Translation of stray in Spanish:


apartarse, v.

Pronunciation: /streɪ//streɪ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (wander away) apartarse
    (wander away) alejarse
    (get lost) extraviarse
    (get lost) perderse
    to stray from sb/sth
    • we strayed from the rest of the group nos apartamos / nos alejamos del resto del grupo
    • several sheep strayed from the flock varias ovejas se separaron del resto del rebaño / se descarriaron
    • to stray from one's course/route desviarse del camino/de la ruta
    • to stray from the path of virtue/the party line apartarse / desviarse del buen camino/de la línea del partido
    • we strayed off the path nos apartamos del camino
    • I strayed into a military zone me metí sin querer en una zona militar
  • 2

    her eyes were straying around the room paseaba distraída la mirada por la habitación
    • my hand automatically strayed toward my wallet la mano se me fue instintivamente hacia la cartera
  • 3

    he kept straying from the issue se apartaba / se desviaba una y otra vez del tema
    • the conversation strayed to less serious topics la conversación derivó hacia temas menos serios
    • he let his thoughts stray se puso a pensar en otra cosa
  • 4literary

    apartarse del buen camino


  • 1

    (ownerless) callejero
    (ownerless) vago
    (lost) perdido
    (sheep) descarriado
  • 2

    (random, scattered)
    a stray bullet una bala perdida
    • a few stray hairs algunos pelos sueltos
    • been busy today? — a stray customer or two ¿han tenido mucho trabajo hoy? — alguno que otro cliente


  • 1

    (ownerless animal, lost animal)
    (dog) perro callejero masculine
    (dog) perro vago masculine
    (cat) gato callejero masculine
    (cat) gato vago masculine
    (dog) perro perdido masculine
    (cat) gato perdido masculine
    • Officers said they had strayed into Glodwick - starting point of the Oldham race riots last May - in search of a taxi and were confronted by a gang of up to 12 stick-wielding men.
    • The Marines were arrested after they strayed into Iranian waters.
    • She said women were going into a small foyer next to the fitting rooms to give their men's clothes the once-over, but that some strayed into the actual changing room area.
    • According to the Civil Aviation Authority, he strayed into a two-mile wide no-fly zone over Heysham nuclear power station.
    • Absentmindedly, she had strayed away from her path and walked into a back alley.
    • It also provided a window on the long-standing predilections of a generation or three of trustees who got goose-bumps when anything English strayed into their path.
    • We saw that last week when an aeroplane strayed into the no-fly zone in Washington.
    • No fewer than four aircraft had strayed into the exclusion zone around Elvington, putting the lives of those in the air and on the ground at risk.
    • He got into trouble when he strayed into Harlem.
    • Once or twice I thought I had strayed into a lecture course for undergraduates, because it feels as if the writer is repeating things he has said before.
    • The men were held after their patrol boats strayed into Iranian coastal waters close to the Iraq border.
    • Never stray more than fifty yards along the beach from the car park.
    • The cause was a light plane flown by two hapless pilots from rural Pennsylvania, who mistakenly strayed into the restricted airspace surrounding Washington DC.
    • She went for a long walk and strayed into the forest.
    • His distribution was also hit and miss and he had strayed into an offside position when he put the ball in the net with his only shot of the match.
    • The uncle, who was driving, strayed into the oncoming lane.
    • In September, the Soviet air force shot down a South Korean passenger jet after it strayed into Soviet air space.
    • The statement refers to last month's incident during which a Chinese submarine strayed into Japanese waters and was chased out by the Japanese navy.
    • It's something we've strayed into ourselves before.
    • The Russian air force scrambled a fighter jet to intercept a Manchester-bound airliner that had strayed into its air space