Translation of store card in Spanish:

store card

tarjeta de crédito, n.


  • 1

    (expedida por una tienda) tarjeta de crédito feminine
    • They want you to take a store card and try to entice you by giving you money off your first purchase.
    • Last month the furniture store cut the interest rate on its own store card from 26.8 per cent to 12.9 per cent.
    • If you don't pay off your credit or store card in full every month, you could be paying annual interest of up to 32%.
    • The Commons Treasury select committee heard that 55 per cent of those with a store card were paying credit, as opposed to settling the balance, when their statement arrived.
    • And the 28-year-old was also caught using a store card which was sent to the previous occupier at her home and trying to steal a mobile phone from a waiter in a curry house.
    • I was advised to get a credit card or store card and re-apply in 3 months so I've now had to get two credit cards on the go to build up my credit rating again.
    • I got my first store card there in 1976 when I was a college and once a year, when I had paid off all one hundred and twenty pounds, went and bought a new lot of clothes.
    • When we came to pay, Ann produced her store card.
    • After explaining who he was and showing his store card - the only form of ID he had - the 57-year-old went home and thought nothing more about the incident.
    • Remember that if your store card has an interest rate of 28.5%, over two and half years you will end up paying twice the original cost of the item.
    • If you borrow £2,000 on a store card with an APR of 29% over three years, you'll pay about £1,000 in interest for the privilege.
    • An even bigger mistake is to use a store card to buy goods.
    • The bank had sent out letters to cardholders saying that their store card would automatically be replaced by a credit card unless they had any objections.
    • It is puzzling why anyone should have a store card, unless you remember that some major retailers only recently accepted competitors' plastic.
    • If there's one aspect of the plastic card market that can probably be roundly criticised, it's the store card - mainly because of the extortionate interest rates most of them charge.
    • If you have an outstanding balance on a store card, transfer it to one of the sixty or so 0% credit cards.
    • Instead, transfer your store card debts to a credit card offering 0% interest for an introductory period.
    • Most shockingly, 80 per cent of people who use a store card to stock up on New Year gifts confess they don't know what interest rate they charge.
    • Have you ever taken out a mortgage, personal loan, credit or store card?
    • The wife frequently shopped at a large department store for which she had a store card.