Translation of stratagem in Spanish:


estratagema, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstrædədʒəm//ˈstratədʒəm/


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    estratagema feminine
    • Fighting experience taught Soviet commanders a lot: they learned how to use stratagems and achieve surprise.
    • But they should be asking government to introduce new stratagems to cope with the inevitable ‘peaking out ‘of new housing output.’
    • Then, Humphreys summarized the various stratagems with which Shajara and Fakhr al-Din hid Aiyub's death from outsiders.
    • Often the market is not organized: an invisible hand guides the assignment, via offers and counter-offers, stratagems and influences, deals and deadlines.
    • If the hero wants to get the abducted girl home, and if the villain has discovered his plan, and means to subvert it, what stratagems will each employ in the last reel?
    • Government should use civilised stratagems to arrest those who fall short of the law.
    • If we consider the stratagems of persuasive communication proposed by Pratkanis and Aronson, we can easily see how counteracting legends may be a difficult task.
    • For the women Cable turns to legal stratagems to suggest extended possibilities.
    • Cunning plans, devious stratagems, state-of-the-art conventional forces, and legal and moral proscriptions, can all be helpful.
    • There are conventions and stratagems for achieving the effect, and these are used as necessary.
    • Armed struggle forces the opponents to use all kinds of stratagems, to exploit all faults in their interests.
    • Would he still not have to undergo a similar apprenticeship in stratagems and devices?
    • By current standards, Eve is old-fashioned, her wiles and stratagems strictly based on aligning herself with men for their power rather than tapping into her own.
    • Eventually, by a series of stratagems, and in the face of continuing Treasury disapproval, he acquired it for the museum by instalments.
    • There had been many battles, but the counterstrike and stratagems had been too late to save Illeth.
    • As Anna and Claire's stratagems become more and more elaborate, Catherine's constant interruptions get funnier and funnier.
    • The plans and tactics are expressed, inter alia, in labour legislation, corporate policy, organised labour stratagems and day-to-day executive decisions.
    • It is not that the statute has a penumbral spirit which strikes down devices or stratagems designed to avoid its terms or exploit its loopholes.
    • Astute stratagems and surreptitious methods had been planned and executed only to fail.
    • Out of such stratagems was born the distinctively Dutch combination of individualism and communitarianism, which is still alive and well today.