Translation of straight time in Spanish:

straight time

horario habitual de trabajo, n.



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    horario habitual de trabajo masculine
    • The industry overall will have straight-time capacity of 18.4 million units by 2009.
    • To put it simply, in British Columbia, pulp and paper mills overtime costs double the straight time rate.
    • This arrangement helps the manufacturer out in a number of obvious ways, allowing them to run overtime when orders call for more of a particular computer than can be built on straight time.
    • Checks were written out for 40 hours at straight time while hours over 40 would be compensated at the $8.50 rate and paid on the side in cash.
    • An alternate work schedule can be adopted that permits employees to work longer days at straight time pay in exchange for fewer days in a work week.
    • The effort will be suspended indefinitely, and the Narcotics Initiative and Operation Impact will be reduced to straight-time only.
    • The Government is now seeking the freedom to end collective bargaining for most of the government employees and force workers to work overtime at straight time rates.
    • Under the current contract, workers hired before October 1999 will continue to draw 95 percent of their after-tax, straight-time pay for the life of the agreement.
    • If on call and called in, nearly three out of five reported receiving time-and-a-half pay, and 6.5% reported receiving straight-time pay.
    • The hospital pays $54 an hour for straight time and $81 an hour for overtime for each of the 250 nurses brought in from out of state.
    • The plant does 45 jobs an hour with a 300,000 annual straight-time capacity.
    • All hours worked over 40 hours per week will be paid at the straight time rate.
    • Maximum capacity integrates the legal overtime capability with straight time capacity.
    • In 2003, including an estimate for overseas output aimed at North America, there was straight-time capacity for 1.496 million minivans.
    • These make-up hours are paid at straight time and not at the time-and-a-half overtime rate.