenerse
    • to put a stop to sth (put a stop to) acabar con algo
    • to put a stop on a check dar orden de no pagar un cheque
    • Officers are not only setting up static sites for stopping drivers, but are also conducting random stops in rural villages around the county.
    • Playing the music without bars gives a free-flowing rhythm, devoid of jarring stops and starts.
    • A large metal tub filled with sachets of water and cold drinks provided welcome respite, and many of the emergency workers made frequent stops to prevent dehydration.
    • His pen came to a stop and he stared down at the scrawled words with a shake of his head.
    • It was almost a disappointment when we came to a stop at the edge of clearing where a herd of deer were grazing.
    • Finally, the nurse came to a stop and entered a small room with pink walls and a simple layout.
    • There wasn't time for fear but I was certainly frightened when the car came to a stop.
    • The shooting had almost come to a stop by the time they dropped into a reserve trench.
    • We finally came to a stop at a farmhouse deep in the countryside.
    • Lizards, therefore, progress in short rushes with frequent stops to breathe.
    • He came to a stop outside a large metal door and punched in a few keys on the panel to his right.
    • The elevator came to a stop at the top floor and Anna turned to face the doors as they creaked open.
    • The game we'd been playing with the boys came to a stop, and I rolled my eyes.
    • The misery machine rumbled into one of the angled parking spots next to the park and came to a stop.
    • It was an interminable journey of stops and starts.
    • Also, rough sea conditions can make safety stops hazardous.
    • After completing a number of revolutions, the carousel began to slow and came to a stop.
    • The front seat passenger opened the side door of the van and the van came to a stop.
    • Pauses, stops, and breaks will help the film, which never develops any real momentum.
    • Several of the attackers came to a stop, and their soldiers began to fire.
    • Specific ranks of pipes may be brought into and out of play by means of stops.
    • It also has a cathedral housing the biggest organ in the world: 17,388 pipes and 231 stops.
    • These organs were played only with sliding stops, not a keyboard like a modern organ.
    • Taiwanese has final consonant stops, and Mandarin doesn't.
    • For example, the aspirated series of stops and affricates are written by adding a horizontal stroke to the letters for the plain series.
    • Many varieties of Chinese, including both Mandarin and Cantonese, do not distinguish voiced and voiceless stops and affricates.
  • 2

    • 2.1(break on journey)

      parada feminine
      we made a stop at a service station to have coffee paramos en una estación de servicio para tomar un café
      • after an overnight stop in Madrid después de hacer noche / de pasar la noche en Madrid
      • We were an express train now, and made only a few stops, mostly using the center of the three tracks.
      • Before the homeward journey, a final stop for refreshments was made at Kinvarra.
      • As the self-confessed ‘biggest slob in the world’ he enjoys sailing holidays filled with impromptu tea breaks and pub stops.
      • Moving swiftly on from Lizard Point the next stop was a quick look at St Michael's Mount.
      • On the return journey a stop was made at Phimai to explore the wonderful ruins.
      • On the return journey a stop was made in Bourton-on-the-Water in brilliant sunshine.
      • When traveling long distances, plan the trip to include rest stops and breaks.
      • We had 3 stops on the journey and took it in turns to drive.
      • The pair plan to make a short fuel stop today in Narsarsuaq, Greenland, before flying straight to Iceland.
      • From today until Friday Charles, Prince of Wales, is in Italy with stops in Florence, Rome and Naples.
      • The trip was part of a two day visit to the region, which also included a stop in Honduras.
      • They will run through France on quiet country roads with overnight stops and after a rest on the ferry they will head to London.
      • These are not tour buses, so expect numerous stops to pick up and drop off passengers.
      • It also suggests that dogs should drink plenty of water during a long journey, and have regular stops for fresh air.
      • We always have to make frequent stops so that M can take a loo break and stretch his legs for a while.
      • At each lunch stop he also produced dried fruits, nuts and yet more chocolate he had carried for us.
      • A short photo stop soon cooled us down, before we pushed on up the hill carrying the weighty bags of tackle and camera gear.
      • The 400 mile round trip was broken up with a stop at Stonehenge for an ice-cream.
      • Thompson expects to travel to each region of Nunavut, including campaign stops in Cambridge Bay and Iqaluit.
      • Also, make stops for bathroom breaks, leg-stretching, sightseeing and drink refills.

    • 2.2

      (of bus) parada feminine
      (of bus) paradero masculine Latin America River Plate
      (of train, underground) estación feminine
      you have to get out/off at the next stop se tiene que bajar en la próxima (parada)
      • There were no designated stops which meant people could get off anywhere.
      • This morning, however, a bus was sitting at the stop in Moor Street with the number 850 on the front.
      • Why not try getting off the bus or train a stop early and walking the rest of the way.
      • But, even now, free shuttles cross the city's ring road to pick up customers from the nearest metro stops.
      • In order to make up time a train missed out some stops.
      • Passengers will be set down on request at all recognised stops along the route.
      • You really do not want two stops close together.
      • The bus goes off on its merry way and picks up a zillion passengers at the next stop.
      • When we started once again the train maintained optimum speed until the next stop.
      • Designated stops will be constructed, with special ramps to allow easy access by passengers onto the taxis and buses.
      • Buses could also pick up passengers without pulling into stops.
      • The stops it skips are covered by an earlier train, 426, which terminates in Baltimore.
      • He said a bus had pulled up at the stop laden with passengers.
      • There are no bus or train stops anywhere near it.
      • At the moment we're standing at the stop saying if the bus works, we'll get on it.
      • I was on the bus the other day, and the bus was drawing towards my stop so I was standing by the door waiting to get off.
      • Notice of the shuttle bus should have been on the signs at affected rail stops, she said.
      • Fewer stops surely means fewer passengers, therefore lower financial performance.
      • In Andhra Pradesh, the train has stops only at Secunderabad, Visakhapatnam and Tirupati.
      • The system will be one tram short when the stop opens so they are having to bring a tram over from Cologne especially.

  • 3

    (punctuation mark) punto masculine British
    (in telegrams) stop masculine
    see also full stop
  • 4

    (on organ)
    registro masculine
    to pull out all the stops tocar todos los registros
  • 5

    • 5.1(stopping device)

      tope masculine
      (on typewriter) marginador masculine

    • 5.2Photography

      diafragma masculine
      • Remove the film, stop down 4 stops, and give a flash exposure.
      • When you go through the finished prints you will be able to see the results of 2 complete stops of exposure difference.
      • Underexposing by one to two stops intensifies the effect.
      • You will find these readings are roughly two stops more light than the camera ‘thinks’ they should be.
      • If you are using print film, you will probably never see a difference in bracketed shots, unless you have bracketed by 3 stops or more.

  • 6

    oclusiva feminine
    consonante oclusiva feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (bus/taxi) parar
    (person) parar
    (person) detener
    I stopped a passing car to ask for help paré (a) un coche que pasaba para pedir auxilio
    • we were stopped by the police nos paró la policía
    • he stopped the ball with his foot paró la pelota con el pie
    • demonstrators stopped the traffic los manifestantes pararon / detuvieron el tráfico
  • 2

    (from escaping)
  • 3

    (vehicle) parar
    (vehicle) detener
    I stopped the car and got out paré / detuve el coche y me bajé
  • 4

    (switch off)
    (engine/machine) parar
  • 5

    (bring to an end, interrupt)
    (inflation/decline) detener
    (inflation/decline) parar
    (abuse/discussion) poner fin a
    (abuse/discussion) acabar con
    stop that noise! ¡deja de hacer ruido!
    • his statement stopped speculation sus declaraciones pusieron fin a la especulación
    • the trial was stopped se suspendió el juicio
    • the company has stopped production of this model la compañía ha dejado de producir este modelo
    • the aim is to stop the cancer in its early stages el objetivo es detener el avance del cáncer en su fase inicial
    • rain stopped play la lluvia interrumpió el partido
  • 6

    stop what you're doing and listen to me deja lo que estás haciendo y escúchame
    • stop it! (stop misbehaving) ¡ya está bien!
    • stop that nonsense! ¡déjate de tonterías!
    • to stop -ing dejar de + inf
    • do stop arguing! ¡dejen de discutir!
    • I'm trying to stop smoking estoy tratando de dejar de fumar
    • I couldn't stop laughing no podía parar de reírme
    • it hasn't stopped raining all day no ha parado de llover en todo el día
    • he never stops talking habla hasta por los codos
    • stop saying that! ¡no sigas diciendo eso!
    • stop beating about the bush déjate de rodeos
  • 7British

    impedirle a algn + inf
    impedir que algn + subj
    I'm going, and you can't stop me me voy y no puedes detenerme / impedírmelo
    • who's/what's stopping you? ¿quién/qué te lo impide?
    • there's no stopping us now nadie nos puede parar ahora
    • I had to tell him, I couldn't stop myself tuve que decírselo, no pude contenerme
    • to stop sb ( from ) -ing
    • to stop sth -ing impedir que algo + subj
    • the bad weather stopped us (from) going out el mal tiempo nos impidió salir
    • try to stop her (from) coming trata de impedir / de evitar que venga
    • we had to lock him up to stop him (from) escaping lo tuvimos que encerrar para impedir que se escapara
    • to stop sth happening impedir que ocurra algo
    • we're trying to stop the airport being built here estamos tratando de impedir que construyan el aeropuerto aquí
  • 8

    (cancel, withhold)
    (subscription) cancelar
    (payment) suspender
    to stop (payment of) a check dar orden de no pagar un cheque
  • 9British

    the boss stopped £30 out of my wages el jefe me descontó / me retuvo 30 libras del sueldo
  • 10

    (hole) tapar
    (hole) taponar
    (gap) rellenar
    (tooth) empastar
    I stopped my ears with my fingers me tapé los oídos con los dedos
  • 11

    (string) apretar
    (pipe) ponerle un registro a
    (pipe) ponerle una sordina a
    (French horn) hacerle sordina a

    con la mano

  • 12

    (bring down)
  • 13

    (punch/blow) parar
    (punch/blow) detener
    he stopped a bullet recibió un balazo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (vehicle/driver) parar
    (vehicle/driver) detenerse
    I stopped to ask a policeman the way paré para pedirle indicaciones a un policía
    • stop, thief! ¡al ladrón!
    • stop or I'll shoot! ¡alto o disparo!
    • stop, police! ¡alto, policía!
    • stop right there ¡alto ahí!
    • to stop at nothing estar dispuesto a hacer cualquier cosa
  • 2

    (interrupt journey)
    (train/bus) parar
    does this train stop at Reading? ¿este tren para en Reading?
    • let's stop here and have a rest hagamos un alto / paremos aquí para descansar
    • they stopped in a small village for the night hicieron noche / pasaron la noche en un pueblecito
  • 3

    (cease operating)
    (machine/clock/watch) pararse
    has your watch stopped? ¿se te ha parado el reloj?
    • her breathing has stopped ha dejado de respirar
    • his heart has stopped su corazón ha dejado de latir
  • 4

    (cease, be discontinued)
    the rain has stopped ya no llueve
    • the pain/bleeding has stopped ya no le (/ me etc. ) duele/sale sangre
    • the noise stopped dejó de oírse el ruido
    • this squandering must stop este derroche tiene que terminar
    • production has stopped at the factory la fábrica ha suspendido la producción
    • production of this model has stopped este modelo ya no se fabrica más
  • 5

    (interrupt activity)
    I think I'll stop for a while creo que voy a parar un rato
    • she never stops no para un minuto
    • you've done enough work for today: it's time you stopped basta por hoy, ya has trabajado bastante
    • I didn't stop to think no me detuve a pensar
  • 6informal

    I can't stop no me puedo quedar
    • won't you stop for supper? ¿no te quieres quedar a cenar?