Translation of straighten in Spanish:


enderezar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈstreɪtn//ˈstreɪt(ə)n/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make straight)
    (nail/wire) enderezar
    (hair) alisar
    (hair) estirar
    (tablecloth/bedclothes) estirar
    (picture) enderezar
    (picture) poner derecho
    he straightened his tie se enderezó la corbata
    • that hem needs straightening hay que igualar / redondear ese dobladillo
    • I've had my teeth straightened me he hecho enderezar los dientes
    • straighten your back ponte derecho
    • While Travis' mother is at work, he straightens up the house and looks after his younger brother.
    • At five o'clock I straightened my desk and was about to head out to the elevator.
    • You know, they straightened out the Mississippi River in places, to make room for houses and livable acreage.
    • The pain is still there, and I can't really straighten my back anymore.
    • So Jake pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, placed it in front of him on the lectern, straightened his tie and coughed nervously.
    • The governor has asked you to head up a bipartisan group to look at straightening out California's terrible fiscal situation.
    • The mine company straightened the river, which used to run right through the park.
    • He flattened his hair, straightened his tie, and turned to Jane with a blank face.
    • He found her in her library straightening things on her desk.
    • The road straightened and led them between the walls of more very fancy-looking estates.
    • There was a moment of silence before Harvey finally coughed and straightened his tie.
    • Bryant smiled and closed up the files and different things he was working on before straightening them on his desk and rising to his feet.
    • He ran his fingers through his short, chocolate hair before straightening his desk and heading home.
    • The average identity theft victim spends 175 hours straightening out the mess.
    • Candy got up uncomfortably from her bus seat, and straightened her ruffled skirt.
    • After the road straightens, look for a spacious car park on the left.
    • As the road straightened the van pulled out and blasted past.
    • He has to travel to Bangalore at least once, in order to straighten things out and get his money.
    • If your house is always cluttered, resolve to clean or straighten up one room a week, or perhaps resolve never to go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.
    • He told the court that his parents, a social worker and a farm manager, had sat him down and talked to him about straightening up his act.
    • Out of habit, Meg straightened the white apron tied over her black dress and patted her hair to be sure her long auburn locks were pulled back neatly in a low ponytail.
    • He straightened his tie, adjusted the suit coat fractionally, and marched back toward the elevators.
    • I pressed my lips together, straightening out my thoughts and choosing my words carefully, trying very hard not to be angry.
    • Stepping back, she straightened the bow tie and brushed the lint off the lapels of his jacket.
    • He relinquished the hope of ever straightening out people like me.
    • Anyway, we are indebted to Pope Gregory XIII for straightening up the calendar.
    • This was the beginning to straightening out her life.
    • And Tony's had no problem recognizing and straightening out the kid's intransigence in previous seasons.
    • As I was straightening my skirt Fiona swept into the room looking slightly ragged.
    • He had joined the company as a high-tech troubleshooter, an expert in straightening out these sorts of kinks.
    • She gave a smile, walked over to her son and smoothed out his tie and straightened his jacket.
    • I waited until he had gone around the corner before I sat down in his chair and proceeded to organize his desk a little, straightening out a pile of papers here, wiping away a crumb there.
    • It is amusing to see that pedestrians would rather make a long detour to avoid the clutter than straighten up the mess.
    • One suspects that straightening up the leadership in the schools would have a strong positive influence on the school system.
    • Flynn hesitated for a moment before slowly straightening her back and shutting the fridge door.
    • He straightened his tie and rose from the chair again.
    • She straightened the collar of his shirt in a very motherly sort of way.
    • In the two weeks she's been here she's been straightening out anything around the house that isn't perfect.
    • Libby quickly straightened her hair and smoothed out the blanket across her lap.
    • He straightened his tie in the mirror and again afforded himself a smile.
  • 2

    (room/papers) arreglar
    (papers/room) ordenar
    (bed) estirar
    (bed) arreglar

intransitive verb