Translation of stove in Spanish:


cocina, n.

Pronunciation /stəʊv//stoʊv/


  • 1

    (for cooking)
    cocina feminine
    estufa feminine Mexico Colombia
    (ring) calentador masculine
    (ring) hornillo masculine
    electric/gas stove estufa eléctrica/de / a gas Mexico Colombia
    • I left the soup on the stove dejé la sopa en el fuego / en la lumbre
    • During the cold weather each student was expected to have a sod of turf for the iron stove in the school.
    • Griffin frowned and watched her as she began making coffee at the small counter by the white stove.
    • All we had to do for fuel was to step outside the door of the hut and gather wood for our stove; to this day, the slightest whiff of wood-smoke instantly takes me back to Bawdsey.
    • There was a small TV monitor in the corner on the counter and a stove on the left of it.
    • On the counter by the stove was the loaf of bread, a quarter of it missing.
    • This led out into a courtyard where the wood for the stove was stored.
    • Corrie glanced over at the stove where her brother was busy preparing lunch and rolled her eyes.
    • He said a wood-burning stove, installed under the Allerton Castle chimney seven years ago, posed a greater fire risk than a coal fire and a flue liner would have cut that risk.
    • The galley, easily accessible on the main deck, still has lidded pots on the stove, and in the engine-room tools hang in neat rows.
    • Keep high chairs, chairs, and playpens away from stoves and counters.
    • Indoor air sampling established that vented stoves generated substantially less soot and other airborne particulate matter than unimproved hearths did.
    • Late night chefs in my house have two options when confronted with the daunting task of moving a hot pan from the stove to the countertop.
    • We installed smokeless stoves with chimneys in a few huts.
    • Return to the stove and cook over medium heat until the sauce thickens a little.
    • Remove it from the stove and strain out the mint, then pour it over the fruit and chill for several hours.
    • As she came down the east stairs she saw her father standing at the counter by the stove spreading cream cheese on a bagel.
    • For those of you that don't know, runs are when a huge group of bikers get on their motorcycles, pack some tents and portable stoves, and camp out.
    • It's very cold in the winter and the school only has wood-burning stoves.
    • The dishes were all done, stacked in the strainer, and the stove and countertop wiped clean.
    • There are children out there that don't know you can buy the actual kernels and pop them, in a pan, on the stove.
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    (for warmth)
    estufa feminine
    calentador masculine