Translation of straddle in Spanish:


sentarse a horcajadas sobre, v.

Pronunciation /ˈstrædl//ˈstrad(ə)l/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (sit, stand astride)
    (horse) sentarse a horcajadas sobre
    he straddled the chair se sentó a caballo / a horcajadas en la silla
    • a bridge straddles the border un puente une los dos lados de la frontera
    • the town straddles the river la ciudad se extiende a ambas orillas del río
    • a man who straddles the worlds of politics and show business un hombre con un pie en el mundo de la política y otro en el del espectáculo
    • Once boys start wearing pants it becomes easier for them to stand on their heads, twirl on railings, straddle fences, play leapfrog, and walk on stilts.
    • David sat across the small room from her, straddling his computer chair, with his arms crossed over the backrest and his head on them.
    • She was an expert horse women with a side saddle but as she had never ridden straddling a horse and she didn't know if she'd be good at it.
    • She straddled the chair and rested her forehead on the back of it.
    • She straddled his chest, keeping him from standing up.
    • He smiled at me, turned his chair around and straddled it.
    • He spun a chair around and straddled it as he sat down, folding his arms across the wrought iron back.
    • He tossed his books on the table and straddled the chair opposite me.
    • But here they are again, six whalers sitting as they used to, straddling chairs built from wooden boxes with binoculars attached to the high backs.
    • He turned the chair around and straddled it at the side of the bed, leaning his chin on the back, peering at me like he'd just uncovered a new species of primate.
    • Max straddled the bike next to the girl's stand and gave her a wide smile.
    • Place the appropriate amount of weight on the bar and straddle it with your feet just a little wider than hip-distance apart.
    • Stand tall with your feet straddling either side of the step, toes forward.
    • I walked into the room and straddled my director's chair.
    • I slipped my leg over the side and straddled the bike.
    • Her knees straddled his stomach to either side, pinning him beneath her.
    • He cried out and rolled on his side as she straddled him and grabbed the collar of his jacket.
    • I sat down, straddling the chair opposite the young man before me.
    • Alex was lying in the couch while Gabriel straddled one of the chairs by the dining table halfway across the room.
    • Matthew walked away for a second to another table and came back holding a third chair before placing it down backwards on one side of the table, straddling it as he sat down.
  • 2

    to straddle one's legs abrir / separar las piernas
  • 3US

    (be noncomittal about)
    (question/issue) eludir
    • The Democrats' leaders in Congress have tried to straddle the issue.
    • Does he sometimes straddle difficult issues in an effort to please multiple constituencies?
    • But long ago he blew a chance by straddling the war issue - opposing going to war without a multilateral coalition yet empowering Bush to do so.
    • Can the Democrats continue to straddle the values issues under those circumstances?
    • He straddles issues with as much vigor as most politicians, but nonetheless manages to retain a reputation as a straight talking guy who says what he means and means what he says.
    • This is the kind of issue that you can't straddle.



  • 1

    tijereta feminine
    tijera feminine
    • She stretched her legs and arms, and almost fell asleep in her straddle.
    • Well the toe-touch is where you jump and your legs go out like a straddle, as if you were sitting on the floor with your legs out in a straddle, and you've got to touch your toes.
    • She positioned herself, unknowingly into a straddle.
    • Over time, mix in the boxer's shuffle and the side straddle.
    • The hardest part of this trick is getting your hips to start moving upward from the straddle.
    • The height of romanticism; there was little else I could do apart from down my drink, suppress a ladylike belch and swing my legs around you in an elegant straddle.