Translation of straight man in Spanish:

straight man


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    personaje serio de una pareja de cómicos
    • Anderson is so ridiculous it's comical, and O'Connell plays a perfect straight man in the midst of his stylings.
    • But comedy needs opposites, a straight man and a gagster.
    • It's moderately funny, but I can't help feeling Brown would have been better used if he had a solid straight man to play off.
    • Jason plays the ever-so-slightly confused innocent straight man very, very well in comedy.
    • Bobby proves to be a terrific comic foil and straight man for Durante.
    • Martin didn't work as well as a straight man as he does carrying the humor, but this was the beginning of a real shift in the type of comedy he would do.
    • The team were very much a double act, but not one with a definite straight man or funny man.
    • Interestingly, the show's mockumentary format is liberating for the straight man.
    • It's like a comedy routine with two guys playing the straight man.
    • He is surprisingly restrained in the first-ever role as straight man.
    • The roles they're given here never allow them to do much more than play straight men to the buffoons around them, who only provide comedy on the most base levels.
    • He is an excellent straight man and the few jokes he makes are some of the best in the show.
    • Kinnear plays the role he's forever destined to play, the straight man, keeping one foot in reality.
    • He slides back and forth from being the focal point and the straight man.
    • A nine-year-old boy is looking for a straight man to help him clown around.
    • He sets the film alight, literally, while newcomer Evans plays the straight man perfectly.
    • I'm always just the support act; the straight man who sets up the laugh for the real comedians.
    • We have joked many times how she is my polar opposite; the straight man in the stand-up routine, if you will.
    • Martin's an unusual comic, because for the vast majority of this and his other films he's content, even comfortable, being the straight man.
    • It's rough when an established comedic actor tries to become a straight man.