Translation of stout in Spanish:


robusto, adj.

Pronunciation /staʊt//staʊt/

adjectivestouter, stoutest

  • 1

    (figure/person) robusto
    (figure/person) corpulento
    • She was stout, middle-aged, and veiny in the cheeks and nose.
    • Higgins, a small stout woman who usually speaks in a booming Irish brogue, nods silently.
    • The door was always locked, but there was a small bell, which said simply Fischer and this, if rung, produced a small, stout man wearing round wire-rimmed glasses.
    • He was stout, well past middle age, and his round cheeks were pink in the winter air as though they had just been shaved.
    • And the girl was slightly stout, though nothing compared to the servant.
    • She was a stout woman with rosy cheeks and always cheerful.
    • The slide was flimsy, and if you had the help of a stout friend you could tip it over.
    • So, living her dream vicariously through her son, she traipsed him round church halls to entertain audiences of stout women.
    • It was lavishly furnished, and behind its wide oak desk, sat a burly and stout man.
    • He also said the authors had hurt him by describing him as a ‘short and stout fellow who uses foul language’.
    • He was stout and looked quite like a construction worker.
    • It was the father; a rather short, stout man with a feathery blonde mustache, who spoke for the rest.
    • Her husband, a tall, stout fellow who probably wrestles alligators for fun, stomps ahead, engrossed in the sports pages of the paper.
    • I'm ushered into a clean, airy office by a small, stout man with merry eyes, a father's face.
    • I was sitting alone in my favorite restaurant when a short, stout man of middle age asked if he could join me.
    • The waitress was a short stout woman who spoke broken English.
    • As the warden gazed out the open door, one of his underlings, a rather stout fellow named Mr. Hersby, approached the nervous man.
    • It was difficult to believe that this, a short, stout man, had put fear in the hearts of wrestlers in the 1980s.
    • She was stout enough to be a grandmother, but the hair confined beneath her hair net was dark, and her quick, decisive hands did not seem grandmotherly.
    • He's stout and middle-aged, wearing a suit - looking totally out of place in the barbaric surroundings.
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    (rope) resistente
    (rope) fuerte
    (door) sólido
    a pair of stout shoes un par de zapatos fuertes
    • At both locations, you can see various types of bamboos, from those as thin as an index finger to stout trunks that are thicker than an arm.
    • It was tall and stout, and a good support for him as he walked, for he could place it before him and so be sure of his next step.
    • Long trousers, long sleeves and stout boots are a necessity.
    • Always travel with stout boots, rainproof clothing, spare clothes, a first aid kid, torch, map, compass, food and drink.
    • Taking a stout walking stick to help particularly with the descent is advised.
    • Engineered with the ergonomics of a spinal column, the highest grade of surgical stainless steel is crafted into stout links of solid metal.
    • The switching stick serves as a convenient probe; it is stout and unlikely to bend or break in the joint.
    • Particularly important are a windproof jacket, or anorak, with hood or hat and a stout pair of walking boots or shoes as they may have to cross some rough ground to see the best wildlife.
    • Not only would red sticks protect them, but stout fencing and a location atop a river bluff.
    • His eyes widened when he picked up the tracks of a man in stout boots and a horse leading away from the clearing.
    • The plants are stout, robust and shrub-like, with reddish stems and greenish-white or reddish-brown flowers produced in narrow, upright clusters.
    • Without speaking he lifts me to my feet and brings his stout stick down across my shoulders.
    • I came armed with a pair of stout histories and a promisingly thick archaeological field-guide.
    • Mother and father are both dressed in walking attire: calf length walking trousers tucked into long socks, stout walking shoes, check shirts, bobble hats and a back pack.
    • When walking in the mountains be sure to wear stout boots with a good grip.
    • If you have weak knees or ankles, it helps to hire or buy adjustable walking poles, or a stout stick.
    • He walked along the dirt path with a gray cat, hooded in a brown cloak and carrying a stout walking stick.
    • As far as your feet go, some stout old-fashioned walking shoes or boots with gaiters look best and give you the most support.
    • She's a game old bird, though; dashingly dressed in sensible breeches and stout walking boots, she's off down the fairway to confront the offending husband.
    • For those with stout boots and stout hearts, there is a spectacular breathtaking, circular-kilometre walk from the abbey through the mountains.
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    (resistance) firme
    (resistance) tenaz
    (protest) enérgico
    (denial) rotundo
    (denial) categórico
    (support) incondicional
    he's a stout fellow es muy buena persona
    • They had to scramble to become the sixth seed in the play-offs, and they've earned a lot of believers with their stout defense and great rushing attack.
    • He used a specially-arranged series of interviews during the Commonwealth summit yesterday to mount a stout defence of his position.
    • It was time for stout defence and it was forthcoming.
    • Where was his stout defence of public schooling during the Commonwealth's crusade against state schools?
    • The lads in maroon were dominating at this stage but a stout Laois defence was denying them the scores.
    • While he might think it a stout defence of his membership, there are those who view that approach as ostrich-like, robbing us of any hope of his assistance in weeding out the bad guys.
    • His stout defence distracted the Austrians, helping Bonaparte to invade northern Italy and beat them at Marengo.
    • Ingleton battled gamely to the end, but a stout Kirkby defence kept their fourth clean sheet.
    • It's a stout defence of the ability of large corporations to sort themselves out while remaining profitably in one piece.
    • His current team depends heavily on the running game and stout defense.
    • The Education Secretary yesterday launched a stout defence of the basic principle of top-up fees.
    • And, despite some stout defence, a feature of York's game this season, they were unable to prevent scrum half Duffy from scoring from short range.
    • Only Giles, with a mixture of stout defence and calculated hitting, took England past 300, a total they should need to exceed in their second innings if they are to save, or indeed win, the game.
    • The Dolphins were favoured to win but ran into some stout defence and a forward pack that grew in confidence throughout the day.
    • Establishing a flow and chemistry on offense is critical, especially for a team that expects to be competitive behind a stout defense.
    • York absorbed plenty of pressure from the students who became increasingly aggressive as they became more frustrated at being unable to pierce a stout defence.
    • Not a theologian, he was unconcerned by doctrinal minutiae; far from encouraging popery his one known theological work was a stout defence of the church against Catholicism.
    • Both sides showed a glimmer of promise with the occasional attack, only to be let down by poor discipline, some shoddy handling and stout defence.
    • One reason for the defense's stout performance is the coaches' ability to make the most of the players' strengths.
    • Elton's stout defence of his thesis parallels the tenacity of his beliefs regarding the practice of history.


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    cerveza negra feminine