Translation of stoppage in Spanish:


interrupción, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɑpɪdʒ//ˈstɒpɪdʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in play, production)

      interrupción feminine
      the time added on for stoppages (in soccer) los descuentos Southern Cone
      • English Premeriship clubs have agreed to let referees decide on stoppages because of increasing play-acting.
      • The report by the Department of Transport's air accident investigation unit found that the engine stoppage was caused by failure of the crankshaft.
      • A stoppage led to the playing of added-on time, during which two opportunities for goals emerged.
      • The pace and action was intense from the second the green flag fell, with a race stoppage due to several big crashes around the track.
      • There was plenty of effort from both teams but overall this was a scrappy match and too many stoppages prevented either side from establishing any sort of pattern.
      • With supermarkets in Britain operating on ‘just in time’ production stoppages are very powerful.
      • Besides production, the fertilizer companies also use natural gas for fuel, and because of the stoppage in their supplies they were unable to deliver their remaining fertilizer stock to market.
      • Increasingly the stop start nature of the match, created by the numerous stoppages for cramp, made extra time seem inevitable.
      • The results of the angiogram disclosed blood stoppage at a point above the knee.
      • There seems to be a trend at the moment for referees to add two or three minutes at the end of matches no matter what number of stoppages there have been.
      • The stoppage meant he finished joint fifth with another England team-mate.
      • Some 46 prohibition notices were served, which required the immediate stoppage of particular work activities or prohibiting the use of machinery until it was made safe.
      • Residents of Viewmount and Powerscourt have experienced stoppages of their water supply during the last week, from late night until around seven the next morning.
      • He acknowledges the attempt to speed up the game with the free and line-ball from the hand, but feels it has been negated by stoppages for lectures and cards.
      • A sudden stoppage [in production] could cause an explosion.
      • This situation has further worsened due to stoppage of power inflow from the eastern region due to floods.
      • Each time there was a power failure, the water pumping system was disturbed while pipes burst and caused a stoppage in water supply to the township.
      • Rain breaks, stoppages or spare time invariably involved a pack of cards and a cry of: ‘Anyone for bridge?’

    • 1.2(strike)

      huelga feminine
      paro masculine Latin America

    • 1.3(cancellation)

      suspensión feminine

    • 1.4British (deduction)

      retención feminine
      • The basic pay is £280 a week before tax and stoppages.
      • We're on £300 a week before tax and stoppages, and that's for working an 11-day fortnight.
      • The gist of his letter is that one only gets what one pays for, and that perhaps it is time that we saw contributions such as rates as contributions rather than stoppages.
      • She is claiming sexual discrimination, constructive dismissal and unlawful stoppages from her wages.

  • 2

    obstrucción feminine