Translation of store in Spanish:


reserva, n.

Pronunciation /stɔr//stɔː/


  • 1

    • 1.1(stock, supply)

      reserva feminine
      provisión feminine
      to keep a store of sth tener una reserva / provisión de algo
      • she has a vast store of witty anecdotes tiene una enorme colección de anécdotas graciosas
      • he has a store of experience to draw on tiene el recurso de su amplia experiencia
      • in store
      • we always keep some drink in store siempre tenemos bebida de reserva
      • there's a surprise in store for her la espera una sorpresa
      • knowing what was in store, she left home sabiendo lo que la esperaba, se fue de la casa
      • we have a surprise in store for you te tenemos (preparada) una sorpresa
      • who knows what the future has in store? ¿quién sabe lo que nos deparará el futuro?
      • to set great/little store by sth dar mucho/poco valor a algo
      • Having a good sense of humour doesn't mean you have to have a store of jokes or tell them perfectly.
      • The old fashioned gold standard was that money is a store of wealth not a generator of wealth.
      • Memorates and personal narratives are something else, however, and she has a store of such narratives.
      • As a store of pure wisdom, the book is by common agreement unequaled.
      • It is a good idea to have a store of colostrum in the freezer for back up.
      • Money, as a store of value, was an early facilitator of savings and one of the great inventions of mankind.
      • Fittingly, this book provides a store of fascinating insights for those who love him, and a supply of brickbats for those who don't.
      • Over the longer term the dollar's biggest failure has been as a store of value.
      • Here, the dollar is ubiquitous as a store of value, a measure of wealth and a pricing mechanism.
      • Mathematics became for me, not a store of past knowledge, but creative activity of the highest form, directed towards the future.
      • Most of us carry a store of memories and hopes of beach life, from rock pools and sandcastles to romantic encounters walking along the silver sands on a desert island.
      • A store of timber in Oldham also was available to the local population for building.
      • There is also strong demand for gold bars as a store of value.
      • By being people that others respect and admire, we build up a store of power we can use for projects of our own.
      • During these five years, the child builds up a store of knowledge about the environment, masters motor skills, and learns to look after itself.
      • I wonder how many homes have a store of plastic bags, also to be seen floating about in the trees and spoiling the landscape.
      • They also had a store of flint which they were able to make fires with.
      • It is the principle of being a medium of exchange and only because of this that secondary functions come into being, such as the role of money as a store of value.
      • Kerr is fortunate to have such a store of commitment at hand.
      • He and his wife laid nets in the lake then to get a store of fish in for the freezer; it was one of the ways they marked the end of winter, and the thaw.

    • 1.2stores plMilitary Nautical

      (masculine plural) pertrechos
      • He made a cursory inspection of food stores and water supplies.
      • Arrangements were made to transfer 150 tonnes of stores to the ship as she transited just north of Darwin.
      • For Sgt Nathan Walsh, this means stores and equipment from Australia have arrived.
      • Large ships have several ship stores and hundreds of vending machines that are heavily used.
      • The corvette carries water, stores and fuel for an endurance of 14 days.
      • Their main role was to co-ordinate the shipment of American troops, military equipment and stores through the port.
      • The supply of stores to the ship, which required a detailed and lengthy programme, is now well under way.
      • The four went to Townsville to load vehicles, stores and equipment.
      • Since building materials had to be shipped to Wewak, the procurement of stores in country proved a major challenge.
      • We relocate Army stores (we call them SSAs-supply support activities) as a matter of routine.
      • Flagship HMS Ark Royal sailed on Saturday, and headed for Scotland to take on stores and ammunition before she sails south again.
      • The general revealed that the US commandos came across stores of rocket propelled grenades, machine guns and ammunition and destroyed them.
      • She had visited ten different ports, issued 33,000 tonnes of diesel and aviation fuel and 2,400 tonnes of solid stores and food.
      • After briefings and an exchange of stores, both ships continued their respective courses with a wave and a toot goodbye.
      • As soldiers waited for equipment from the stores, the corporal took the spare store key and unlocked the door, finding the storeman's body hanging inside.
      • Spotters were used to transport munitions and stores from storage areas to the flightline when equipment could not be pre-positioned prior to sunset.
      • The ship carries provisions and stores for battalion transportation for more than ten days.
      • Alec landed at Anzac Cove in early November, 1915 and assisted in carrying ammunition, stores and water to the trenches.
      • Without them, ammunition, stores, food, and fuel, would not reach the fighting troops.
      • On the ship, Debbie was in charge of issuing medical stores, and at home she does a similar job for a chemist.

  • 2

    (warehouse, storage place)
    almacén masculine
    depósito masculine
    bodega feminine Mexico
    he works in the store(s) trabaja en el almacén / en el depósito
    • all our furniture is in store tenemos todos los muebles en depósito / en un guardamuebles
    • The service says that there are 384 000 tons in the licensed public stores, grain depositories and the mills.
    • As Ray opened the door to a store of some sort, Rhea saw all of the weapons and armors.
    • The sale includes a shop with floor space of 216 square metres and a store of 12 square metres.
  • 3

    • 3.1US (shop)

      tienda feminine
      a shoe/hardware store una zapatería/ferretería

    • 3.2department store

      (masculine plural) grandes almacenes
      tienda feminine
      store clerk vendedor masculine US

transitive verb

  • 1

    (food/supplies/drink) guardar
    Business (goods) almacenar
    (information) almacenar
    (electricity) acumular
    store in a cool, dry place consérvese en un lugar fresco y seco
    • we have nowhere to store those files no tenemos donde guardar esos archivos
    • the children's old toys are stored (away) in the attic los juguetes viejos de los niños están guardados en el desván
    • energy is stored in the body in the form of fat el cuerpo almacena / acumula energía en forma de grasa
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    (data/program) almacenar
  • 3

    (put in store)
    (furniture) mandar a un depósito
    (furniture) mandar a un guardamuebles
  • 4

    (stock, supply)
    to store sth with sth abastecer algo de algo
    • to store a ship with provisions abastecer un barco de provisiones

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (fruit/vegetables) conservarse


also store-bought

  • 1

    de confección US
    (cake) comprado