Translation of straight up in Spanish:

straight up

en serio, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌstreɪtˈʌp//ˌstreɪdˈəp/



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    en serio
    fuera de broma



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    • No one should slide through without giving voters a straight-up answer to that question.
    • It was a driving blend of straight-up rock songs, some with a psych twist and others as more conventional jams.
    • I knew Maloney when I was in Seattle - he was an earnest, straight-up guy.
    • Straight-up rock 'n' roll no longer contends for large audiences.
    • Getting straight-up info on what each campaigns' own polls are telling them is inherently difficult.
    • I figured if I could satisfy my sex needs in a straight-up business transaction, everything was cool.
    • recently commented that you've written the "straight-up love song" you said you never would.
    • Which is why the straight-up truth rarely enters into the American political conversation.
    • He's a true perfectionist and straight-up stickler for detail.
    • Arnold's voice is scratchy but sympathetic, and the lyrics on his newest range from straight-up catchy refrains to subtler reflections on - what else? - love.
    • And even there they can't win in a straight-up confrontation, but have to subvert the process.
    • At least in the old days the ads were a bit more straight-up.
    • We always thought that we would just be a straight-up country band, like George Jones or Johnny Cash.
    • These guys are all so solid, straight up, and honest.
    • He was reaching out to the kids, helping families and all sorts of needy individuals, just being a straight-up nice guy.
    • Avowed influences include everything from The B-52s to math rock by way of good ol' straight-up punk, making want to party!
    • She's the one who will know when to be straight-up with her folks and when they can't deal with anything other than a polite fiction.
    • He was a straight-up guy, someone who told the truth, even when it hurt.
    • He's simply saying that straight-up, hardcore statistics suggest that the chances of any of us doing so are microscopic.
    • The record struck a chord with me as just straight-up beautiful and honest songwriting.
    • I swear that I never meant this blog to be straight-up self-analysis, but I just can't seem to help it.
    • They do straight-up new wave, no air quotes or knowing smirks attached.