Translation of straight-ahead in Spanish:


sin etiquetas, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌstreɪdəˈhɛd/


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    sin etiquetas
    • At five minutes long, the track is an oddity on an album of searing, straight-ahead punk rock that takes not one prisoner.
    • His mastery of straight-ahead jazz is on display here, in spite of the unconventional source material.
    • For the most part, it's straight-ahead, loud, party glam rock that would make a perfect prologue to a night out.
    • Gritty guitars, straight-ahead rhythms and an aggressive singer make for music that is upbeat enough to get you inspired, but not too intense.
    • The electro-beat influence has been put to rest and exchanged for straight-ahead guitar rock.
    • Being a straight-ahead rock band nowadays isn't the most profitable venture.
    • I remember when I was a pre-teen, and I heard some straight-ahead rock music for the first time.
    • ‘I'm totally into straight-ahead traditional music,’ he says.
    • Then we could make a strict, straight-ahead comparison between the two.
    • This year, the organizers opted for a straight-ahead indie line-up, relying on the pull of each individual band rather than a single headline act.
    • It was a simple show, straight-ahead, no tricks, and it was wonderful.
    • If the goal was to produce a simple, straight-ahead rocker, then the band have succeeded.
    • It's your straight-ahead radio-friendly modern American rock with no alarms and few surprises.
    • Most often the track sounds normal with a straight-ahead beat and accompanying riff, but in the details is much more to consider.
    • Always a straight-ahead, no-frills director, Roberts was never much of a risk-taking stylist or flashy innovator.
    • She's also known for her driving straight-ahead rock music - music that's attracting a lot of attention.
    • Benoit's music reflects nearly every jazz style including fusion, straight-ahead be-bop, orchestral, and smooth jazz.
    • Smith's basic style remains intact with most of the music being straight-ahead rock featuring her mix of singing and speaking, depending on the occasion.
    • The rest of the album is filled with straight-ahead pop songs that range from pleasant to completely forgettable.
    • There are still those slow ballads that explode into country rawk waltzes and the straight-ahead rock, but some of the tracks are more poppy, with a lot of electronic synth thrown into the mix.