Translation of stowage in Spanish:


bodega, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstəʊɪdʒ//ˈstoʊɪdʒ/



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    (storage capacity)
    bodega feminine
    • The dry cargo stowage includes cargo ordnance holds.
    • You could easily cover long journeys in the car and the surprisingly spacious trunk would provide plenty of stowage.
    • The bay is equipped with cargo handling rollers, tie-down rings, stowage containers and stowage for troop seats.
    • There's a stand-up head in the center console and lots of lockable stowage.
    • Another problem, if one retains four full seats, is a significant cut in the boot space so as to provide stowage for the folded roof.
    • The enlarged sponsons provide additional stowage for carrying extra fuel, life rafts, floats or other equipment.
    • Forward of this amidships seat was a locker offering additional stowage, situated on the centre-line, which was flanked by bonded pads which nestled the fuel-tanks in position.
    • The seat was bonded to the deck and offered plenty of watertight stowage below and a reversible back-rest which was moulded to snugly fit both passenger and helmsman.
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    estiba feminine
    • The system weighs fish in the vessel's hold while at the same time recording relevant catch information such as fish species, size, grade and the time and date of stowage.
    • Smaller stowage areas are found under the front seats and in seat pockets.
    • There are never enough stowage areas in cars, but this new model does provide quite a few including a tray, albeit an extremely shallow one, under the front passenger seat.
    • A second fire started six hours later in an oxygen generator in the weapon stowage compartment, but that fire was put out within two minutes.
    • In the present case, all damage caused by the negligent stowage is a single cause of action which is complete once any significant damage has occurred.
    • At times, additional limits may be placed on carry-on baggage based on the main cabin stowage capacity of specific aircraft.
    • During both the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War, the B - 52's internal stowage of eighty-four 500-pound bombs made it a formidable offensive weapon.
    • Additional stowage boxes for small items are installed behind removable doors in either or both rear sides, while luggage in the main load area has a retractable soft cover.
    • English traveling sets dating from the 1680s are often small for easy stowage in a satchel or saddlebag.
    • The cabin is sufficiently large with 10.5m³ stowage capacity to accommodate a range of mission systems.
    • Space to the left of the driver is provided for ammunition stowage.
    • He watched as an attendant standing 10 feet away pushed a key fob button, lifting the rear decklid and retracting the three-panel metal roof smoothly, silently into the ample stowage compartment.
    • There are too many storage spaces to count but we did notice a rather useful large area under the passenger seat that can be used for concealed stowage of valuable items.
    • About halfway back are two cabins, one with bunks, the other a double, as well as two heads and separate sinks and stowage lockers.
    • The interior was well fitted out with adequate, if not cavernous, stowage pockets in the doors and a couple of smaller trays for such things as mobile phones.
    • There are, for example, two additional large stowage areas in the dash panel that can be easily pressing on the release.
    • Integrated fuel cells and stowage containers give a streamlined appearance to the fenders.
    • Meanwhile, parts of the hangar and flight deck aft were used as stowage areas for Royal Marines equipment.
    • Removable stowage boxes which fit into the rear footwells are available as an option.
    • Another worthwhile detail is the large stowage box under the front passenger seat, which you can access by tilting the hinged seat base forward.
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    gastos de estiba masculine
    estiba feminine