Translation of straw in Spanish:


paja, n.

Pronunciation: /strɔ//strɔː/


  • 1

    paja feminine
    before noun straw hat sombrero de paja masculine
    • straw mattress colchón de paja
    • straw mat estera
    • A bundle of straw for packing lies on the cobbles.
    • Most households there rely on temporary or cyclical migration, combined with weaving straw figures.
    • Leather and vinal weaves look like straw but are more durable.
    • Houses had thatched roofs - thick straw piled high with no wood slats or sheathing underneath.
    • Houses had thatched roofs - thick straw - piled high, with no wood underneath.
    • The silage is presently enclosed by straw bales.
    • Houses are usually rectangular and have mud walls and a gabled roof thatched with straw.
    • This unique facility will be constructed with natural materials - plastered straw bale walls with a turf roof.
    • After speaking to a building regulations officer, Rachel began researching straw as a building material.
    • Chessmen have been made in every conceivable material from straw to bronze.
    • The houses on the farm are falling to ruin, with straw thatching or tiles fallen in.
    • These include colorful straw mats, tightly woven coiled baskets, wooden milk pots and bowls, and smoking pipes.
    • Dig materials such as straw, peat, compost, and leaves into the soil, or lay them on as mulch.
    • I cleaned out and disinfected their compartment, and put in fresh bedding and put back some of their previous twigs and straw nesting materials.
    • I am afraid I do not follow the reasoning as wheat straw thatch has been a common roof covering for hundreds of years.
    • The straw thatch was not two feet above her face.
    • As the roof was thatched with straw, it was soon a mass of flames.
    • Then bundle the remainder of the exposed canes into groups of two or three with straw or other insulating material.
    • Provide dry, clean bedding materials such as straw or blankets and replace bedding if it becomes damp or wet.
    • The directive does require farmers to supply pigs with rooting materials such as straw, hay, wood, sawdust, compost or peat.
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    (single stalk)
    paja feminine
    pajita feminine
    we'll draw straws for it el que saque la paja / pajita más corta lo hace
    • I always draw the short straw siempre me toca a mí bailar con la más fea
    • a straw in the wind un indicio de cómo andan las cosas
    • not to care/give a straw/ two straws for sth
    • I don't care a straw for her opinion me importa un comino / un pepino / un rábano lo que piense
    • to be the last / final straw ser el colmo
    • this is the last straw! ¡esto ya es el colmo / lo último!
    • to clutch / catch / grasp at straws aferrarse desesperadamente a una esperanza
    • the straw which broke the camel's back la gota que derramó el vino
    • She had a straw clomped between her teeth and was chewing it energetically.
    • Sit under the dryer, then remove the straws or rods and pull curls apart.
    • It depicted a farm girl chewing on a straw and sitting in a field with her back to her suitor after some argument.
    • There is a year-round drought and all the peasants that we saw on the road were covered in yellow mud on their hands and faces, their hair was standing up like straws and their clothes were dusty.
    • To tickle a horse's belly with a straw (the childhood memory), she had to select a single straw.
    • She stares at him and he looks at her and she asks, ‘Why are you chewing a straw?’
    • She spends her days trimming a leafy fern with a pair of ‘scissors’ made of two straws and a rubberband.
    • But I'm not about to argue that two straws make a haystack.
    • After picking each straw it was decided that Josh would go first.
    • ‘Of course,’ Mike replied between chews on a straw held carelessly between his teeth.
  • 3

    (for drinking)
    pajita feminine
    paja feminine
    caña feminine Spain
    pitillo masculine Colombia
    popote masculine Mexico
    to drink sth through a straw beber algo con una pajita (/ paja etc. )
    • I haven't seen them sipping a soda with two straws in quite a while.
    • She was straddled across a terrified studenty looking lad who was drinking from a straw in the bottle.
    • In the accompanying photographs, the celebrity can be seen drinking her alcopop with a straw out of a glass.
    • Maud sat on her cream deckchair every day, shading her face with a big floppy sunhat, and sipping cool pink lemonade through a yellow straw.
    • To keep the stems standing straight, slip them into clear plastic drinking straws or vinyl tubing.
    • A pot of sorghum beer is placed in the center of the room with numerous reed straws, and participants come forward to partake.
    • Natalie pulled out the thin straw and poured half of the glass down her throat.
    • The girl took the money off us and Liam gathered up salt sachets and straws as I sat down with the food.
    • Cooper put her lips to the straw and tried the drink.
    • She plays absent-mindedly with the straw of her drink.
    • I once saw a girl drinking beer from a pint glass with a straw.
    • I look at it; dark drink with neon yellow straw and smile, lifting the glass.
    • Using plain white and ivory paper, straws and pipe cleaners, she creates faux gemstones, crystals and pearls.
    • Afterwards, a student purchases the food product, and then obtains the required cutlery and accessories such as straws, napkins and condiment containers.
    • Grinning, Jay placed a pink umbrella and a curly yellow straw in it and slid it over the table towards her.
    • In an attempt to fool officials, smugglers painstakingly filled hundreds of drinking straws with crack cocaine and inserted them into the corrugated padding of a cardboard box.
    • He took another drink of the soda, the plastic straw squeaking against the plastic lid as he did so.
    • They are then asked to blow through a straw into a glass tube with a screw cap lid.
    • Garnish with a fresh mint sprig and a straw cut short enough so that you almost bury your nose in the mint as you sip.
    • They get identical orange drinks, which they sip through thin straws and pretty good teeth.