Translation of straitjacket in Spanish:


camisa de fuerza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstreɪtdʒakɪt//ˈstreɪtˌdʒækət/


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    camisa de fuerza feminine
    chaleco de fuerza masculine Southern Cone
    the ideological straitjacket of the party line las limitaciones ideológicas que impone la línea del partido
    • The Commission, for its part, has generally not sought to impose any procedural straitjackets.
    • We've got the government ordering us to zip up our mental straitjackets in public.
    • It's as if defensive coordinators have wiggled out of straitjackets and finally can turn the pages of their playbooks again.
    • We must break through the mental straitjacket and realize that another world is possible.
    • Defining public use narrowly would put a straitjacket on governments in devising solutions to difficult social problems.
    • Of course this does not mean that the courts have to put their reasoning into the straitjacket of first construing the statute in the abstract and then looking at the facts.
    • The author is so keen to break out of the straitjacket of conventional narrative that he forgets to include a plot.
    • What you had always done was to entomb your inner personal centre within the constricting straitjacket of certain words and formulae.
    • We have to be careful, as you would understand, putting straitjackets on either judges or counsel.
    • Yet they're all built from the wiggle-room found inside the tightest of genre straitjackets.
    • She refuses to let herself be confined in any of the old world's many straightjackets.
    • Any form of independent resistance by workers, any attempt to break out of the straitjacket and control of the trade unions, is to be prevented under all circumstances.
    • Of course I do not seek to put the trial judge in a straightjacket.
    • Men have long considered traditional marital roles ‘anemic and constricting,’ according to Real, and no longer being the sole breadwinner is a loosening of the straitjacket.
    • Mr McNamara, for the defendant, submits that the Framework does not impose a straitjacket but that in any event the matter was approached correctly in terms of the flowchart in Figure 5.
    • They can step outside of the conformist straitjackets of their own culture and become hip, become cool.
    • They quarantined the city workers' struggle, confining it within the political straitjacket of collective bargaining and appeals to the big business politicians.
    • The political straitjacket of the two-party system that has confined the American working class is objectively finished.
    • Slipping on a straitjacket of simplistic logic, we come to believe that the disorder must, or at the very least should, be overcome by an application of willpower.
    • By placing women in ideological straitjackets, both the feminist and traditionalist women's groups have made themselves largely irrelevant to today's women.